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I Festival of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions • Message From Mother Earth • From Ancient Wisdom to New Consciousness

July 2 @ 11:00 AM - July 7 @ 5:00 PM

I Festival of Shamanism & Ancestral Traditions

Message From Mother Earth

From Ancient Wisdom to New Consciousness


Offerings by ANAND RUDRA

Temazcalli & Fire Workshop ̈The Destiny Circle ̈ Tonal & Nahual

The destiny circle is a passage of rite to connect us to the micro-cosmos of the Temazcal, become the temazcal cosmogony to connect to the macro- cosmos. This rite awakes the divine memory of you as a son or daughter of mother earth Tlazolteotl and father universe tehuatl. And this where Tantra comes alive in this tradition, El Atlachinolli convoca a Ometeotl for the union of the contraries that will come together within the womb of mother earth and the sharaman to provide the rite. The tonal (life force energy) will be called by the copal and the offerings to the 4 corners. And we will be appointed with responsabilities within this rite besides our own process. You will become part of the circle, part of the supranatura.

We will be experiencing from this point on five stages and 4 doors or Caltens to encounter with the writen destiny of each one of us. In each Caltec we will encounter with 4 elementals of the SupraNatura. Each one will give us information to burn out what we do not need or things that we want to transform from all the set time line of our beings in this cosmos.

In every Caltec the Atlachinolli (the sharaman) will facilitate two catlizers (medicine) of mother earth : essential oils and infutions.
The caltecs will represent the evolution and the transformation of our cicle: CE,OME,YEIyNAUI

Until we reach our rebirth on the Mahtlahtli.

Tabacco Offerings & the Awakening of Intuition ̈ The Medicine & the Calling


Tobacco is considered a master teacher plant, and the Amazonian tobacco Nicotina Rustica (often called Mapacho) is a stronger version of the tobacco we usually see in the west. It is strong and direct and has powerful healing qualities offering deep cleansing, grounding and clarity to the individual.

In traditions around the world, it’s smoke is used as a way to clear, protect and carry intention. In ceremonies it is drunk as a strong brew prepared and prayed over by the Tobaquero (tobacco shaman). This medicine is not psychedelic and it primarily works in three ways: it deeply cleans the body of toxins, it powerfully clears negative energy and false beliefs, and it communicates via the intuitive/dreaming space.

When we open an intentional relationship with tobacco and drink it, it cleans us deeply and carries both the shaman’s and our intentions for healing into our being, our body, our psyche.


The ceremony is a traditional ceremony – I prepare the medicine for smoking and insufflation by the participants. Then we work on the participants using a chakapa (leaf rattle), and tobacco smoke to clear negative energies.

Then we open the skies to let the tabacco by the high spirit to talk from our own throats

Why and When to Offer Tobacco

Offering tobacco in the form of a tobacco tie is a custom that is shared by many Indigenous peoples. Tobacco is offered for many reasons and in many different contexts.
It is appropriate when asking for assistance from an Indigenous elder, knowledge keeper or person to offer tobacco. When the person accepts the tobacco, they are agreeing to help in some way. Offering tobacco is a respectful way of asking for assistance and not as symbol of gratitude after help is provided.

When someone accepts tobacco they are agreeing to listen openly and without judgement and to support you as best they can.
It is appropriate to offer tobacco when asking for a song, an opening prayer, a teaching, Indigenous knowledge, or for advice. This should not replace remuneration or honoraria.

How to Make a Tobacco Tie

  1. AcquireTobacco:Findingtraditionalceremonialtobaccoisthebest option, however it is okay to offer no additive loose tobacco. You can purchase traditional ceremonial tobacco online or loose tobacco from a tobacco store.
  2. ObtainCloth:Buyfabrictomakeyourtobaccotie,preferablyincolours such as red, yellow, white, green, purple or blue. You can purchase cotton cloth from a fabric store.
  3. PreparingtheTobaccoOffering:Thepersonmakingtherequestshould prepare the tobacco tie or pouch. As you prepare the offering, it is important to think about what you are requesting, and to have good thoughts while you prepare the tobacco tie.

o Preparing the tobacco tie:

