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Orgasmic Dear Mouring • Bodywork Training & Certification

September 21, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - September 24, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

Orgasmic DeArmouring

Liberating & EmPowering the Sexual & Spiritual Self


Knowing the Subtle Bodies & System of the being to Liberate ANCESTRAL & KARMATIC knots regarding sexuality and spirituality.

Psychological studies have now firmly established the androgynous reality underpinning the human psyche in connection to our body, its meridans (lines of energy), chakras, marmas,and talas (distribution energy areas) . Sexual dysfunction is no longer a taboo topic. Recent research on the chemistry ofsex now points to the compelling role of sex hormones-body energy in defining the dynamics of sexual relationships.

There have been enormous advances in our understanding of the significance of nutrition, lifestyle, energy fields, muscles and environment to our health and overall well-being and the impact of these factors on sexual performance. And there have also been important new discoveries in traditional holistic health such as Ayurveda, Siddha, and Chinese medical systems, notably in the fields of natural hormonal therapy, digito pressure points, herbal-mineral aphrodisiacs, energy, chakras and longevity science (Kayakalpa). Tantric and Taoist teachings can now be recognized beneath the surface of these disciplines.

Tantra and shamanism are philosophies, science, art, and a way of life whereby sexual energy is consciously and creatively utilized. The mystical treatises, known as the Tantras, contain a broad spectrum of practical techniques for en- hancing sexual awareness and achieving transcendence. Within Shamanism sexual magic rituals and body maneuvers of natural medicine in the body are part of the self-journey of knowing and growing as human beings.The hidden potency of the sexual act & energy is the seed of all creativity. Through an un- derstanding of the practical teachings of Tantra & Shamanism, a whole new experience oflife opens up.

To be to understand a de-armoring process is to able to get to know where and what Shamanism and tantra can get together .
There is a clear understanding and derivate from two of the 7 universal principles; the correspondence law. “As above, as below” for Tantra and Shamanism, is to understand that we have a complete Universe inside us that connects with everything else. Also, embodies the concept that there is a link of your individuality ( as universe) with everything that is out side from us.

One other principle, the theory of resonance. Everything that exists has a vibration which delivers energy that is translated in to frequency. Therefore, everything that exists when the vibration and frequency starts to get linger there is a resonance.

In Shamanism we resonate with the basic elementals that gives life to everything and every one. Fire, water, air, earth and ether; the same is applied to Tantra and Taoist arts.

In Tantra, we understand that life force energy moves in a Subtle System which is connected to our Psyche, behavior, biology and most of it to the development of us as human beings and our spiritual journey. Chakras, nadis, talas, marmas and grantis are the structure within our body.

Both, Shamanism & Tantra, recognize that our body has an intrinsic manifestation of our own existence in different layers that are called the bodies. Physical; energetical; emotional (mind) ; causal (Spirit & Soul) ; and Esoterical (Psychic).

Tantra and shamanism, are connected to these structures with the target to alleviate, unblock, restore, transmute different aspect of our existence: from physical issues, to emotional or spiritual.

Syllabus and practicum to be seen:

1. Tantra and Shamanism within the Armours in Sexuality & Spirituality

The armours of the bodies and how they connect with sexuality / spirituality

2. Understanding Energy, Prana, Sexual Energy and the memories of the self

The concept of prana, sources and the movement of energy on the body & bodies. Prana fields : Electrical (Static & Dinamic) / Magnetical / sacred energy: Unlocking the bodies and the fields by breathwork and tantra kriya toga

  • Subtle Chanels : Chi or Pranic
  • On the bodies: Kunda center; erotical sources and marmas; senses and sensuality3. The Subtle system within Kaula & Shastra
  • Body Nucleus
  • Chakra System (How many & where)
  • Nadis & Talas (Vayu Nadi Massage) 14 principal channels
  • Marmas & Granthis (Kaula Marma Massage)4. Theory & Methodology Frameworks- Schools that develop the knowledge around the marmas & nadis
    • ⁃  Ayurveda
    • ⁃  Cachemir
    • ⁃  Tibetan
    • ⁃  Kaula- Theory of Correlation and the energy vibration (Tantric Pranayamic Meditation) – Theory of Resonance
      – Coherence Theory ( How to get in touch with it)
      Energy and the law thermodynamics. Sexual Energy & orgasms

⁃ The Sankhya philosophy behing the Marmani

  • ⁃  The concept of manas & the buddhi on Marmas
  • ⁃  Idea behind a Marma & a Nadi
  • ⁃  Nadis and the connection to our Bodies, the marmas, the talas and thegranthis
  • ⁃  14 Main nadis connected to the two main centers of hearth and the kanda.
  • ⁃  Blockages on marmas, nadis and the flux of energy at our bodies.
  • ⁃  The modern concept of Reich applied to our body
  • ⁃  The modern armour concept on the phisycal body5. Techniques & Hands on
  • ⁃  Pranayams to review and unblock the main nadis
  • ⁃  Naropa & Vayu Massage on the nadis
  • ⁃  Kaula Marma De.Armouring on the back legs and frontal side.
  • ⁃  Kama-Marma and function
  • ⁃  Consious High Frequency Pranic healing techniques
  • ⁃  Sexual energy after de-armouring the body
  • ⁃  Energetical orgasms and the work on the Bliss6. Dearmouring of First / Second chakra
  • The idea of genital, the shushumna and the connection to suoraconsious
  • The marmas that un lock sexuality and its communication
  • The kama-nadis and how to ignite them
  • The Ashwini as door to emotional releases in the process of sexuality
  • The sexual energy as key to heal and unlock…the Dakhini techniques 7. Spirituality and Sexual De-armourig
  • The connection of the manas during the movement of sexual energy
  • The conception of orgasmia and the fusion of the bodies and the connectionwith the supra-consciousness
  • The idea of no mind vs the astral conscious projectionBasic Bibliography:• Core E-Readings once you are registered
  •  The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale
  •   Moola Bandha the master key
    Essential oils
    Coconut oils
    Jade Stick for acupressure

Light Towel for body massage Towel for laying down for massage


September 21, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
September 24, 2023 @ 5:00 PM