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2009 True Tantra had become one of the first Tantra institutions within Spain and part of Europe to give a real methodology to a Tantra Session. All this professional effort has become in order to build a group of masseurs, therapists , tantra monitors, Tantrikas (Docents) , Monitors of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and Teachers on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga.

2009 True Tantra had become one of the first Tantra institutions within Spain and part of Europe to give a real methodology to a Tantra Session. All this professional effort has become in order to build a group of masseurs, therapists , tantra monitors, Tantrikas (Docents) , Monitors of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and Teachers on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga.

our next events

Via Zoom • Dec 16 – June 16

The target of this certification & training is to understand in a basic way how the PRANA works and how you can start to move and manipulate on the body and the subtle system of the bodies (physical, energy, emotional, astral – spirit & soul – and Psychic)

Bogota, Colombia • March 24 – 26

La Potencia De Tu Energía Sexual a Través De Los Cuerpos Sutiles Del Ser La via Del Tantra Kriya Yoga Ancestral

Practicum Del Master en Supra Sexuality Sagrada

Maspalomas, Ayaguares, Las PalmasApr 5 – 9 

In this retreat we will learn how to induce at least 8 different types of orgasms that the male body can experience. During this process, you will learn how to control your sexual energy and how to expand it. In this module, the Lingam and Sacred Zone will be the tools to develop this technology, but also the way to produce alchemy in your body and in others.

Warsaw, Poland • April 14 – 16

As you know Tantra & Shamanism are interconnected since one of the principles is to guide humanity to understand who we are and where we are going. There is a clear understanding and derivate from one of the 7 universal principles “As above, as below” for Tantra and Shamanism that we have a complete Universe inside us.

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • April 18 – 23

This is a training retreat part of a Circular Programme on Tantra & Shamanism. The know how of handling the Subtle System is one of the key factors to understand the bodies of the being and how is related to the Therapy at all the levels.

Skeppsudden, Vikbolandet, Sweden • April 27 – 30

Active Sacred Sexuality Training is a curricular program that is conformed in 2 years of professional training. We have divided the program of study over the spectrum that all the future teachers are prepared to deliver in practical terms and scientific knowledge on different subjects with in Tantra Kaula Universe & Active Sexuality.

Alicante, Spain • May 12 – 14

Introduction to sacred eroticism.
Eros begins in your mind and your psyche.
When the sacred erotica begins.
How to recognize eroticity in myself and in others.


Barcelona • June 03 – 04

La Sexualidad Sagrada es un profundo acto de Amor que nos permite fundirnos con la consciencia infinita, el éxtasis y el amor Universal.

Copenhagen • June 08 – 11

The 4 days will be a mix of powerful exercises where we accumulate and move Prana (your life force energy). We do it with different techniques like Pranayamas (breathwork), Asanas and Kriyas (postures and actions combined with breathing), Kumbhaka (retention of breath), different Bandhas and Agnisaras (locks impacting different chakras).
We combine all of the above with touch, pulsation and full body massage to create a magic experience for you and your partner.

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • June 23 – 02 July


Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • July 03 – 09

Mysticism, or the search for divine truth within the mind, has always existed among small groups everywhere; but the Tantric Shamanic mystical techniques have few parallels in other religions or in other schools. The cosmo- logical and metaphysical beliefs are the pillars in which secret methods and rituals are transmitted within generations in different meta-cultures. To explain and work with the supernatural order are part of ancestral Tantra and primitive shamanism.

Arenas de San Pedro, Avila, Spain • Aug 14 – 20

In Tantra, the Sacred Sexuality is the fusion of the bodies of the being and the unification of the mind with the supra-consciousness.

Arenas de San Pedro, Spain. • Aug 29 – Sep 03

Discover the Essence of Tantra and inner knowledge

We want you to take you to know and experience the Essence of what Tantra is. At the same time, we will explore how you can connect in consciousness with supra-consiousnes and how you can understand your own essence

our past events

Zoom • March 20 – 19:30hrs

Intro to awakening the Power of the Tantric Shaman

:: Separation • Stage Three::

7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

Zoom Class

Polish & English

Bogota, Colombia • March 14 – 20

En este festival encontrarás herramientas que pondrás en práctica, con guía de los facilitadores, para explorar directamente quién eres en todas tus facetas y alcanzar así tu máximo potencial. Las técnicas taoístas y tántricas están diseñadas para que identifiques capas de identidad falsa, y logres llegar a tu verdadera esencia, aceptándote en totalidad.

Zoom • March 13 – 19:30hrs

Intro to awakening the Power of the Tantric Shaman

:: Dissolution • Stage TWO::

7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

Zoom Class

Polish & English

Tequesquitengo, Morelos, Mexico • March 11 – 12

El objetivo de esta experiencia es desarrollar un proceso a través del cual la persona pueda encontrar la comunión entre el placer sexual y un camino espiritual. El arte erótico y místico de hacer del disfrute y del placer las puertas de entrada  al desarrollo de saber quienes somos, ir de la dualidad a la unidad  y de conectar con la supra-consciencia; es algo único y singular.

