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The Elementals • Dimensional Power: FIRE

April 3 @ 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Elementals • Dimensional Power: FIRE


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We invite you to a unique workshop “The Power of the Elementals – Fire”, which is part of the Annual Training in Working with the Elements. The entire training “The Power of the Elementals. Tantric-shamanic mystical experience. A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System” includes 5 workshops and work with 5 Elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, & Ether. Each workshop is an independent part and you can take classes in any order. No prior preparation is necessary.

Annual Training “The Power of the Elementals” in 2024:

26-28.01     The Power of the Elementals. Introduction to an annual training “A journey through the Elements” (Warsaw, Poland)

28.02-3.03  Earth. The Power of the Elementals. Annual Training – A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System. (Tu i Teraz Center in Nowe Kawkowo, Poland)

8-12.05       Fire. The Power of the Elementals. Annual Training – A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System. (Tu i Teraz Center in Nowe Kawkowo, Poland)

20-22.09     The Power of the Elementals. Introduction to working with the Elements (Warsaw, Poland)

16-20.10     Water. The Power of the Elementals. Annual Training – A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System. (Tu i Teraz Center in Nowe Kawkowo, Poland)

4-8.12         Air. The Power of the Elementals. Annual Training – A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System. (Tu i Teraz Center in Nowe Kawkowo, Poland)

Spring 2025   Ether. The Power of the Elementals. Annual Training – A Journey through the Elements and the Chakra System. (Tu i Teraz Center in Nowe Kawkowo, Poland)

The workshop is conducted by an expert in shamanism and tantrism, Anand Rudra – founder of the True Tantra School, son of a Mexican shaman, grandson of a Mexican Yaqui Indian healer. In his knowledge, he combines academic knowledge, practical experience and ancient practices. Rituals include tribal traditions: Olmecs, Aztecs, Balinese, Dravidians, Siberians, Filipinos and Mayans.

According to Ananda Rudra, tantra is understood as the vibration of sexual energy leading through the breath and body, to consciousness and supra-consciousness, Supra Nature and Supra Consciousness. And tantra and shamanism are ways of healing and development aimed at raising consciousness.

Both paths are based on 3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body and the causal body. Science and Nature, shamanism and tantra meet halfway. Tantric shamanic knowledge combines both aspects. It is one of the main aspects and tools that tantric shamanism uses to heal, connect with the universe and Supra-Nature.

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Through tantric (chakras) & shamanic (elementals) rituals and practices, we will heighten the energetic frequency and prepare to illuminate the shadows. We will revisit different traditions from the tribal families of the Dravidians, Mayas, Tibetans, Aztecs, and Balinese to discover our shadow and light.


In shamanic traditions, the element of fire is often seen as a powerful force symbolizing transformation, purification, and spiritual illumination. Fire rituals and practices play a significant role in many cultures and civilizations, each offering unique insights into the shamanic aspect of fi re as an elemental force. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Purification and Transformation:

Fire is viewed as a purifying force that can transform negative energies into positive ones. Shamanic fire rituals are often used to cleanse individuals, objects, or spaces of spiritual impurities and to initiate personal or collective transformations.

  1. Connection to the Spiritual Realm:

Fire is considered a gateway to the spiritual realm in many shamanic traditions. The flames are believed to carry prayers and intentions to the spirit world. Shamans may use fire rituals to communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, or other non-physical entities.

  1. Sacred Fire Circles:

Creating a sacred fire circle is a common practice in shamanic traditions. The circle represents a protected space where the shaman can work with the transformative energies of fire. Within this circle, rituals, dances, and ceremonies are performed.

  1. Fire Divination:

Fire gazing, also known as pyromancy, is a form of divination where a shaman observes the patterns and movements of flames to gain insights into the spiritual realm. The crackling sounds and the shapes of the flames are interpreted as messages from the spirit world.

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  1. Ceremonial Fire Walking:

Fire walking is a practice in which participants walk barefoot over a bed of hot embers or coals. This ritual is found in various cultures and is often used to symbolize courage, transformation, and the ability to overcome challenges.

  1. Offerings to the Sacred Fire:

Shamans may make offerings to the sacred fi re to seek blessings, protection, or guidance. These offerings can include herbs, resins, or symbolic objects that are cast into the flames as a gesture of gratitude and respect.

  1. Sunrise/Sunset Fire Rituals:

Some shamanic practices involve performing rituals during sunrise or sunset, connecting with the transformative energies of the sun. This can include meditation, chanting, or dancing around a fire to harness the spiritual power of these transitional moments.