  • §  Cutyourfabricinasquare(4inchesby4inches)
  • §  Putasmallamountoftobaccointhecentreofthecloth
  • §  Foldalltheendsoftheclothtogether
  • §  Tiethetobaccowithapieceofyarnortwine;youcanalsocut a strip of the fabric to make a tie§
  1. request,offerthetobaccotieorpouchbyholdingitinyourlefthandin front of you, state your request (be specific), and if the person accepts your request, place the tobacco in their hand.
  2. Anexampleofwhattosaywhenmakingyourrequestandoffering tobacco:

o I am offering you this tobacco for…

§ …theopeningandclosingremarksat[nameofevent]. § …thesmudgingceremony.
§ …yourguidancewith__________.

Water Pranic shamanic ceremony on the LAKE

The art of awakening & working with our emotions. Ancestral Circles of releasing and ad quiring emotions and prana.

In this ceremony we will connect with the water elemental in order that we can experience our emotions and how we can balance them. The honor of this elemental using breathwork and honor circles will take you to a different awareness of the bodies of the being and how the emotional self awakens the connection to supra-consciousness.

Awakening with Divine Mother

It turned out to be an awakening path with the Divine Mother as the water leads back to the source of all things. Doing water ceremony turned out to have a purpose far greater then I ever realized. It is done for ourselves, the Earth, and has an effect on the collective. Awakening the divine feminine essence. I felt so much joy and gratitude, introducing people to the spirit of the living water, her qualities and healing aspects.

The water taught me so much about living in the flow, balance, cleansing, embodiment, dealing with emotions, in depth healing, surrender and so

much more. I feel humble to have received a deep wisdom of the water from connecting with the water spirit and honoring her essence in ceremony in those years. You see the spirit of water is very grateful for your acknowledgement and prayers.

Hearing the message of water

Water has a message for the world and Water Ceremony is the vehicle. Water is related to the divine mother and has many qualities both in matter as in spirit. We can work with her in our daily life by practicing ceremony an building a relationship with her.

Water is a medicine. It can instill peace in you and it can bring about transformation in a gentle way.
It has it’s own language and wisdom.
And when you know how to speak and relate to the water, it can change your life and all of life everywhere.

Doing water ceremony will help you to remember your true feminine essence + realize the powerful being you truly are.
And how you can be be both powerful and gentle in your presence. The Water ceremony can be done by both men and women. Women have a strong relationship with the water due to their wombs and connection to life.

Event link: https://tuiteraz.eu/en/festivals/i-festival-of-shamanism-ancestral-traditions

Dear Participants! / Dear Guests!

Welcome to the most amazing festival of the year! The 1st International Festival of Shamanism and Ancestral Traditions at our “Here and Now” center is ahead of us!

During 6 days of the wonderful Festival, you will be able to take part in shamanic ceremonies, workshops, lectures, meetings, rituals, concerts and individual sessions. In the beautiful surroundings of wild Nature, forests, meadows, lakes, mystical Stone Circles and Power Places!

Do you want to learn Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom?

Undergo tribal ceremonies and rituals to unleash your hidden Powers?

Learn Shamanic Journeys to Other Worlds?

Live according to the rhythm of Nature, listening to your intuition and heart?

Discover your connection to Ancestral traditions and Power of the Elementals?

Become a Modern Shaman?

If yes, then we invite you to our Festival!!

This is a special time that will make your life undergo a great transformation!

The Festival starts on Tuesday, July 2 at 11:00 am

festiwal tantry 2018 07

We invite you to the Festival during which we will be able to meet shamans and healers from various parts of the world. We will establish deep contact with Nature and Intuition. We will undergo shamanic rituals and deep transformation. We will connect with Nature and the Invisible World of Energy, Shamanic Guides and Power Animals. We will understand that we all together create the Network of Existence (visible and invisible – we people, but also plants, animals, rocks and oceans). And that we are responsible for it. We will discover the connection with our Ancestors, tribal traditions, as well as a deep connection with Planet Earth and every form of life. We will create a Community of People whose Mission is to take care of Mother Earth, Nature and All Beings.

We invited shamans, curanderos, Knowers, Earth Guardians and Wisdom Guardians, Medicine Men/Women, as well as scientists, writers and anthropologists to the Festival.

