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Mystic Training and Holidays of Tantra & Shamanism • Retreat – Training • Kawkowo

July 3, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - July 9, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

Journey to the roots

of healing & transformation

A mystic training and holidays of Tantra & Shamanism

JULY 3-9 Tuiteraz, Poland

Mysticism, or the search for divine truth within the mind, has always existed among small groups everywhere; but the Tantric Shamanic mystical techniques have few parallels in other religions or in other schools. The cosmo- logical and metaphysical beliefs are the pillars in which secret methods and rituals are transmitted within generations in different meta-cultures. To explain and work with the supernatural order are part of ancestral Tantra and primitive shamanism.

We propose to you to understand and experience different rituals, methods and practices that are just transmitted word of mouth or hermetic societies and are done with the target to transform, liberate and healing on the main 3 levels of existence: emotions and mind, energy and intimacy; & mind and spirituality.

The objective of this retreat is that at the same time that we combined this deep experiences but at the same time take advantage of the summer time and have some fun out being on this amazing time !!!

These days we invite you to enter in to those practices that are connected to healing and transforming that are part of the mysteries of Tantra & Shamanism.

We will explore:

The connection to the mother earth and the aspects of transmute, transform, liberate and the healing aspects. Rituals & methods around Druidic & Mexican metacultures,

The power of symbology and the resonance for healing and transcend on Tantra and shamanism . The use of the technology of Yantras, mantras, and medicine music on African Tribal Rhythms, Ancestral Tantra, Tibet, Niaza Tantra and Mexican Modern Colonial Music.

The key to life the secret knowledge of the chakras and the subtle system on Tibet & Tantra Kaula

The secret of obtaining knowledge and information by the winds and the body; the Kachemir & Tibetan Pulsing methods

The secret of Leela rhythm and the hermetic use of the major arcana on tarot

The journey to the womb exploring the secrets of the Temazcal and the Egyptian rites to immortality.

Ecstasy and the gateway to the supra- consciousness; the mystic art of Sufism, . developing the tribal cathartic dancing and sacred touch.

The mystic knowledge of the Mesa and the four directions on the Yaqui meta- culture.

Ceremony of Rape and the access to the essence to obtain karmatic knowledge. Niaza Tantric Ceremony to awake the TIME LINES of the life !!!

Water & Oil Ceremony, the Indonesian art to unveil the ecstatic journey of inner medicine.


• If you cancel two weeks prior the events there is no penalty and you receive 100% of your reservation.
• If you cancel within 7 days before the event. There is an 75% of devolution of the total amount deposited in your reservation.
• If you are already at the event and by any reason you want to leave, there will not be refund..
• In case of accident TrueTantra or any of the facilitators will not have no future legal responsibility.
• If you are sick or you have any kind of emergency once is started the retreat there is no devolution of payment


July 3, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
July 9, 2023 @ 5:00 PM