  1. Fire as a Symbol of Passion and Creativity:

Fire is often associated with passion and creativity in shamanic traditions. Shamans may use fire rituals to ignite and channel creative energies, fostering inspiration and innovation.

  1. Spiritual Heating or Burning Off :

In certain shamanic practices, fi re is invoked to burn off spiritual blockages or negative energies that may be hindering an individual’s well-being. This can be a symbolic act of releasing what no longer serves the person.

  1. Fire Dancing and Trance States:

Fire dancers may enter trance states during performances, connecting with the primal energy of fire. In shamanic cultures, such dances can be a form of spiritual expression, allowing the dancer to access altered states of consciousness.

It’s important to note that the shamanic aspect of fire varies across cultures, and these practices may have different meanings and significance in different traditions. Always approach these rituals with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a genuine intention to connect with the transformative energies of fire.

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Here are some shamanic rituals and practices associated with the elemental force of fi re, inspired by various cultures and civilizations:

  1. Homa Fire Ritual (Vedic Tradition – India):

Agni Homa: In Vedic tradition, the Homa ritual is performed to invoke the fi re god, Agni. Offer ghee, herbs, and grains into a sacred fire while chanting mantras to connect with the transformative and purifying energy of fire.

  1. Mayan Fire Ceremony (Mayan Civilization – Mesoamerica):

Burning of Copal Incense: In Mayan ceremonies, copal incense is burned to invoke the spirit world. Perform a fire ceremony with copal, expressing intentions and prayers to connect with the transformative energy of fire.

  1. Sami Joik by the Bonfi re (Sami Shamanism – Northern Europe):

Bonfire Joiking: The Sami people use bonfires in their ceremonies. Create a bonfire, and while sitting by the flames, perform a joik – an ancient Sami form of song and chant – to connect with the spirits and energies associated with fire.

  1. Navajo Fire Blessing (Navajo Tradition – North America):

Night Chant Ceremony: The Night Chant is a major Navajo ceremony where sacred sand paintings are created and ritual fi res are kindled. While respecting the sacred nature of the Night Chant, you can adapt elements of fi re blessing and intention-setting.

  1. Maori Fire Dance (Maori Culture – New Zealand):

Whakamau (Fire Dance): Perform a fire dance, incorporating rhythmic movements and symbolic gestures. This traditional Maori dance connects with the primal energy of fire, expressing strength and passion.

  1. Celtic Beltane Festival (Celtic Tradition – Europe):

Beltane Bonfire Ritual: Celebrate Beltane, a Celtic festival marking the beginning of summer. Light a bonfire, dance around it, and make offerings to the Celtic deities, focusing on the transformative aspects of fire.

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  1. Tibetan Fire Puja (Tibetan Buddhism – Central Asia):

Fire Offering (Agni Puja): In Tibetan Buddhism, fi re pujas are performed to purify negativities and obstacles. Offer substances like barley flour into a ceremonial fire while reciting mantras to invoke the purifying power of fire.

  1. Iroquois Ritual of the Sacred Fire (Iroquois Confederacy – North America):

Burning of the White Spirit: In certain Iroquois rituals, a white object is sacrificed, and its matter is burned. While this practice may be controversial, you can explore Iroquois traditions by symbolically offering white objects to a fi re and expressing intentions.

  1. Hawaiian Pele Ritual (Hawaiian Tradition – Polynesia):

Honoring the Fire Goddess: Connect with Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, by offering symbolic items associated with her, such as red flowers or volcanic rocks, into a fire. Express gratitude and seek transformation.

  1. Neo-Shamanic Fire Release Ceremony (Contemporary Shamanic Practice):

Personal Release Ritual: Create a safe fire pit or use a ceremonial fire bowl. Write down aspects of your life you wish to release or transform on small pieces of paper. Offer these papers to the fire, visualizing the flames transforming the energy.

Always approach these practices with respect, understanding, and cultural sensitivity. Adapt them to your own beliefs and intentions, and remember to follow safety precautions when working with fire.

