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Festival Serpiente 5 – Awakened Serpent – The Power of the New Skin on Me

January 28, 2023 @ 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Developing and integrating the energy & the transformation that the festival brought on me.
How to come back to the normal Life afterwards.

We are already announcing the 4th edition of „ SERPIENTE ” – Festival of Awareness and Work with the Body .😁🤸 ♂🙏

wow 😮, behind us are 3 beautiful editions of Serpiente, two live and one online and all were received with great enthusiasm and attendance 😊.We invite you to participate and we are also very happy to cooperate with other great Speakers 😍.


New Year 👉 New Affirmations and Dreams 👉 New skin 🐍!

This time we are also preparing for you:
👉 over 45 speakers, including foreign ( workshops will be translated )
👉 50 different workshops, classes and lectures ❗ The program is supervised by irreplaceable experts in their fields: Freya Wolna and Hania Darmas 😃.
👉 3 days of practice and experiencing different methods of working with the body, mind and soul.
👉 Lots of mega exhibitors
👉 Delicious, healthy food and snacks
👉 Massage and chill zone
👉 Emotional support during the Festival

We invite you to participate and cooperate. If you are willing to be:
-> Exhibitor
-> Volunteer
we invite you to contact us: on FB or by e-mail: serpientefestiwal@gmail.com

The program has a huge number of proposals, including:
• Dance and movement therapy
• Yoga
• Classes for couples
• Tantra
• Workshops for men
• Circle for Women
• Ritual Trance Dance
• Movement Culture
• Laban / Bartenieff
• Massages
• Biodanza
• Work with energy
• Work with voice
• Active meditations
• Impro workshops
• Concerts on bowls and gongs
and many others.

New Year 🐍 New Affirmations and Dreams 🐍 New skin ❗The festival is open to everyone! It means that no matter how old you are, what gender and religion you are. Come with family, friends, partner to experience the adventure together 😍.

WHEN: 27 – January 29, 2023 

WHERE: Conference and Training Center – ul. Bobrowiecka 9, Warsaw

TICKETS: The presale will start on October 15 ❗

🐍During the Festival you will have the chance to explore, delve into yourself, learn about tools that may make you feel happier, fuller and integrated.

🐍We invite you to have fun, celebrate life and a new, wonderful year, to body, spirit and mind activity, to move, dance, meditation, yoga, singing, creation . Feel the power and energy!

🐍The new year is conducive to fresh resolutions and is a drive for change. Make room for NEW experiences, decisions and energy. Feel the change in yourself, RELEASE what is no longer needed.

🐍The New Year is for us one of the most important, cyclical, rite of passage. The rite of passage is the moment when there is symbolically a change. We give up what is old and accept what is new. At the turn of the year, like a snake, we change the skin, transform, refresh, set goals, express wishes and intentions.

🐍It is a great moment for transformation, discovering a new one, expanding perspectives and getting to know each other. Explore! Express yourself! Discover new work paths with body and soul. Consciously look inside, make closer contact with people who are important to you and, above all, make these relationships authentic. And finally, constantly strive to be HERE and NOW .

SERPIENTE – or HOSE „ A line is called a process when a snake sheds the top layer of skin ( ). It occurs during the growth of the snake, when the skin becomes too small, because it does not grow with the growth of the body. In addition, skin replacement is used, among other things, to refresh its surface, which during life gets too rough for the hose to move comfortably. Ruling is also used to maintain the transparency of the protective layer of the eyes. This process takes place at different frequencies depending on the age of the snake, the quality and quantity of food eaten and usually takes place in four stages over a period of about 10 days. ”

Saturday program


January 28, 2023
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM