Prana Technology


Our event PDF (ENG version): PranaTechTeachers - ENG version Our event PDF (ES version): PranaTechTeachers - ES version   INVESTMENT AS FOLLOW: ( 3 ) payments of 695 EUR ( 1 ) payment of 200 EUR at the end of your training for test & certification 295 EUR ( for each retreat ) that includes […]

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DeArmouring Orgasmico

Dhakini Tantra Km. 1 vía, Tabio, Tenjo, Cundinamarca, Cundinamarca

La Potencia de tu Energía Sexual a través de los Cuerpos Sutiles del SER la via del TANTRA KRIYA YOGA ANCESTRAL PRACTICUM del master en Supra Sexuality Sagrada PDF del evento: DEarmouring Orgasmico La EXPERIENCIA Esto es parte de la introducción al Master en Supra Sexualidad Sagrada. Una formación profesional que abraza una profunda comprensión […]

Mystic Tantric Men • Develop The Multi Sacred Orgasmia

AYA House Barranco de la Data 29, GC-50, Ayaguares, Las Palmas, Province of Las Palmas

:: Sacred Multi-Orgasmia & Mysticism :: One of the main problems in our male society is that we have not learned about our own body and, above all, about its ability to develop very intimate and strong experiences in all the levels. The process of sexual orgasms can generate thousands of different reactions in our […]

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Awakening the Power of the Tantric Shaman • INNER HEALING • Warsaw


Awakening the Power of the Tantric Shaman Understanding the power of your BODIES Introduction to INNER HEALING Warsaw / April 14-16 by ANAND RUDRA   As you know Tantra & Shamanism are interconnected since one of the principles is to guide humanity to understand who we are and where we are going. There is a […]

Tantric BODYWORK Training 03 • Dearmouring Certification • Tantric Shamanic Arts Level 01

Tuiteraz Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

For tickets and sign up follow the next Link: This is a training retreat part of a Circular Programme on Tantra & Shamanism. The know how of handling the Subtle System is one of the key factors to understand the bodies of the being and how is related to the Therapy at all the […]

Lingam • Next Level Technology Certification

Skeppsudden Järstad Skeppsudden 1, Vikbolandet

Master on Supra-Sacred Sexuality On Men ́s Specialization Active Sacred Sexuality Training is a curricular program that is conformed in 2 years of professional training. We have divided the program of study over the spectrum that all the future teachers are prepared to deliver in practical terms and scientific knowledge on different subjects with in […]

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Dance of EROS • Alicante, Spain

Dance of EROS and The Potential of Sacred Sexuality Sexuality "I have phrases and whole pages memorized, but nothing can be told of love." Rumi Sexuality represents the primordial energy pattern of power, beauty enthusiasm and passion. It lives through the original thirst that our species has of pleasure and well-being. Its translated by the […]

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Shamanic-Tantric Training • Sacred Intimacy • Tibetan Technology

Tuiteraz Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Shamanic-Tantric Training Sacred Intimacy • Tibetan Technology Intro to the 64 arts of LOVE The objective of this experience is to develop a process through which the person can find communion between intimacy, pleasure and the spiritual path. The erotic and mystical art of making enjoyment and pleasure to créate a gateway to the development […]

Prana Technology • Unlock Life Force • Deep Practitioner Training

Costablanca Explore Costa Bella, 70, Alicante, Guardamar del Segura

Unlock Life Force Deep Practitioner Training Prana Technology   INTRODUCTION This a unique certification & training on the use & deliver of PRANA. Before anything else, we would like to clarify that PRANA goes far beyond the idea of just breathing. Prana concept at its origins contains four elements: life force energy, time, space & […]

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Tantra para parejas – LA UNIÓN

PDF del evento: Tantra parejas 2022 La Unión El sentido de separación es un hecho ineludible con el que nos enfrentamos todos los seres humanos. Es parte del juego de la evolución del alma, olvidar y recordar. Se materializa en el mismo momento del nacimiento, cuando abandonamos el paraíso (vientre de nuestra madre) para sumergirnos […]

Orgasmic Living

Authentic Relations Copenhagen

Anand Rudra is coming to Denmark - an entire weekend to share his amazing knowledge in the workshop “Orgasmic Living” and you are invited! What you will experience and learn these 4 days: ¤Powerful exercises that will guide you to become multiorgasmic ¤How to go from sexual to sacred energy ¤How to create and build […]

Mystic Training and Holidays of Tantra & Shamanism • Retreat – Training • Kawkowo

Journey to the roots of healing & transformation A mystic training and holidays of Tantra & Shamanism JULY 3-9 Tuiteraz, Poland Mysticism, or the search for divine truth within the mind, has always existed among small groups everywhere; but the Tantric Shamanic mystical techniques have few parallels in other religions or in other schools. The […]

Summer Camp 4 Men

La Lobera de Gredos, Arenas de San Pedro, Spain. Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain, Avila, Provincia de Ávila

Summer Camp 4 men nude boot camp S3XPLORA Experience by Anand Rudra & guest teachers Tantra is a life living experience that generates a self- knowledge of your being at various levels of understanding. The needs and the rules of the game have changed. We must reconnect with our BODY and the ENERGY of LIFE […]

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Betantric Summer Camp 2023

La Lobera de Gredos, Arenas de San Pedro, Spain. Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain, Avila, Provincia de Ávila

Our event PDF : betantricSummer Retreat English2023 Our event landing page: The Essence BeTantric Summer Camp 2023 Discover the Essence of Tantra and inner knowledge We want you to take you to know and experience the Essence of what Tantra is. At the same time, we will explore how you can connect in consciousness with […]

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