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FIRE (Manipura chakra)

When matter (earth element), movement & prana are combined it creates fi re, our personal power. Manipura is the key to different aspects of life in our physical energy bodies. It carries the power to transform and is the link between the lower and upper chakras. The power of decision and transmuting emotions. We will go deep into the most ancient and powerful ritual that humankind has, with a unique ritual that is manifested in almost all the different belief systems of humanity. The fi re ceremony is an ancient shamanistic ritual and when combined with Tantric practices, we are connecting the strength from both traditions into one.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Selfi sh/Narcissistic (Gift = Good Self-Care & Ability to Care for Others)
  • Mean/Abusive (Gift = Have Healthy Boundaries & Stand for Something)
  • Arrogant/Condescending (Gift = Belief in Self/Confidence)
  • Righteous/Know It All (Gift = Sharing Your Talents & Standing for What You Believe In)
  • Controlling/Manipulative (Gift = Ability to Successfully Navigate the Physical World)

Besides the Fire Ceremony, we will show how Smudging (burning of sacred herbs) is an intrinsic part and extension of the fi re ceremony. We will perform a Mexican Smudging Ceremony, the copal ceremony and the power that can hold this as a medical tool.

The area of shamanism and tantra is a fascinating and mystical world, steeped in tradition and ancient wisdom. If you wish to explore this area and delve deeper into your own inner world, participating in a series of rituals, initiation passages and ceremonies may be the ideal path for you.

The benefits and experiences you can experience on this journey:

  • Increased self-awareness: Through various practices and techniques related to shamanism and tantra, you can become more sensitive to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. This can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.
  • Connection to Nature: Many shamanic practices involve working with the world of Nature: through plants, animal guides or through the energies of the Elements. Through this connection with Nature, you can feel a greater sense of harmony and balance in your life.
  • Spiritual growth: Shamanism and tantra are often viewed as spiritual paths, with the potential for profound experiences and transformation. If you are looking to deepen your spiritual connection and understanding, these practices can be a powerful tool.
  • Healing and Transformation: Shamanic and tantric practices are often used for healing purposes: whether physical, emotional or spiritual. By working with energy and awareness, you can release old patterns and trauma, moving towards greater health and wholeness.
  • Community and support: Many practitioners of shamanism and tantra meet in communities, such as workshops or training. This can provide a supportive and nourishing environment for your journey, as well as a chance to connect with like-minded people.

During this training we will also:

  • work with various tantric and shamanic rituals aimed at raising your personal vibration;
  • awaken intuition, which is an essential tool for generating an internal state of higher consciousness and for strengthening your powers;
  • we will experience the power of ancient tantra and its tools as a gateway to healing and creating bonds with our own higher self, superconsciousness and the Universes.
  • we will learn how to achieve a different state of mind, and how this experience is related to healing.

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The annual training in working with the Elements is a series of workshops covering practical and theoretical deep ancient knowledge in the field of shamanism and tantrism, personal experiences, ceremonies, rituals, rites of passage and initiations. The entire training is designed for you to understand and learn to work with the Power of the Elements. In shamanism there is an internal connection of everything with everything and with what is related to our human path. Nature, body and consciousness are connected to the idea of the elements in both tantra and shamanism. During the year of training, we will go through a complete journey through the Elements, develop a deep understanding of each of them, and review different methods and traditions.

During this series of workshops, we will learn about the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. We will find out who the Elementals are – the Elemental Beings and the Watchtower Guardians. We will learn about the Holy Medicine Wheel of the 4 Directions and discover how the energy of individual Elements is related to the seasons and the Chakra System.

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Elemental beings are thought to possess their own unique powers and energies. In some traditions, they are venerated as deities in their own right. In others, they are seen as helpful spirits that can be called upon for assistance. Whether they are viewed as friends or foes, elementals have always played a central role in witchcraft and magic. Elemental beings have been a part of witchcraft and magic for centuries. In many traditions, they are seen as powerful forces that can be called upon to help achieve goals or manifest change. They can also be linked to other natural phenomena, such as the seasons or the phases of the moon.

Calling the Quarters Elementals are often associated with the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and can be the spirits called upon when “calling the elements” or “calling the quarters”.

What is an elemental being?

Elemental is a creature type describing a sentient being or spirit composed of elemental energy. The most common varieties are those of the classical elements, expressing themselves as air, fi re, earth, and water elementals.

