Copenhagen Tantra Festival

Copenhagen Tantra Festival   Event Link for Tickets:   Embrace the Essence. Deep, Loving, Transforming, Powerful! Be part of the journey Kate & Anders are proudly presenting Copenhagen Tantra Festival Spring 2024 edition […]

Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam

Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam   Event Link for Tickets:   Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam, Summer edition 2024 OFFERINGS by ANAND Kakawa ancestral ceremony Wednesday June 12th Grounding your Essence […]

Angsbacka Tantra Festival 

Angsbacka Tantra Festival  Offerings by Anand Rudra Sacred Orgasmia Subtle Bodies Empowerment Understanding orgasmic energy to take you to your essence Energetical Noise Grounding & liberating Liberating Emotional & Mental […]

Ecstatica Festival

Ecstatica Festival   Offerings by Anand Rudra en Ecstatica FEST ShamanicTantric Breathing Orgasmic Essence Explore the power of how life force and sexual energy interact to generate Orgasmia Pranic Massage […]