Villa Aikia, Zipolite Mex • March 1 – 5

Full Booked

Being able to generate sacred conscious act of a sexual activity allows you to generate a deeper connection with yourself and the other one, a self knowledge, an expansion of your energy, apply awareness to what we desire and what we have done and the benefits of this connection.

Zoom  • Feb 27 – 19:30hrs

Intro to awakening the Power of the Tantric Shaman

:: Calcination • Stage ONE::

7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

Zoom Class

Polish & English

San Esteban 4, Tepetlixpa Edo.Mexico  • Feb 22 – 26

La sexualidad es uno de los temas más complejos que se relacionan con cuerpo y mente. Tantra
brinda un marco perfecto para comprender y restablecer un posible equilibrio en nuestra vida.
. Hemos dicho que este es un enfoque básico para tener una comprensión somática de las Cuestiones
Sexuales de manera general.

Paledora Coworking Campus, Tulum, Mexico • Feb 17 – 21

A group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty organic food and some of the best international & national facilitators who would be there to support you to join a 5 day experience in creating more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships.

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • Feb 08 – 12

Working with the Inner Oracle.

Precognition – Memory of the Future.

Reading from stones, fire, earth and crystals.

Egypt • Jan 30 – 08 Feb

Unveiling the arts to the immortality & the gate to the Axis Mundis.

Warsaw, Poland • Jan 27 – 29

The Power of the New Skin on Me.

Developing and integrating the energy & the transformation that the festival brought on me.
How to come back to the normal Life afterwards.

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • Jan 27 – 29

The use of light healing energy on our bodies has been a mystic tradition used for centuries in different metacultures.

Via Zoom • Jan 19 – 20hrs

Both, Shamanism & Tantra, recognize that our body has an intrinsic manifestation of our own existence in different layers that are called the bodies. Physical; energetical; emotional (mind) ; causal (Spirit & Soul) ; and Esoterical (Psychic).

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • Dec 27 – Jan 1

The year 2023 is an angelican year that fix the motives of the Soul in to Self Love and Love to other ones .
The set of energy is to tap into your own creativity, intuition and your natural talents and abilities.

Madrid, Spain • Dec 9 – 10

We will practice the tools of Tantra to recognize and activate the bodies of the being. Develop the connection of Prana & Sexual energy to create implotions & explotions of enegy.

Milan, Italy • Nov 26 – 27

A true work of inner transformation and personal growth through TantraIt takes time to open up to trust through deeper levels of personal introspection.

This is a TrueTantra & EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals) initiative within the Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality, it has the aim to create a safe and professional space to grow within Tantra Science, holistic and shamanic knowledge.

The sharing of this knowledge & practice is the result of over 16 years of experience in the Men’s Journey

Consciousness , awareness and perception used when we are moving sexual energy or interacting intimate with other; these are sacred tools that allows you to awake manhood, masculinity, assertiveness and happiness in a whole complete different way !!

this summer we introduce to you S3xplora

This is an intensive and residential practicum & training. It is oriented to elevate the frequency two practices shamanism & tantra. 

Tantra & Shamanism work as a healing science & as a way to elevate consciousness. Both are based in 3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body and the causal body. 

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland • Nov 3 – 6

By recognizing Death and Rebirth, you will be able to start creating your own life.

We will be exploring not only what makes us departure but also the celebration of being alive.

With awareness of death, we can transform our lives into a loving development process.

Positive s3xuality is an interesting structure that can generate a huge knowledge about how you interrelate with your own intimacy, your sexual energy and your own body. Be challenged to establish a new YOU!!!

The objective of this retreat is to take you back to what Tantra is and how does it work between men.

Tantra as an ancestral technology offers you the capability to make a deep transformation in your mind, your intimacy, your sexuality & mainly in your persona.

The objective of this experience is to develop a process through which the person can find communion between sexual pleasure and a spiritual path. The erotic and mystical art of making enjoyment and pleasure the gateway to the development of knowing who we are, going from duality to unity and connecting with the supra-consciousness; It is something unique and singular.

Master en Supra Sacred Sexuality

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We offer a continuous circular training that is unique in Europe giving you the option to become a practitioner, therapist, facilitator, instructor or teacher or just to experience Tantra and Shamanism.

4 Days of a unique TANTRIC journey with teachers, tantrikas, yoga practitioners, masseurs or therapists, and people likewise in a natural magic  place called “La Lobera”

To enter into EXTASIS from emotional vulnerability, into the GROWTH of our EXISTANCE & our BEING is to the recognize who we are.