They are most easily found as mythic being described in occult and alchemical works from around the time of the European Renaissance, and particularly elaborated in the 16th-century works of Paracelsus. According to Paracelsus and his subsequent followers, there are four categories of elementals:

  • Gnomes: Earth/North
  • Undines: Water/West
  • Sylphs: Air/East
  • Salamanders: Fire/South


A watchtower or guardian in ceremonial magical traditions is the tutelary spirit of one of the four cardinal points or quarters (East, South, West, and North). In many magical traditions, they are understood to be Enochian angels or the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel. They are also variously associated in other traditions with each of the four classical elements (Earth, air, fi re, and water) or stars (Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, Regulus, and Antares). Originating with the Enochian tradition of John Dee, a version of it was popularized by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which became hugely influential in modern Western Esotericism, including Wicca.

The watchtowers are invoked during the ritual of casting a magic circle.


It’s common to also see associations between elements and seasons. In witchcraft, we see this most in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year but throughout the history or healing, it’s been a very common practice. Each of the classical elements has associated humour , and each of those has an associated element.

  • Air (spring)
  • Fire (Summer)
  • Earth (Autumn)
  • Water (Winter)

In Ayurveda, a year consists of six seasons:

  • Shishira (winter),
  • Vasanta (spring),
  • Grishma (summer)
  • Uttarayan Varsha (monsoon),
  • Sharata (autumn),
  • Hemanta (late autumn).

The teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine map out five seasons, rather than the four we’re used to observing in the West. Each season brings its own energy, and its own rhythms, that can help us tap into what our bodies need most.

Elements & Seasons:

  • Wood and Spring
  • Fire and Summer
  • Earth and Late Summer
  • Metal and Autumn
  • Water and Winter

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The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American nations for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions. Different nations and tribes interpret the Medicine Wheel differently. Each of the Four Directions (East, South, West, and North) is typically represented by a distinctive colour, such as black, red, yellow, and white, which for some stands for the human races.

The Directions can also represent:

  • Stages of life: birth, youth, adult (or elder),
  • Death Seasons of the year: spring, summer, winter, fall
  • Aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical
  • Elements of nature: fire (or sun), air, water, and earth
  • Animals: Eagle, Bear, Wolf, Buffalo
  • Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar

EARTH (Root Chakra)

The womb of the human being, our root, and our sexual being. The Matrix of humanity is in our pelvic floor in connection with our womb. The Root Chakra represents the density of things of life. In the first survival behaviors, our primitive selves are installed.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Root Chakra are:

  • neediness, greed, unawareness, laziness, and fear.

5 ways to integrate these shadow qualities are:

  • Find the Gift in the Shadow,
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT)/Tapping,
  • Love Yourself with the Shadow Quality (Work with Your Inner Child),
  • Elicit Memories of Being
  • Shadow Quality and Take Back Your Shadow Projections.

By using branches, the earth – as a base of mother earth – flowers and other objects from natura we will learn how to build up a Temazcal (Mexican Sweat Lodge), hereby reconnecting with our grounded self and consecrating the earth.

WATER (Sacral Chakra)

Our emotional body & intimate self, the movement of co-creation and the power to act. The most powerful energy is generated in this energy center. Sexual Energy itself can be a healing tool to unblock and liberate issues from our past and present. It is also a way to invigorate who we are to embrace the power and expand.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Sacral Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Codependence (Gift = Willingness to Connect Deeply with Another)
  • Crazy/Too Emotional (Gift = Arouse and Enliven Self and Others)
  • Leaky/Inappropriate (Gift = Opening Self and Others to New Things “Outside the Box”)
  • Promiscuous/Slutty (Gift = Awakens Our Sexual Passion and Pleasure)
  • Too Sensitive (Gift = Empathizing and Harmonizing with Self and Others + Psychic Skills)

We will connect with the energy of the Ocean Waters of Mon island to be reborn in a deep Ritual to engage in the cleaning and balancing of the second chakra.

We will develop a Shamanic-Tantric Ritual for Ixcuiname, Kama, and Aphrodite to awaken our sexual energy and develop the capabilities of these three main goddesses. An Orgasmic Journey through the Elementals. We will also perform a Special Tantra Kriya Yoga lesson regarding only the Second Chakra.

AIR (Hearth chakra)

The unifying chakra, the element of winter. It brings the lower sexual energies to the heart and beyond. Our experience of nurturing and love – the spaciousness of air. The heart represents the unification of sexual energy (also understood as life force energy) and emotions. When both are in balance it creates an energy that is stronger than anything else. KA-energy in some cultures is compared to the energy that can be generated by unconditional love for everything. Ka energy is the one that gives the impulse before co-creating something. It’s the energy that put the leap forward to the Big-Bang process.

