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we share tantra,
primal shamanism,
tantra kriya yoga &
sacred sexuality.

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4 Days of a unique TANTRIC journey with teachers, tantrikas, yoga practitioners, masseurs or therapists, and people likewise in a natural magic  place called “La Lobera”

The objective of this retreat is to take you back to what Tantra is and how does it work between men.

Tantra as an ancestral technology offers you the capability to make a deep transformation in your mind, your intimacy, your sexuality & mainly in your persona.

To enter into EXTASIS from emotional vulnerability, into the GROWTH of our EXISTANCE & our BEING is to the recognize who we are.

We offer a continuous circular training that is unique in Europe giving you the option to become a practitioner, therapist, facilitator, instructor or teacher or just to experience Tantra and Shamanism.

The objective of this experience is to develop a process through which the person can find communion between sexual pleasure and a spiritual path. The erotic and mystical art of making enjoyment and pleasure the gateway to the development of knowing who we are, going from duality to unity and connecting with the supra-consciousness; It is something unique and singular.

Master en Supra Sacred Sexuality

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