December 16 - June 16
December 16 - June 16

prana technology

professional training

Practitioner & Teacher´s: 350 hrs

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This a unique certification & training on the use & deliver of PRANA.

Before anything else, we would like to clarify that PRANA goes far beyond the idea of just breathing.

Prana concept at its origins contains four elements: life force energy, time, space & consciousness.

The idea of a Pranayam, the administration and handle of the energy is not only based on breathing. The science of pranayama will be developed and taught in all the whole levels in order that can be give you a unique knowledge. A PRANAYAM is a series of methods that will allow you to unerstand how the Prana moves in your bodies.

The target of this certification & training is to understand in a basic way how the PRANA works and how you can start to move and manipulate on the body and the subtle system of the bodies (physical, energy, emotional, astral – spirit & soul – and Psychic)

Every thing that exits in our world has a frequency that emits a vibration. Each object and person has a frequency when we are in consciousness about this we connect to different levels of Prana. This interrelation is called RESONANCE.

Potentiality of the energy contained in the oxygen we breath, in the water we drink or in the food we eat depends directly on the state of consciousness that we allow through our mind and intention. This energetic potentiality is found in our interrelation with objects or people or derived from our activity.

Prana that we breath moves in our human body through a subtle system composed of channels and medians (nadis), intersections between them (marmas), pulsing energy vortex, related to human endocrine system and to our psique (chakras).

This training gives you a professional advantage:

The opportunity to deliver a life living experience that is transformational.

Unfolds the richness of perceiving and feeling parameters in energy, emotions, orgasmic states, unblocking, liberating and healing.

It will take you to assisting your clients to cope with trauma, anxiety and emotional health.

Develops a white access to higher state of consciousness bringing a self-mystical journey.

How to structure classes, workshops and group experiences with neuroscience evidence based benefits of breathing, but also exploring the Spiritual growth of it.

Scientific & holistic practices & research

The practice and the teaching is divided on three levels

to the receivers & groups according experience and knowledge:


Understanding the prana, body and controlling it; breathing process and pranayamic balance, being present and meditation (awareness) ; what is the experience & its process, the power of Agni Sara ( Moola Bandha, Svadistana Bandha, Ashwini Mudra; Vajroli Mudra ); sensations & perceptions on the bodies of the being; meditation on the energy movement within the physical and astral body; understanding and experimenting the sacred energy through out the whole process; basic use of different tantra methods ( yoga, ritualism, meditation, breathwork, sacred sexuality); Timings of the Pranayams; communication tools. Why is sacred sexual energy? Starting to understand the healing aspects of the Prana Technology


Understanding the process of a Prana Technology session and it´s goal; basic breathwork pranyams & kriyas; start to feel the accumulation of energy and flush it up; give a basic knowledge of the energy system of the human body and it´s interrelation with the psychoemotional, with the energetic memory and with blockages. subtile handling of the energy and pranayamas; use of 2nd. Level pranayamas : gnotti or Ujaji; use of sacred vocalization; use of the kriyas and deeper breathing retention (kumbacha); use of Kundalinic Kriyas; kundalini mudras (ashwini, vajroli and the inter-relation with the sacred energy) ; detail use Vajrayana & Kali Bola. Active meditations on presence and energy. Polarity balance on an astral level.


Awareness on Asanas and the movement of energy. Use o the sacred sexual energy at alchemical level on the consious touch. Knowledge and use of the marma system on the process of Pranic Technology. How to use Cobra Breathing and the traspolation of the micro and the macro. How to use the micro universe as a platform of cosmic unity. Circulate the energy by copules, trios and collective. The rol of the Bijas Mantras on the sessions every 5 lessons. Use of the intention for every lesson as pragmatic meditation inside and outsider of the lesson. Use of empowerment micro-orbita and a tantric breathing. Understanding of the causal body. Start to deliver inductions (Niaza Meditations) & expanded states of consciousness.

prana technology


Prana technology is a method conceived and developed from the ancestral structures of Swara (swahara) Yoga, Tantra Kaula, Ancestral Tantra Yoga, Tantra Shastra, Tantra Niaza, Ancestral Kachemir Tantra, and modern concepts & practices around the potentiality of Breathwork & Energy.

You need to know that this training of Prana Technology will be involving practices on Yoga, Breathwork, Expanded States of Consciousness, Psychology ( energy, emotions, intimacy) , Massage & Conscious Touch, Bussines Coaching

150 hrs

LEVEL ONE • Practitioner Certificate

• The Science & the Esoteric of Prana & Breathwork - 40hrs

• Life Living Experience: Understanding the delivering - 30hrs

• Bio Healing; supra sacred glands - 30hrs

• Subtle System; unblocking, liberating, processing and healing - 30hrs

• Pranic Sadhana, the daily practice from allopathic understanding to supra-conscious experience - 20hrs

200 hrs

LEVEL TWO • Teachers Certificate

• Embodied Prana Therapy - 60 hrs

• Use of Pranayama as part of the massage therapy and bodywork session

• Pranic Touch technique within a Bodywork session

• The idea of ​​pranic embodiment as part of the sacred touch

• Pranic energy orgasm as a meditative way and a state of supra-consciousness

• Directed use of respiratory pranyamas

• Prana as a use of healing and liberation in a tantric massage

• Pranic massage

• Instructor Level - how to facilitate - 30 hrs

• Be holding the Sacred Space - 30 hrs

• The Teacher & the therapist : online, one on one, group - 30 hrs

• Follow up, business & closure - 30 hrs

• Supervised practices - 20hrs

Structured & Directed:

Anand Rudra

Of Mexican origin, living in Europe for the last 20 years.

He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degree on North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law & Economics of European Union. And a PHD in Security Studies of European Union. Entrepreneur; involved in Public Policy and advisor for International Public Policy and Diplomacy.

Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother (Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby he has being studying tarot, psicomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism.

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Arhanta Yoga School System.

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