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Aug 12 - 18

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Our sexual roots needs & impulses

  • This life living experience will be revisited in different ways the structures behind our sexuality. We will make clear that our sexuality when is not in conssiousness can be manifested in two terms: The Sexual Primal needs that you have as a human being and our primordial impulses that were build up during my life.
  • Bodywork, psyche, energy, breath, sexual energy & tantra techniques will be the main tools that will allow us to re-discover which áre your primal need and your primordial impulses.
  • We will try to find out the dynamics of power that you had developed & where you are right now in the relationship that you have with other men likewise.
  • The dilemma of letting go of control or control, where do we have & find the balance in our body and our psyche.
  • How do you behave with other men at different levels?
  • Exploring your intimate boundaries to see and feel patterns of authority and grounding and how it relates to your Sexual Drive.
  • Levels of trust; in heritage models and exploring no-comfort zones; the model of what do we desire sexual, emotional or as bonding.
  • You will recognize the power of your own Lingam and the sexual energy that can be produced to be empowered by it. And how is it define your current Sexual Behaviour and what is behind it?
  • You will experience that Tantra massage as the base of a path to enjoy the active or receptive YOU. 
  • The importance of the Sexual Energy as a power tool by itself.

This time we want to offer you
to awake and develop:

organic Sexuality

Restore the sexual soverinity of the men over what is healty, consious, not compiling with an imposed responsability of archaic patterns that do not belong no more to our reality. The pandemia and neosexuality is breaking the way we see and we understand the relationship of our sexual needs and how we interconnect. New schemes and new ways to perform sexuality had come but the issue is that still we are performing according to victorian parametors. We propose to resetlle the game how you see your self as a man and how your sexuality can be part of your life in a new way

tantric Manfulness

The life living experience and the transformation process that Kaula Tantric tools can bring to the men are very powerful. The sacred tools as yoga, meditation, ritualism, embodiment awareness via touch or movement, breathwork, and sacred sexuality; can entitle a very deep structure in a transpersonal way but also transversal. Therefore, we can have a huge better understanding of manhood, masculinity, virility, sexual energy, man sexual awareness, sexual attraction, assertiveness, receptiveness, man´s polarity, archetype bounding, sexual & spiritual genealogy, and socio-sexual behavior.

Sacred Intimacy

Before we could understand sacred sexuality we need to visit how our intimare is. Intimacy starts with our own body and the sensorial awareness that it is manifested on us. Intimacy starts with the consious conextion to our own eros and how is lived. After visisting our own intimacy we will develop the understanding to the others and basically to the men. Men that we liked men has very diffrent approaches to generate intimacy and to be honest in the develeopment of it . This summer prepare yourself to renew these paradigmas in a practical way.

Integral & Sacred sexuality

We need in these days to be manifesting our sexuality to enjoy, to connect , and to elevate our spirits. To being able to recognize body, subtle system, sexual energy and sacred orgasmia and put in ssimple terms in order that you can apply them in a normal sexual intercourse. And invite a simple person to enjoy a diffrent way to move your sexual energy and feel that a state of bliss can be delivered by you and get out of an encounter knowledge, healling and fulfillment!

Tantric Manfulness

  • Tantra is an ancestral science that work Humanity and man in different layers and levels. Manu the original concept of man is a sanscrit word that means the progenitor of humanity; the first one to be existing.
  • We will work in Sexual atraction ( Physical & Non Physical ) and in Sexual behaviour (Casual Sex, Sexual Intercourse, Socio Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, & Non Binary Sexual Orientation)
  • We will try to find out the Virility of being on yourself ( Recognizing the Physical Self ); the masculine body ( rejecting the Cross – Cultural Idea of  Physical Manhood)
  • How is generated the atraction, Sexual energy vs Sexual Intercourse.
  • The empowerment of the Man connected to the Emotional Body and how we can generate Sexual Embodiment !!
  • Sexual Urges; the use of the life force energy to recognize the genealogy heritage empowerment
  • Sexual Atraction and embodiment as a door to generate a minfulnes state.
  • When the man becomes my arquetype and how to embrace this perception.
  • Man preconditioning the cicle of the survival of Humanity versus acknowledging the  other man becoming my archetype.
  • Recognize the Lila o the Divine Play ( I am a mirror and this is not faight )
  • The power of being a tantric man and the sense of being in wholeness ( Santoshi State ). Healing myself and the others.

The Essence of Tantra and Inner Knowledge

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We propose that your vacation investment is benefited from these activities:

- Nude Tantra Yoga 4 Men: primitive sexual man experience
- Kaula Compression massage.

- Hot & Cold de-armouring, The masculinity.
- Active Meditations, The mystic man

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- Naked Dance & Nature Bath Experience.
- Breathwork, tantra conscious & touch massage.

- Energy Orgasms the door to the Re-Synapsis
- Exploring boundaries in the lingam massage and intimacy erotical exercises

Anand Rudra

Anand Rudra

Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother (Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was atracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby he has been studing tarot, psicomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism.

BeTantric SummerCamp

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AUGUST 12 - 18

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