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Becoming Kukulkan • Initiatic Shamanic Tantric Pilgrim • México

February 8 @ 8:00 AM - February 18 @ 5:00 PM

Becoming Kukulkan

Initiatic Shamanic

Tantric Pilgrim


Visit our event landing page: https://truetantra.eu/becoming-kukulkan


Our offerings

We are very proud to introduce to you a dream come true, bring down to you a set of complete immense esoteric experiences in ancestral sacred wonderous places in México.

  • Anand & Agata had curated these life living experiences:
  • Aztec Dance Ceremony: Connecting with the Cosmos and Mother Earth in one sacred dance experience. in 4 directions. This trance dance honoring the 4 directions connects the soul to its source.
  • Amatlan: Holy Quetzalcoatl lake and the Cosmic Door. Both places are esoteric gateways to the Aztec belief system. This place with its powerful sweet energy its told to be the baptismal site of Quetzatcoatl.
  • Pulque Ceremony One of the most important existing pre-Hispanic ceremonies, aimed at opening connections with female and male gods. Pulque is a light fermented drink made from corn, the most sacred plant of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America.
  • Chalcatzingo, Xochicalco and Sta. Maria Rite Olmec sacred mountain and archaeological site with Quetzalcoatl’s pyramid and underground observatory. This place combines the intense energy of water and stars. One can feel at times the presence of the ancestors there . We will experience how the Kundalini energy is combined with Quetzalcoatl.
  • Palenque. One of the most esoteric Mayan cities of Yucatan with an extraordinary history, once ruled by the great Pakal. Inside the temples and places of worship, the connection between the death and rebirth of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) is evident. We will have an amazing ceremony related to the Underworld and Heaven.
  • Lacan Ha, the Lacondones people, one of Mexico’s most amazing ethnic groups. Lacandones are the direct heirs of their Mayan ancestors. There we will experience the water ceremony and connect to the knowledge of mayan abuelos.
  • Piedras Negras, Guatemala. The lost city in the jungle located in the Reserva Natural Sierra del Lacandones. Formerly called Yo’ki’b, the Great Gate, it is said that there is a gate that connects to the wisdom of Quetzalcoatl. Located on the Usumacinta River, it was also considered the gateway to the underworld.
  • Usumacinta River A sacred river, the cradle of Maya civilization. For centuries, this river was like the egyptian river Nile a mighty temple, and a gateway to the inner knowledge of the ancestral civilization and the ethnicities that inhabited its banks.
  • Chichenitza. or the Mouth of the Well of Itza, the sorcerer of water in the Mayan tradition: This prehistoric city is one of the major Mayan cities in Central America. Its center is a temple dedicated to the return of Kukulcan. We will share a ritual activating the 3 Kundalinis.
  • Cenote Xtoloc. Chaac Revival Ceremony. The vibration of this place is a connection with the underworld where people who have passed away reside. This ritual is intended to honor the virtue of being alive.
  • XPUJIL. 3 higher temple towers that have assigned mystical power to consecrate the evolution of the self in the Journey of becoming Kukulkan.
  • Niños Santos Ceremony, the purpose of this ceremony will be a visionary connection with the higher self and inner wisdom.
  • Tabaco Ceremony. Holy tobacco is one of the most revered Master plants in shamanic cultures, which combines the energy of Mother Earth and the energy of the Universe and is a bridge to all supporting energies and medicine.
  • Sex Magic Ritual in Bacalar: going to the Source. Laguna Bacalar is home to an ancient population of strombolites that are approximately 3.5 billion years old. Here we will connect with our life energy!
  • Wirikuta Ritual de la Mesa in honor of Peyote: The power of connection with the sky and the superconscious.

  • Temazcal: Feather Serpent Ceremony. An act of rebirth in the grandmother’s house, involving the release of old limitations and initiating and supporting the process of personal self-transformation.
  • Rapé Ceremony . On different days and places we will travel to Wind, Fire, Earth to connect with kunda power.


Anand Rudra

Of Mexican 0rigin, living in Europe for the last 19 years. He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three masters degreee on North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law & Economics of European Union. And a PHD in Security Studies of European Union.Enterpreneur; involved in Public Policy and advisor for International Public Policy and Diplomacy.Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was atracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby he has being studing tarot, psicomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism.Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Arhanta Yoga School System.


Agata Algierska

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, for many years she worked as a journalist, illustrating and writing for newspapers and creating her own programs for radio and television. Opening up to new areas of personal development, she started running workshops and development groups, which led her to studies in the field of psychotherapy. She graduated in psychodynamic and psychoanalytical psychotherapy, then Somatic Expiriencing (trauma work) and Soma, and worked for many years as a psychotherapist.
Ever interested in ancient cultures and their spirituality, she rediscovered South America and its extraordinary cultural richness a few years ago, and has been working with Andean and jungle curanderos and curanderas in Peru, Columbia and Mexico since then, fallowing the shamanic teachings and wisdom of the Master Plants. Fascinated by external and internal journeys, in March 2021 she fell in love with the Mexican pyramids and the color of water in the cenotes and lagoons of the Yucatan and remained in this delight.



D1, FEB 8, Mx City, on the way to Tepoztlan/ Amatlan.

D2, FEB 9, Amatlan, Xochicalco (quetzalcoatl), Tepoztlan/ Amatlan, ::: DANZA AZTECA

D3, FEB 10, Chalcatzingo, transfer from Mx City Airport to Villahermosa, rumbo a Palenque, ::: Santa Maria

D4, FEB 11 Palenque, water falls & CACAO

D5, FEB 12 Lacan Ha, Lacandones, Mayas, estancia en bungalows, :::: Rape & Water Ceremony

D6, FEB 13, Usumacinta river, boat trip, Piedras Negras (Guatemala), Maya, nt Xpujil


D7, FEB 14, Becan/ Bacalar, nt Bacalar, :::: Tantra & Sex Magic

D8, FEB 15, Bacalar, nt Bacalar, DAY OFF :::: Chile cleansing

D9, FEB 16, Chichen Itza, Cenotes, nt Cancun, ( Ceremony at Cenote & Alumbre & Temazcal )

D10, FEB 17 El Rey, Isla mujeres, cruise, free time on the island, Cancun, nt, :::: Warikura ceremony

D11, FEB 18 Day OFF , transfer to airport and departure from MX,

D12, FEB 19 Return

Investment & Details

All the payments are via BANK TRANSFER

Deposit: 800 eur

PAYMENT details:


True Tantra Netherlands

Bank ING


IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790

Second Early Bird (Until January 15, 2024): €2,551

Regular Price : €2,700

Deposit: €800


For further information please contact

Anand Rudra

+34 645195604


Agata Algierska

+48 600 893 588



Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

Please remember that we are not a travel agency. This offer is a workshop and a journey, and despite the program offered, we reserve the right to change some points if the situation or the condition of the group requires it.

Price includes:
-accommodation in 2/3/4-person rooms (depending on the possibility of accommodation place). It is possible to pay extra for a single room (cost: between 400 and 600 euros)
-transport in Mexico ( domestic flights included)
-entrance tickets to places specified in the program
-meals: breakfast and dinner
-guide care and cooperating travel agency costs
-the energetical investement of Anand and Agata.

Price does NOT include:
-flight to and from Mexico
-travel insurance
-meals other than those mentioned above
-own expenses and expenses not described in the program


February 8 @ 8:00 AM
February 18 @ 5:00 PM