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Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam

June 12 @ 8:00 AM - June 16 @ 5:00 PM

Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam


Event Link for Tickets: https://www.tantricjoyfestivalamsterdam.com/


Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam, Summer edition 2024

Kakawa ancestral ceremony Wednesday June 12th
Grounding your Essence taking away the noises of our mind , emotions and Spirit.

In this ceremony we will connect with mother earth and father universe in order that we can take consciousness of the art to give gratefulness to every part of our life. We will ground with every elemental in our bodies in order to open us for the Festival Experience.
In this ceremony is very important not to have consumed any kind of substances, not being tired and if you have high blood pressure, it is recommended not to do the kriyas and the exercises, just the consumption of the Cacao
Cacao was consumed by the Olmec, the Zapotec, the Mayans, and the Aztec. It plays a central part in the Mayan Creation Story (the Popul Vuh).
This is often called the ‘bliss molecule’ and is an endocannabinoid. Anandamide is a substance that your body produces that binds to our cannabinoid receptors. Yes, cannabinoid – pure cacao stimulates your endocannabinoid receptors, much like THC (found in marijuana) does.
This compound is similar to amphetamine and is naturally present in our brains. If taken in higher doses, it releases dopamine into the pleasure centres of your brain. This creates feelings of exhilaration, lowered fatigue, and a general sense of well-being.
Caffeine wakes you up and increases your alertness. While too much caffeine could be harmful, cacao has moderate amounts of this substance – especially compared to coffee and tea. A 1-oz piece of bittersweet chocolate has between 5-10mg caffeine
An essential amino acid that increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a natural stress-reducer and anti-depressant.
This is a natural opiate that lifts your mood and reduces pain. Polyphenols
Polyphenols and other antioxidants inhibit oxidation. This is a process of damage to your body and is linked to aging and (potentially) to the formation of some cancers.

Water Pranic shamanic ceremony Thursday June 13rd / 7am
The art of awakening & working with our emotions. Ancestral Circles of releasing and ad quiring emotions and prana.

In this ceremony we will connect with the water elemental in order that we can experience our emotions and how we can balance them. The honor of this elemental using breathwork and honor circles will take you to a different awareness of the bodies of the being and how the emotional self awakens the connection to supra-consciousness.

Temple Night “ Orgasmic Living; the path ecstatic Life Force Energy”
Friday June 14th by Daniela & Anand 21-23.30

In ancestral times the temple was the sacred place where Dhakas & Dhakinis could cultivate , heal and transform all the acquired knowledge regarding Tantra and wisdom.
Today we will propose you to discover how to ignite your life force energy to enjoy an orgasmic state of living as in ancestral times the Dhakas and Dhakinis did with the target to be in wisdom and in the joy of existence.

WORKSHOP 1 Saturday June 15th
Orgasmic Profusion; the holy union of Sex & Heart
Recognition & Activation of the life force and sexual energy

The act of loving is not only a feeling or and emotion that is perceived by us. Love is an embodied energy that is amazingly powerful. When my hearth is awakened by love and these energies are developed on my body but at the same time my sexual energy is the one propulsion the interconnection either with myself or with other ones ; we experience PROFUSION. First we will awaken the two 1st Kundalinis and then I would invite you to experience how we can connect energies from lower chakras (sexual pulsation ) with the power of Emotions coming out from anahata and how energy orgasms linger both!!
::: Sarong, Oil , Towel
::: Semi nudity to nudity
::: Singles, couples
::: Be prepared to mingle; touch and been touched

WORKSHOP 2 Sunday July 22nd 10- 12.30 hrs
The Lingam, the Sexual Energy & Orgasms; the Spiritual gate to Expanded State of Consiousness

An orgasm is an implotion or an explotion of energies. When in awareness of the pranic energy, the sexual energy and the life force energy we can access to these processes . When you continue with the ecstatic feeling and perception of a continue orgasmic state of consciousness, bliss comes in to the game. We will deliver two instances to generate enlightenment of your being and therefore connect to the spiritual self and then the essence.
With the target of connecting with the inner wisdom that your being carries on and keeps in continues access to the source.

::: Sarong, Oil , Towel
::: Semi nudity to nudity
::: Singles, couples
::: Be prepared to mingle; touch and been touched
::: Comfortable clothes also



After three Joyful festivals in the city of Amsterdam we were flirting with nature… feeling the grass at your feet, waking up with the tribe, jumping in the lake, taking an ice bath, lying at the beach, taking a walk in the forest, leisure at the campfire, grounding our body’s on the earth… So we keep a team of great international facilitators, musicians and dj’s.

We keep the open and playful vibrations. We keep the good food and add a breakfast and a place to put your tent. Or rent you a glamping option. We keep the vibe and bring it all 45 min. from Amsterdam to the Landgoed Energy Up in Zeewolde.


Enjoy the sfeer of the festival with this beautiful song by Alexia Chellun

Do you wish to…

explore how you can integrate tantra in your daily life… connect to people with a similar openness to life… expand and grow in a container of professional guidanceexperience different types of tantra practices… have fun and share your joy with others…be surrounded by high awareness due to Natural High (no drugs & alcohol)… relate to others from authenticity and vulnerability? See you then in June 2024 in 5 days of Conscious Tantric Camping!



June 12 @ 8:00 AM
June 16 @ 5:00 PM