There will be a Karessa Ritual, to transform sexual energies from earthly pleasures and their often conflicting consequences into heightened awareness and Orgasmic Bliss. The object of this is to work with higher frequency energy and then take the person to a state of complete connection to supra- consciousness.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Heart Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Dependent (Gift = Our Humanity & Connections to Others)
  • Martyr (Gift = Seeing & Valuing Our Contributions)
  • Victim (Gift = Awareness of Our Pain & Taking Responsibility)
  • Weak (Gift = Cultivates Connection & Compassion)
  • Doormat (Gift = Awareness of Your Big Heart & Oneness with Others)

ETHER (Vissudha chakra)

Expression and resonance, spiritual karma and akasha (spaciousness) – the etheric body. Mahamudra Rite as a gateway to the Soul. After having worked the pure emptiness & the complete everything with this ancient Ritual, we will share an initiation to the Cobra Breathing and specialized TKY to prepare body and energy to activate your Pineal but also awaken the inner wisdom to be connected to the Supra- Conscious.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Throat Chakra:

  • Liar (Gift = Imagination)
  • Aimless/Lacking Purpose (Gift = Being in the Moment)
  • Fake/Inauthentic (Gift = the Ability to Play Bigger)
  • Inexpressive (Gift = Mastery of Listening)
  • Crooked (Gift = Playful, Powerful, Irreverence).

THE SIXTH CHAKRA (Ajna chakra)

No elements are connected with the third eye, because it leads a person beyond all forms of matter. Consciousness located at this center involves introspection or the capacity to see within. The third eye contains the capacity to “see” in a way that is unattainable by the physical eyes. At this center, one has the capacity for deeper vision. This is the realm of intuition, inner knowledge, and wisdom.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Third Eye Chakra (and their gifts) are:

  • Unintuitive/Not Psychic (Gift = Develops Logic and Reasoning)
  • Superficial/Shallow (Gift = Expediency and Efficiency)
  • Bias/Prejudicial (Gift = Feeling Safe and Included)
  • Over-Thinking (Gift = Options and Possibilities)
  • Skeptical (Gift = Being Grounded and Realistic

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True Tantra is based on the ancient teaching method, part of which is an independent and complementary techniques. When you learn Tantra, you have to understand and experience all its aspects:

  • Ancient Kriya Yoga Tantra; the rituals as the moving energy method and meditations (yandras and mantras)
  • Sacred Sexuality (Sacred Connection and Sacred Conscious Touch)
  • Meditation (utilising Your intention and no meditation approch)
  • Swahara Yoga (Pranayama Knowledge).

True Tantra had become one of the first institutions within Spain and part of Europe to give a real methodology to a Tantra Session. All this professional effort has become in order to build a group of masseurs, therapists, tantra monitors, Tantrikas (Docents), Monitors of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and Teachers on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. Each professional has to sit several oral and practical exams and each year they renew their knowledge not only to show what they know but also to get to know more methods and to deepen the Tantra practice more. All these people have to fulfil the ethical values of our True Tantra school. Web: www.truetantra.eu

Primal Shamanic Tantric Certification

periodic hybrid master training/ ANANDA RUDRA’s SCHOOL

Anand Rudra together with the Be.Tantric group members, has decided to create a certification system, which will allow to achieve a Master’s Degree in the chosen area of shamanism and tantra. This system is constituted by fundamental phases of practice and knowledge. 

The whole workshop has a periodical character which means, you are allowed to participate in every part without necessity of finishing any other one. It is not necessary to choose any level. Collected points from the participated workshops will show the participant’s level at the present moment.

The programme includes 3 levels: practitioner’s, intern’s and instructor’s. If you have finished any of Ananda’s workshops, they can be counted into the whole training.

Each workshop includes a lot of theoretical and practical material. The way they were constructed was thought to follow the Bologna European Academy. Each certificate issued by us meet these requirements and the workshop participation is signed by True Tantra and Be.Tantric confirmed with a certificate.

