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Summer Camp 4 Men • s3xplora

August 14, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - August 20, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

€350,00 – €970,00

Landing page of our event: https://truetantra.eu/summer-camp-4men-2023


Summer Camp 4 men

nude boot camp


Experience by Anand Rudra & guest teachers

  • Tantra is a life living experience that generates a self- knowledge of your being at various levels of understanding.
  • The needs and the rules of the game have changed. We must reconnect with our BODY and the ENERGY of LIFE from other needs.
  • The pandemia had push us in a different direction in the way we reconnect with ourselves and how we handle our intimacy.
  • The way we manage our thoughts and primary drives are under another lens. Hence, the emphasis on the MIND and SEXUAL FLOW.
  • We have decided that if we seek to meet again as men we must explore our PRIMAL needs, our ROOTS, the emotionla self & the process of profusion to reach self GROWTH


from roots 2 supra conected xtasis

  • Tantra Kaula sacred tools are an enriched path to transforma & develop. Yoga, meditation, ritualism, body awareness through touch or movement, breath work and sacred sexuality are interlink in such way that every experience is unique .
  • New routes of self-exploration and interrelation, will be deliver in order that you can apply in real terms this knowledge on daily basis.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS AND SEXUAL EXPANSION is a practice that we must know how to manifest and practice it from the base of the SELF LOVE.
  • Energy in movement (E-motion) & Vulnerability, are to be one of the most incredible advantages to let yourself know.
  • To enter into EXTASIS from emotional vulnerability and into the GROWTH of our EXISTANCE & our BEING is to the recognize who we are !

MYSTICA & sacred sexuality principles

  • The essence of our masculine being & how we behave is forged by certain elements. They are conceived from before we are born, during our first years of life and on a daily basis through our parents, family, friends, school and our growth.
  • Postmodern Sexuality and pandemic era gives a complete different way how we interact regarding our intimacy, sexuality & manhood.
  • The idea of Manfulness is an organic way in which man can understand his own reality, from his mind, his body, his beliefs, his sexuality and the values that motivate him to become a better human being but if this one is not applied in reality everything will be staying in idea or in a workshop.
  • Body & Life Energy; Accepting our body and the connection with the life impulse, are directly linked to go beyond the physical aspect of our masculine being.
  • We propose to you to re-explore your physical masculine body and its inter-relation with the life energy.
  • Mind and Sexual Flow; experiencing from survival and fear to intimate with others and us had created a new pattern to overcome.
  • There is a need to re-evaluate how we develop sexual and intimate processes.
  • Observe and perceive. This summer is not to reflect, it is to rethink and act of what you pursue in your life.
  • The sexual impulse of our being is one of the fundamental parts of who we are and what we want with the purpose to co-create in our existence.
  • Cultivation and multiorgasmia will be tools that allow us to expand the idea of our Sexual Being!
  • Attitude and spirituality. Personal growth is spiritual growth.
  • ACTIVE SACRED SEXUALITY is designed to take you to apply TANTRA in a normal way to your daily life but mainly to your SEXUAL LIFE


Sacred BLISS & PROFUSION principles

  • The word Love translated in LATIN means mors (TO DIE) AMOR means NOT TO DIE. The question that we could ask in these times is what allows us to be living life to the fullest and not surviving. And what is it that motivates us and pushes us to the future or the immediate present.
  • In Tantra, Sacred Love means to find within the processes of sex-affective intimacy the awareness of why I do it and what is the purpose of an intimate relationship.
  • Sexuality and sacred love begin from within us and then towards others.
  • A man fully developing MANFULNESS must be connected to his Sexual Energy, his sexual consciousness and the full enjoyment of his sexuality from the present emotionality.
  • Sexual Consciousness. The man and the masculine self generates a libido and a sexual impulse that is within us. The essential question is what motivates this driving force that is linked to our intimacy and our co-creation.
  • Sexual Expansion and Self Love. The intimate connection to our body is a framework to be able to know where self-love is born and from where we can love. Expanding our sexuality is knowing it and sublimating it not only physically or in enjoyment but also emotionally. In this measure, it allows us from a conscious vulnerability to feel a process that is the door to ecstasy.
  • Ecstasy, Orgasmia and growth of the male. One of the great hermetic secrets of man is the process that is generated in ecstasy and in absolute enjoyment from consciousness and from flow. In Tantra, the Sacred Sexuality is the fusion of the bodies of the being and the unification of the mind with the supra-consciousness. This experience is truly a before and after. Feeling the most powerful energy that one stores and a continuous orgasm that allows you to be and not to be, to perceive everything and nothing, generating a conscious and mystical knowledge that cannot be put into words.