Shamanic Knowledge Keepers from Mexico, Siberia, Amazonia and Scandinavia will share the ancient wisdom of their nations, lead healing Ceremonies and Sacred Rituals, they will help us discover our hidden Powers and awaken the Modern Shamans within us!!


  • 1300 PLN  (+ accommodation and food)
  • 1100 PLN when deposit is paid till 31 January (+ accommodation and food)
  • 1200 PLN when deposit is paid till 15 March (+ accommodation and food)
  • 100 PLN for the participants of Francoise Rambaud, Anand Rudra and Arvick Baghramian workshops organized by “Here and Now” centre in the years 2021 – 2023.
* Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to increase the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates.














The 1st Festival of Shamanism and Ancestral Wisdom  was created so that we could honour the Ancient Wisdom of our Ancestors, expand our own Consciousness and open up to the Consciousness of the Planet – Mother Earth. To let us experience Peace, Love, Harmony and Beauty of the World, in which we live together. We humans, but also All Other Beings. In respect for Nature and wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

The Festival of Shamanism is not only knowledge, but direct experience and transmission of the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors. Learning and embodying how to incorporate this Old Wisdom into our everyday lives. How to become a Modern Shaman and live in the flow of Love. How to hear and understand the message of Nature and Mother Earth for the New Times. How to be inspired by the Traditions of Native Tribes and the Elements of Nature. How to respect the Wisdom of the Ancestors, which follows the rhythm of the Earth, Nature, the Sun and the Moon and is passed down from generation to generation. How, in these turbulent and chaotic times, to find the Way Back to a simple life in a deep connection with Nature, the Earth and each other.

That’s why we call like-minded and similarly feeling people to the Festival to create a Community… Because only together we can introduce real changes in this world…

Our Festival includes shamanic events and workshops happening at the same time in three rooms, in the morning and in the afternoon sessions. Evening rituals, fire ceremonies, sweat lodges and concerts for all participants. Individual shamanic sessions and energetic massages.


  • Transfer and transmission of indigenous shamanic knowledge from various regions of the world.
  • Shamanic Drum Journeys.
  • Discovering the Power Animal and the Guardian Spirits.
  • The power of the shamanic rattle.
  • Learning shamanic drumming.
  • Medicine Wheel and shamanic healing.
  • Contacting the Spirits of Nature, the Elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether and with invisible Energies and Beings.
  • Awakening your inner intuition, Power and connection to the Great Network of Being.
  • Shamanic Worlds – Upper, Lower and Middle.
  • Learning shamanic techniques of cleansing, healing and raising vibrations.
  • Shamanism of the New Energy Era.
  • Learning how to take care of yourself, your loved ones and Mother Earth.
  • The wisdom and messages of the Grandmother Circle.
  • Shamanic Divination.
  • Ceremonies: Sacred Tobacco, Rape, Cacao, Mezcal, Copal, Fire and Ancestor Summoning.
  • Tribal Dance and Medicine Movement.
  • Concerts and musical performances.
  • Shops and exhibitors with shamanic accessories.


Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual and healing traditions of humanity that were present on Earth. Its roots go back to the beginnings of humanity and lie at the heart of every known culture. It is not philosophy or religion, but practical techniques, methods and beliefs, based on the ability to use the laws of Nature and Cosmos.

The word shaman means “the one who knows”, comes from the root sa – “to know” and comes from the language of the East Siberian Evenki. But a shaman is also “the one who searches in the dark.” Shamans are healers, priests, visionaries in communication with the world of gods and spirits. These are the predecessors of modern doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and ecologists.

Shamanism itself occurred mainly in the tribal communities of Siberia and Central Asia, for which it was a fundamental factor of life. But elements of shamanism were and still are present on all continents of the world, as are the basic beliefs: the existence of two realities (visible earthly and invisible spiritual), similar cosmogony and belief in the Three Worlds: Lower, Middle – earthly and Upper, and the idea of the Cosmic Tree , which connects these three worlds.

Shamanic traditions share a belief in the existence of spirits and a spiritual world from which knowledge, power and healing come. And also the belief that everything that exists has a soul or spirit. The basic assumption of shamanism is the existence of the world of spirits, and a shaman is a person who can enter this world and cooperate with invisible powers.

