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International Festival of Joy of Life Celebration and Rebirth • A Transforming Internal Journey

November 3, 2022 @ 11:00 AM - November 6, 2022 @ 2:00 PM

Joy of Life Celebration and Rebirth

In many meta cultures the act to be come to this life and to departure from it, it comes with a celebration!

Life cycles are the pillars of the traditions of every culture and society, those rites of passage allow us to connect, separate and incorporate.

October and November are for some cultures the dates of celebration of life and death. Celtic tradition has the Samhain, modern culture All Hallows Eve, Mexico has the day of the death, All Saints day for some Catholic traditions, The Mevlit for some Muslims traditions, Quingming for China and Chuseok for Corea.

The ritual of reenactment of divine creation helped to step into a new ontological experience, to receive mythical concepts needed to understand the existential human condition and the expectations of the group and society.

On the area of life celebration we will explore different Hermetic Rebirth rituals from Celtic to Indian traditions in which we will develop Rites of Passage of celebrate the being.

We will explore not only things that are regarding the departure but also the celebration of being a life.

Rites, ceremonies and experiences facilitated by:

Anand Rudra

Arkadiusz Hezler

Daniela Bhakti

Juliana Bloodgood


Offerings, Experiences & Rites

Day One:

We start at the 3rd at 11 am and finish the 6th at 15 hrs (after eating)

  • Day one: Life. What is my life like at this moment? How did I build my life? What are the chains that I have created that take away my freedom?

11 am Inauguration

15-16.15 Anand

The Journey of the Life & the Water, an Indonesian ritual, to celebrate life to go insight on your own purpose of how you are living your life and what are the things that you dare to leave behind.

16.30-17.45 Sofia

Revision and Insight: Everything that I am dragging in my life: memories, lack of closure or letting go, mourning, etc. An account of everything that I want to let go of: people, situations, houses, places, pets, etc. And everything I wish to die to: aspects of my personality, addictions, fears, fragmentations, etc.

Psychomagic act of vanishment, releasing old skin, preparing to transition to the afterlife that will open up the way for rebirthing.

18-19 Sebastian Cabral

20.30 Sebastian Cabral & all the teachers

Ritual life: Express to heal, find ourselves with the power of our voice, empty ourselves, let go of everything not expressed, make room for letting go, let everything that we are carrying and dragging in our life sprout. Get in touch with the ballast to free ourselves from it.

Closing: chanting of Vedic mantras to get out of the illusion of the mind

Day Two:

Encounter with Death. Letting go to heal and transform.

7 a 8.15 Daniella Bhakti

The ego Requiem, a wiccan rite. The ego Requiem, a wiccan rite

Wiccan ritual practice in which we will say goodbye with love and solemnity to the aspects of our ego that we have left behind.

10-13 Sofía & Sebastian Cabral

Death Ritual by Sebas: Tibetan Budhism practice, meditationg on death. To be in contact with death, with what it will bring you to let thing go, and let yourself go.

Massage with Sarong/Rebozo by Sofia: The lullaby of the warrior. Covering the body and preparing for death.

Practice of holding space at the momento of death. To be the one who is dying and the one who accompanies.

Closing with Tibetan Mantras and silence (consider spending that night in silence and without looking at the other´s eyes).

15-18 Daniella Bhakti & Anand

Tonalli Death Ceremony ( The animic principle of the being ). We will have the journey of dancing between the dead bodies prepare the remembrance of us and them to consecrate the warriors on us. An ancient prehispanic ritual.

Samhain, the great Sabbat of the Dead

This Wiccan celebration is to communicate with the dead, so that we are in harmony with the divine principle of the cosmos and its manifestations, as well as to heal death

We celebrate it in the magical moment that does not belong to the past or the present.

20.30 Juliana

The Voice of Release and Personal Lament is a special approach to vocalizing which focuses on the act of giving voice to one’s pain is a transformative process and something that we collectively lack in our contemporary structures. Part of our unique human experience is that we are able to give shape and substance to our feelings through ritual, voice and movement; transmuting our inner experiences of pain, grief and mourning into something that can be shared, witnessed, supported and released.

It is a natural process. Through shared and held space, witness and support of community and the powerful act of vocalizing, our feelings can become a thing of beauty that we can transform and release.

Day Three:

4.30 am Anand, Sofia & Juliana.

Theobroma Cacao Ceremony; Rha Rite from the Underworld to life & Ancestral Voice.

Cacao ceremony to celebrate the passover from the underworld to rebirth again is a Mayan Ceremony in which involves going from early morning before the Sun comes out. And Rha Ceremony has the same meaning but this one is done when Sun is comming out. Both with the same purpose !!! We will hold also as part of the Sun Rite, the intervention of Julia. Ancestral Voice is a vocal journey that explores the voices of our ancestors, how they may speak through us and how we may receive their messages. The human voice carries capacities to connect us to the divine, to open liminal spaces and provide portals.

10-13 Sebastian & Daniella

Ritual Renacimiento: EL VERBO CREADOR por Daniella. PRACTICA DE NAAD YOGA Crecer desde la tierra, enraizar nuestro deseo y vitalidad, volvernos un templo nuevo sagrado. Anclando el verbo creador, El poder de la voz, la manifestación de nuestra voz sagrada en el mundo.