the practicalities

  1. Tantra allows me to understand the potentiality of my body, my thoughts and my arrousal. And how I can relate my intimacy with other ones.
  2. The importance of a sensual & sacred state of mind to understand my boundaries , my limits and the power of seduction.
  3. The power of control & fluxing of my sexual energy in one sexual approximation. The inner fire of the expansion of my physical and mental state of mind ( desire & action )
  4. The importance of propulsion & receptivenes, the sacred state of mind of becomming one . I control & I let go… the art of sacred sexuality
  5. Pranic Sexual touch the base to move your most powerful energy. Understanding is there is no embodiment the only thing that you are doing is touching
  6. We will explore the 64 arts of tibetan kamasutra 4 men in order to develop the intimate resources between sexual impulses, profusion ( love, emotion , & passion ) and the evolution of these experiences and process to an enlightment.
  7. To be able to know how to kiss, to embrace, to bite, to compress, to manouver erotical touch, to be able to handle sensual energy with the target to create profussion with out touching genitals.
  8. S3xplora has the target to show how you can do a lingam massage and provoque multi-orgasmia with out releasing. Also being able to activate sexually the sacred zone ( anal cavity ) and being able that the person enjoy that 50 % of Sexuality that men´s we have there !!


our summer venue

For the last ten years La Lobera has being our home. We are still there because its magic and of course the power of the place.  It is a place where huge megalithic stones are, meaning that the energy is very special. The energy allow us to balance and process a lot things in a very sof and nice way !!!

Its  an Eco-Spanish finca in Arenas de San Pedro, a municipality of Avila, Spain. La Lobera de Gredos is a place that is closer to Madrid than Avila city. One hour 20 minutes in car and two hours in Bus. AIRPORT: Madrid Barajas

*Address : Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.

. This is the 10th. year that we do it here and we believe that this place has different elements that make it perfect for our activities.

-It has a wonderful micro-climate within a very hot summer you can enjoy the breeze and the cooling of the Sierra.

-Swimming pool, a nearby river, plenty of nature & wonderful weather. The advantage to be nude and enjoy the freedom to be with other men.

You will share the room with someone else, if you are a couple tell us immediately, since only we have limited rooms for couples. The room is given by lotto and we divide the people that smokes, light sleepers, and  the ones that snore.


If you are not from Spain.

How do I arrive?

The closest airport and city is MADRID 

By Car: Give a click in the link that I am enclosing.

Once you reach the town of Arenas de San Pedro cross it by the main street towards downtown (you have to pass the Castle) take the “Guisando” road. Afterwards, 200 mts. You will find three signs (first one to the right) that will be starting to guide you to the Lobera. The house is like 3km from Arenas 6 or 7 minutes. www.laloberadegredos.com

By Bus : There are between 5 buses a day going to Arenas de San Pedro. You have to take it from Estación Sur Bus Station that is also Subway station (Mendez Alvaro ) The cost is 10 euros. The bus line is called SAMAR and you can contact them and also see time tables on +34 917230506 y (only within Spain) 902257025, http://www.samar.es

If you have reach by bus you either you can take a taxi from there to LA Lobera or pick you up. The price is betwenn 7 to 8 euros. The info. Of the taxis service there is +34 920.370954, cell phone +34 651552258.

Nudity. This time we have all the complex for us, meaning that the whole venue allow to us to enjoy the freedom to be nude. It is not mandatory to be naked, but you can enjoy the sensation to be all natural.

Remember to bring the following:

  • One or two beach sarongs
  • One Beach towel & one normal towel
  • Pair of Beach sándals
  • Solar protection lotion if you are sensitive to the sun. Light cloths.
  • Shoes or sport shoes in order to walk.
  • A sweater or light jacket for the nights, some times get chilly
  • White  set cloths for our special night
  • We will have a temple night , that means that you will need to wear a Sexy underwear !!


We’re fully booked
but you can apply
for our waiting list

Payment & Deposit

(remember to write your name & place “SUMMER CAMP 4 MEN ” on the concept )


TrueTantra Netherlands NG Bank


IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790

PAYPAL ( YOU will need to place 6% more since there is a cost to be using this service) 


Email: tantriko@live.com



• If you cancel two weeks prior the events there is no penalty and you receive 100% of your reservation.
• If you cancel within 7 days before the event. There is an 75% of devolution of the total amount deposited in your reservation.
• If you are already at the event and by any reason you want to leave, there will not be refund..
• In case of accident TrueTantra or any of the facilitators will not have no future legal responsibility.
• If you are sick or you have any kind of emergency once is started the retreat there is no devolution of payment


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August 14, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
August 20, 2023 @ 5:00 PM
€350,00 – €970,00


La Lobera de Gredos, Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.
Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain
Avila, Provincia de Ávila 05400 Spain
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