For centuries, shamans have been maintaining harmony between the real and the spiritual world, between man and nature, healing, reading the future, and mediating relationships between people and spirits. They are a bridge between the earthly world and the invisible one, they mediate between the world of spirits and the everyday life of ordinary people.

According to shamans, everything that exists in nature is animate and has a soul. Minerals, plants, animals, rivers and even the entire universe have their own spirit or soul. Everything that lives is filled with energy and is connected to each other. We are connected with energy to everything around us, not only with people, but also with all of Nature, which creates the Circle of Life. Shamanism teaches that everything is connected via an invisible energy network, everyone influences others, the surrounding world, other people, Nature and the Elements. No one is separated. We live in a network of energetic, spiritual, social and mystical connections. Our every smallest move, every thought and decision introduces vibrations into this network, a new vibration. The natural landscape is Mother Earth and the Nature is sacred. Shamans can perceive and use the energy of stones, plants, mountains, rivers and animals in their practice. They assume the constant presence of the spiritual world in all manifestations of Nature.

Shamanism is also the memory of our ancestors, roots, tradition and culture. Respect for the past and those who lived before us. Using the ancient wisdom, knowledge and rituals of our ancestors. Appreciation of indigenous tribal traditions and cultures, that has largely been lost.


  1. Creating a Community of People interested in shamanism and inspired by Ancient Wisdom – to expand general knowledge, to practice on their own and to work with others.
  2. Deep respect for Nature.
  3. Rebuilding/regaining respect for the Ancestral Knowledge, Tradition and Wisdom of Nature.
  4. Creating a Bridge between the Old and the Modern World and using this Knowledge in everyday life.
  5. Transformation and development through shamanic knowledge and techniques.
  6. Presentation of shamanic teachers cooperating with the center.
  7. Popularization of shamanic techniques in the work of therapists, coaches, advisors, etc.


Today, modern shamans are not only traditional curranderos and Medicine Men living somewhere in the distant ends of the world. Their spirit and message can be found in the actions of many people in all areas of our lives – for example, doctors using natural medicine and herbal medicine, ecological activists and activists defending against the clearing of the jungle in the Amazon and protecting endangered species. They are writers and scientists. Biotherapists using energy for healing. Spiritual Travelers blazing trails in Our Multidimensional Reality. These are those who combine respect for the Tradition of their Ancestors with the eternal desire for curiosity and learning about the New…

Shamanism is not just about clothes, drums, wildness, trance and primal cultures – it is something much, much deeper… It is a connection with nature and our multidimensional reality at the deepest invisible level. It is respect for everything that exists. Caring for nature and the environment – local, but also for the entire planet. It is living in harmony with the rhythm of Nature, the phases of the moon, the energy of the Sun and the stars. It is seeing what has been lost and hidden by the modern world. It is a connection with our heart, our soul, intuition, and feeling the flow of life. Opening to what is invisible, to worlds and other realities that mystics and shamans have always talked about, and which are only now timidly being discovered by new physics. It is a conscious and responsible life – in balance, respect for ourselves and the world around us. Shamanism is mindfulness, intuition, conscious perception, opening to what is new and different, living in harmony with Nature and inner freedom.

Therefore, Modern Shamans are also ordinary people, just like us – people who respect Planet Earth and want to live in peace with all Others. Conscious, feeling and full of empathy. Because in fact, the Inner Shaman lives in each of us – this is the original part of us, forever connected to Nature and Life Cycles, longing for Ancestors, communities and ancient Oceans, listening to intuition and the voices of the forest. This is the hidden part of us that connects to our great Power and lives for greater purposes for all of Humanity. They are the Modern Guardians of the Earth…


  • desires a deeper connection with Nature, ancestors and Community
  • wants to live an authentic life with respect for others
  • cares about the future of our Planet
  • wants to return to his indigenous roots
  • wants to live consciously and responsibly, with an open heart
  • wants to leave this world in the best possible condition for his children and future generations.

2 7.07.2024 festiwal szamanizmu 12


July 2 @ 11:00 AM
July 7 @ 5:00 PM