Mahana He Celestial Comunication to Liberate Karma

From Kundalini Yoga tradition a way to work the liberation to reach Mukta.

15-18 Anand & Sofía.

The royal seal of life & death ” Mahamudra” The connection to life and death to be celebrated !!

20.30 Juliana.

Performance- Ritual Lament

– A ritual music and vocal performance of lamentation. A vocal and sound journey following the structure and inspiration of traditional Irish lamentation called keening or Caoineadh. The caoineadh is comprised of three parts – 1. Salutation. This is an invocation of the spirit of the deceased or the essence of the subject of the lament. 2. Dirge. a combination of sung and chanted improvised text. 3. Lament and gol or cry which is constituted as ritual wailing and weeping which is both sung and screamed. This performance will be dedicated as an act of collective healing, held in ritual space and meant for the benefit of all present.

Day 4th:

5am All teacher Sweatlodge Ceremony: Resurging from the womb of the Divine Mother.

10-11.30 Rite of passage by Daniella & Sofia

The Pranayamic circle of Samsara: Energetic and connected circular breathing is in itself the journey through the 4 Bards, the 4 intertwined existences, each one an opportunity for liberation and manifestation of physical immortality, the third stage of illumination.

The Pranayamic circle of Samsara

Energétic and connected circular breathing is in itself the journey through the 4 Bardos, the 4 intertwined existences, each one an opportunity for liberation and manifestation of fisical inmortality, the third stage of ilumanation.

11.45 – 13 Lila & the Death by All the teachers: The everlasting cycle of life-death-life.



Anand Rudra

Of Mexican 0rigin, living in Europe for the last 19 years. He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degreee on North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law & Economics of European Union. And a PHD in Security Studies of European Union.Enterpreneur; involved in Public Policy and advisor for International Public Policy and Diplomacy.Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was atracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby he has being studing tarot, psicomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism.Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Arhanta Yoga School System.

Agata Algierska

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, for many years she worked as a journalist, illustrating and writing for newspapers and creating her own programs for radio and television. Opening up to new areas of personal development, she started running workshops and development groups, which led her to studies in the field of psychotherapy. She graduated in psychodynamic and psychoanalytical psychotherapy, then Somatic Expiriencing (trauma work) and Soma, and worked for many years as a psychotherapist.

Ever interested in ancient cultures and their spirituality, she rediscovered South America and its extraordinary cultural richness a few years ago, and has been working with Andean and jungle curanderos and curanderas since then. Fascinated by external and internal journeys, in March 2021 she fell in love with the Mexican pyramids and the color of water in the cenotes and lagoons of the Yucatan and remained in this delight.

Arkadiusz Hezler

Certified Tantra and Shamanism teacher – Level 1,2 & 3 at TrueTantraSchool

I graduated from Psychology in Management at the Kozminski University. Bodymovement has been my passion since the last one, and many years of dance experience have shown me to the top of my career as a dancer.

During the activity of the Breath Coaching workshop started in the CUUD group at Katarzyna Gilgenast, and since then, I take part in workshops and trainings in the field of tantra and shamanism. For 3 years, I have been heavily involved with the Center “Tu i Teraz” in Nowe Kawkowo in Poland where I organize and support group activities.

My teacher for 3 years has been Anand Rudra, by whose side I explore the secrets of Tantra and Shamanism from around the world.

I conduct individual breathing sessions, massages, I work with groups.

My mission is to Inspire, teach and develop our own identity through breathing and experiencing. I help name values, share, communicate and lead clients to their supraconciousness.

Daniella Bhakti

Born in the south of Chile and living for 15 years in Barcelona, Spain. She is an audiovisual communicator specialized in film and television direction. Master in psychocreativity.

She grew up in an environment where It was spoked and lived in communion with the mystical and esoteric, developing a curiosity and interest in what “cannot be seen”, being her first teacher in Tarot, in her adolescence, her mother.

Studies in Angelology, Wicca, Tantra, Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, Certified Rebirther Breathwork . She has received Mahamudra transmissions and is currently initiating Mahavidyas studies.

She collaborated for 6 years, as a Tantra facilitator, at La Akademia, a master’s degree in emotional development for young people.

Entrepreneur, after creating different collaborative Tantra projects, she independently opened, 3 years ago, Tantra Spiritual Fitness, a Tantric Temple in Barcelona, created for healing and expansion of consciousness.

Juliana Bloodgood

Julianna Bloodgood is a vocalist, movement artist, performer and teacher whose work includes anthropological performance research and she has traveled the globe extensively in search of different cultural perspectives on the body, voice and the ritual of performance. Many of the performances she creates are made as rituals, meant to be shared experiences of transformation and healing. The core of her work is a detailed practice in the relationship between body and voice and how this can be brought to performance and composition. Her research with the body and voice has led to an in-depth and ongoing development of this connection which she calls Embodied Voice Practices. This practice utilizes integrative somatic trauma therapy techniques and focuses the output in vocal expression, which is a deeply healing and transformative process. Julianna specializes in the research and practice of vocal lamentation, giving shape and voice to our pain and loss, which has become a through line in all of her work. She continues to research the technical, historical and contemporary aspects of lamentation in different European countries, performing and teaching internationally.


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November 3, 2022 @ 11:00 AM
November 6, 2022 @ 2:00 PM


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