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Master On Supra Sacred Sexuality – Training & Self Developing Men’s Active Sacred Sexuality

October 1, 2022 @ 6:00 PM - November 30, 2022 @ 7:00 PM


to a Men’s Journey

This is a TrueTantra & EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals) initiative within the Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality, it has the aim to create a safe and professional space to grow within Tantra Science, holistic and shamanic knowledge.

The sharing of this knowledge & practice is the result of over 16 years of experience in the Men’s Journey


We are living in what is called Post-Modern Sexuality. The idea of how we relate to each other has changed in the last two years. Covid had brought to us a human experience like never before. The primordial fears and needs of humanity clash down, 80 ́s and 90 ́s this Virus is for these times. That is why more than ever we need to review how we embrace our intimacy.

This program was created in combination with the main sacred tools of Tantra Kaula; pranayams, ritualism, yoga, meditation & sacred sexuality.


Program 2022-2023

The Body & Positive Sexuality

Positive sexuality is an interesting structure that can generate a huge knowledge about how you interrelate with your own intimacy, your sexual energy and your own body. Be challenge to establish a new YOU!!!

Emotions vs Sexual primitive impulse “Sexplora 1”

Sexual Impulse & Libido constitute the way men´s behave when we have a sexual need. What happen when your emotions are in tune with your sexual energy and how this is an enerfy in disposition to take us to ecstasy or to an state of profussion love.

Multiorgasmia induce it & live it

Men we have the capability to experience and induce 13 different kind or orgasms. This experience is to give you the theory and practice of the Multi-Orgasmic Men.

Certification on Lingam Technology

The Lingam is a Sacred hidden technology that is capable not only to produce pleasure or to procreate. It is connected to the Universal energy and can fusion the whole bodies, connect you to supraconsious and unlock blockages , but also take you to an expanded state of consciousness.

We will explore the therapy aspects at emotional, energetical, psicosexual & spiritual level.

Sexual Energy & Blissfullnes Existence

This retreat tarjets to the way we see life and how we take advante of our sexual energy to enhance the positive aspects of being alife. Imagine that you are able to enjoy an orgasmic life and that sexual energy can drive and transforms every aspect of your life!!

Sexplora Summer Camp

Consciousness , awareness and perception used when we are moving sexual energy or interacting intimate with other; are sacred tools that allows you to awake manhood, masculinity, assertiveness and happiness in a whole complete different way !!

this summer we introduce to you s3xplora

The Power Of The Heart When Men Love Men

The Cardiac Plexus beholds the interaction of the Anahata Chakra & the heart. Both are separated subtle organs that are connected to one of the most powerful energy that we hold. This in combination with our Sexual Energy can enhance or life pulsation.

Decoding Sexuality & Spirituality

Sexuality is linked to the way we evolved as human beings. The impulses, the behave and the desires in combination with our emotions are the gate to connect with supra-consiousnes.

Most of the times we can not see how spirituality is connected a carnal act, Tantra give us the tools to discover an amazing journey .

We will decode how to start to open this door.

The Rol on Tantra on Positive Sexuality

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October 1, 2022 @ 6:00 PM
November 30, 2022 @ 7:00 PM