Shamanic Tantric Laboratory :: A recycle divine retreat ::

”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042 Warmia and Mazury region Olsztyn, Warmia and Mazury region 11-042 Poland New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042 Warmia and Mazury region, Olsztyn, Warmia and Mazury region, Poland

shamanic – tantric – laboratory A Recycle Knowledge Divine Retreat – New Kowkowo –  Sep 7 – 11 For the last four years TuiTeraz Center in conjunction with Anand Rudra & TrueTantra Academy we started an endeavor that is called Shamanic Orgasmic Connection, we had offered retreats, trainings, festivals, workshops, webinars and pilgrims. We calculate […]

Awakening The Power Of The Tantric Shaman • Disrupting The Path To Awake Intuition

Warsaw , Poland

Tantric Powers (Siddhis) and the Mexical Shadow work This is an intensive and residential practicum & training. It is oriented to elevate the frequency two practices shamanism & tantra. Tantra & Shamanism work as a healing science & as a way to elevate consciousness. Both are based in 3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body […]

Silvester Celebration 2023 • Lila & the Plans of the Soul for 2023 Self Love

Tuiteraz Nowe Kawkowo, Poland, Poland

Our Event PDF: Silvester Celebration - 2023 For tickets please click here: Tuiteraz The year 2023 is an angelican year that fix the motives of the Soul in to Self Love and Love to other ones . The set of energy is to tap into your own creativity, intuition and your natural talents and abilities. […]

Tantric-Shamanic Alchemy E-Series • Session 01

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Awakening the Power of the  Tantric Shaman Online session 01 tantric-shamanic alchemy series online-zoom January 19 / 20hrs As you know Tantra & Shamanism are interconnected since one of the principles is to guide humanity to understand who we are and where we are going. There is a clear understanding and derivate from one of the 7 […]