ATTENTION: this workshop is a part of a new Anand Rundra’s Tantra and Shamanism School („Primal Shamanic Tantric Certification”).
Website: www.truetantra.eu



  • 8 – 12 May 2024 (Wednesday – Sunday)
  • May 8th  at 6 pm  with dinner
  • May 12th  at 2 pm  with lunch
  • ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices of accommodation, meals and workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.
  • 1400 PLN + Food & Accommodation
  • 100 PLN  for the participants of Anand Rudra workshops in 2023 
  • 100 PLN  for the participants of the XI Tantra Festival in 2023
  • Food 110 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 35 PLN – 140 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.
  • Jacek Towalski, mobile phone: +48 602 219 382
  • Maja Wołosiewicz – Towalska, mobile phone: +48 606 994 366,
  • Office, mobile phone: +48 662 759 576
    e-mail: kawkowo@tuiteraz.eu
  1. Please register by email at: kawkowo@tuiteraz.eu (giving your first and last name, phone number, the name and date of the workshop). E-mail registration constitutes consent to join the newsletter and receive information about new products, promotions, offers, trainings and services of the Tu i Teraz Center to the provided e-mail address. You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the “Resignation” link at the very bottom of the Newsletter.
  2. Only after receiving an email with confirmation of your accommodation choice, please send a payment.
  3. We kindly ask you to pay a deposit in a week from registration. No payment within 7 days will cancel the registration. Please do not pay deposit before receiving an email confirmation of the reservation of your place in the workshop!
  4. Paying the deposit to our Centre means you agree to the Center rules and regulations, which you will receive by email upon registration.
  5. Please pay 220 PLN deposit to “Tu i Teraz” to the following account with description: “Name, Surname, 8-12.05.2024”.
  6. Refund will be available not later than 30 days prior to the event. In case of refund, the 20 PLN administration fee will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit cannot be transferred to another workshop.
  7. Remaining payment for the workshop is paid on spot and accepted in CASH only, after arrival to the Centre.

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IBAN: PL92 1020 3541 0000 5502 0206 3410 (account in PLN)
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 Anad Rudra

Anand Rudra

Anand was raised in a Shamanic and Mexican esoterical culture by a father (Mexican Spirita and Shaman) and by the grandmother (Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterical world.

As a hobby, he has been studying tarot, psychomagic, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry, and shamanism.

He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degrees in North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law Economics of European Union. And a Ph.D. in Security Studies of European Union. For the last 15 years, he has been living in Europe where he has designed over 150 different workshops on Tantra Sacred Sexuality. He is known a specialist on Men´s Sacred Sexuality and part of the Faculty of the Connection University in The Netherlands. He is also a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, YACEP and Arhanta Yoga School System.

His life experience includes:

  • Symbolism and Ritualism of North America
  • Tantric Rituals and their influence on Modern Society
  • Esoteric and Hermeneutical Studies Specialization on Tantra Rituals and Energies of the Body
  • Deep training on Tantra Meditation
  • Synergetic Tantra Massage, Professional Training
  • Prana Healing Techniques
  • One Year Tantra Training Residential Course
  • Academic Research on Tantra conducted with Alegraluz and Bindu
  • Tantra Independent Masseur and Therapist
  • Tantra Masseur, Therapist and Business Developer with Alegraluz International
  • Tantrika for more than 8 years; for the last 6 years director of 3 main projects: Bindu Center, Kinnara Center and TrueTantra
  • Director of EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals)
  • Designed and crafted according to Agama Books and Kaula tradition:
    – Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice
    – True Tantra Methodology Practice



Anand Rudra Combines In His Teaching:

  • Practice of the ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga (according to the tradition of the holy Agama Books and Tantra Kaula Yoga)
  • True Tantra School methodology
  • Tantric Shamanism, symbolism and ritualism of North America
  • Theory of Tantric-Shamanic Resonance

True Tantra School

True Tantra follows an ancient school methodology in which five tools that are independent but at the same time complementary one from another are the base of this practice.

When you learn Tantra, you need to see and practice all the aspect that will help you to become a professional on it.

  • Swahara Yoga (Pranayama Science);
  • Meditation (Use of your mental intention and the no-meditation approach);
  • Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga; the ritualistic as a method of moving energy and meditate (yantras and mantras);
  • Sacred Sexuality ( Sacred Union and Sacred Conscious Touch).

True Tantra had become one of the first Tantra institutions within Spain and part of Europe to give a real methodology to a Tantra Session. All this professional effort has become in order to build a group of masseurs, therapists , tantra monitors, Tantrikas (Docents) , Monitors of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and Teachers on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. Every person listed with us has the perfect knowledge on the guidelines, methods, ethical values and professionality that True Tantra has conformed. Every professional has to pass different oral and practical examinations and renew their knowledge every year not only to show what they have learned but to acquire more methods and go deep in the Tantra practice.

Website: www.truetantra.eu


April 3
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM