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Shamanic-Tantric Breathwork

September 1, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Shamanic-Tantric Breathwork

By Anand Rudra

Shamanic-Tantric breathwork it ́s a powerful healing and consciousness expanding sacred ceremony with an organic structural protocol. This was developed by Anand Rudra during the last 20 years of practicing Swahara Yoga, Tantra Kaula Breathwork, Ancestral Kashmir Breathwork and Tibetan Pulsing Breathing. On top, of the Ancestral Pranayam Protocols of Tantra Kriya Yoga and the use of breathing on Primitive Shamanism.

Shamanic-Tantric breathwork accesses the sacred, the ontological foundations of being, for purposes of healing, deep worship, growth and transformation.
The structure of this practice is based in the embodied technique of what PRANA is and how it takes us to different experience layers. From expanded and conscious estates of mind, liberation, catharsis, supra-conscious and even going to a esoterically rite of passage.

C.G.Jung knew that the “real therapy,”as he called it, “is the approach to the numinous” and it is only this that can release from the “curse of pathology.” Jung, a shaman for our time, built an entire depth psychology around the sacred and its numinous core, for he knew how important it is for modern people to retrieve relationship with It, and align their lives with it. A spiritual outlook on life is vital to psycho-spiritual health.

The philosophical foundations of Shamanic-Tantric breathwork differ in some important ways from Groff TT model, and affect the breathwork practice and facilitator training process. Rather than basing itself in the field of holographic theory and Bohmian physics, which it also finds useful for some explanatory purposes, it deeply roots itself existentially and practically in the path of the heart, sexual energy, subtle system understanding and its experiential practices (or „yogas‟) that support life (growth and healing) before and after Shamanic-Tantric breathwork ceremonies.

These specific practices include NGS/DIGS, a method for finding and listening to the ontological core of aliveness (the heart & sexual energy) in which the sacred dwells, and which lures towards growth, expansion, healing, wholeness, and service. Jungian psychologists call this sacred guiding source by various names: “the Self”, the “Spiritus Rector,”the “Dream Maker,” and the” Doctor Within.” Shamans and mystics have called it the “Divine Physician” the “Medicine Buddha,” the” Shaman Within.‟ the “Great Spirit,” or simply the “Tao in the heart.”

Tantra-Shamanic journeying itself is used to explore the cartography of consciousness within the model of the “shamans cosmos.” & the Tantra Subtle

System. With this method one can experientially explore and examine virtually any non-ordinary state of consciousness, or any archetype of the collective unconscious mapped out by Jung or Grof.

Topics that will be exploring: Shamanic Journeying
The role of sacred orgasmia Facia & the energy

Toltec Recapitualtion
Tribal Dreaming
Sacred Sexuality
Soul Recovery Work &
The Birthing of your spirit & the soul Your Red Book & Sacred Breathwork Prana in the endocrinal system & the chakras

Perception, Intuition & Divination
Activation of the 3 kundalinis
The Sacred Journey in the Triangle Gate ( Pineal, Hipofisis, Hipotalamo & ajna , sahasrara & bindu)
Ancestral Work
Vision Questing, Finding Your Place
The Ontological Core

In facilitator training we learn the transpersonal map of the greater cosmos by direct shamanic journeying experience as well as through, sacred breathwork experience, and finally through reading and discussion. Direct experience and reading/discussions are both important ways of learning. Virtually any transpersonal phenomenon or dimension which may arise spontaneously in a sacred breathwork ceremony, can be intentionally found, accessed, and studied through classic shamanic journey work.

MODULES of the Shamanic-Tantric Breathwork

We had developed a concrete professional structure in order to complete an structure to understand the practicing, the delivering of experience , the control of the process and the flexibility of each ceremony.


MODULE I: The SACRED & RITES OF PASSAGE (Ritual Structure & Leadership).

  • –  The Ceremony, the space, the rhythm , the experience & the process with in.
  • –  Body(es) preparation , the importance of balancing energies
  • –  Sacredness on the ceremony and why
  • –  The music and the context
  • –  Basic Pranayams and the use in a ceremony
  • –  Bandhas on the body

MODULE II : COSMOS & PSYCHE (Cartography of consciousness)

  • –  Ontological aspect within Tantra & Shamanism
  • –  The Ceremony and external elements ( altar, incense, cleaning, sound instruments,essential oils)
  • –  Breathing as a medicine and the context of etnological knowledge
  • –  The calling of ancestors
  • –  Ceremony and external medicines that are not Psico-Actives (Cacao, Mezcal,Tabaco, & Rape)
  • –  Meditations & Inductions the key factor in cosmogony
  • –  The Sexual Energy
  • –  The use of the bandhas and the mudras on a ceremony
  • –  Levels of ConsciousnessBasic Facilitator MODULE 3 & 4MODULE III: PSYCHOPATHOLOGY & SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY
  • –  Moksha and the medicine of liberating
  • –  Breaking patterns and time lines
  • –  Breathing as a Psycho energetical medicine
  • –  Expanded state of consciousness vs Alter States of MIND
  • –  The connection to the source; my live & my past lives
  • –  The idea of the life living experience and the spirit
  • –  The karmatic understanding of my life and the encounter with my soul
  • –  The idea of healing on the bodies
  • –  The Kundalini and the pinealMODULE IV: NUMINOUS MUSIC, ART, AND GROUP FACILITATION, Effects of a deep breathwork ceremony, legal & medical factors around the practice
  • –  Ceremonies within the ceremonies;
  • –  Water inmersion, Temazcal Ceremony, Oracle Reading and FIRE CEREMONY
  • –  Druming & Dance ceremony within breathwork
  • –  Yantra & Mantras in a vocalization breathwork ceremony
  • –  Programing a ceremony and my first ceremony coleading with one or two colleagues
  • –  Disclaimers
  • –  Medical & Spiritual contraceptionsFACILITATOR CERTIFICATIONMODULE V: 5-DAY INTENSIVE RETREAT. Co-leading intensive practice
  • –  The target is to create from zero the ceremony covering different topics reviewed or new.
  • –  Every ceremony will be measure and qualify by teacher and co-leaders
  • –  We will have guests in order to review the work of every teacher.
  • –  Oral & Written Exam


September 1, 2023
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM