Mystic Tantric Men • Develop The Multi Sacred Orgasmia

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Aya House

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria


It is about reconnecting with yourself, doing things at your own pace, offering a tailored holiday experience and allowing space for people to appreciate some of what this glorious island has to offer.


Residential or non residential classes Enormous garden to do contemplative walking Beginners welcomed 100m2 yoga studio

Aya House is a marvellous and gorgeous space to get to expand yourself with the rest of the group


10 bedrooms all with super king size beds and dedicated bathrooms (some en-suite)

Sacred Multi-Orgasmia & Mysticism


Introduction to the knowledge of the Male Orgasm.

Tools to develop and recognize pleasure and sexual energy in the body.

Breath work as the way to expand and control pleasure and sexual energy.

Knowing the sexual energy and how to mobilize it in ourselves.

Experience the “limit” to begin to control our Point of No Return.

Control tools: for the erection, for the plateau phase, for the pleasure of the plateau phase, to carry the sexual energy beyond the genital area.

Phases of an Orgasm.

A multi-orgasmic experience is a gateway to the male body’s ability to interact with its limits, but also ground itself in the control and expansion of its vital energy!

Prolonged orgasm, as the door to Muti-Orgasmia.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy and practice considered to be the perfect model and the right technology to embody mind and sexuality in a process that can lead to healing or a supra-conscious experience.

Expansion of sexual energy through the great emptiness and moolabandha.

Techniques & Practices

•Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga, Sexual Energy & Energetic Orgasms.

•The role of eroticism and physical stimulation to reach orgasm.

•Tantra & Kashimir Massage to prepare the body for multi-orgasmy.

•Lingam Massage & Massage of the Sacred Zone.
•Control of orgasm & Learning of the expansion of sexual energy.

•Multi-Orgasmy in the Lingam: Body Orgasms, Exquisite Pleasure (mini-orgasms), Full- Body Orgasms, Sacred Full- Body Orgasm, Ecstasy and Multi-orgasmia. exploring no-comfort zones.

•Multi-orgasmia in the Sacred Zone.The power of breath and the Great Emptiness in both techniques. Transmutation of Sexual Energy. From density to higher frequencies.
•How to cultivate sexual energy when you don’t ejaculate.

•The Triple Orgasm option at the end of a multi-orgasmic session.

•You will recognize the sexual frequency in the massage: stimulation, eroticization, sensualization and sexualization.
•The massage in the Sacred Zone is one of the most intimate massages and can reach not only the male G-Spot, but also at least 5 other marmatic points that can generate different orgasms that are not ejaculation.

•Sexual Energy & the awake of control & surrender roles.

•Balancing the role between man and man; redefining masculinity.


Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Desert and oasis in the south of Gran Canaria
The Maspalomas Dunes is a unique natural area in the Canary Islands due to its beauty and the variety of ecosystems it houses. Protected by the Government of the Canary Islands as a special nature reserve, its 400 hectares include an excellent beach, a field of living dunes of organic sand, a forest of palm trees and a brackish lagoon. This mixture of desert and oasis is located on the coast of the extreme south of Gran Canaria and is surrounded by the famous hotel establishments of the great tourist center of Maspalomas. The best weather all over Europe!!!

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