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Manfullness • Growing by Orgasmic Living

March 28 @ 5:00 PM - March 31 @ 5:00 PM

€420,00 – €450,00


Growing by Orgasmic Living 4 Men

Supra Sacred Sexuality on Manfullness Program

Maspalomas, Spain

March 28-31


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Experience & Learning

Supra Sacred Sexuality is a term in which you will learn how you can connect spirituality, intimacy & energy in your normal life.

The proposal is to understand the natural capability that you posses regarding your body, mind & energy related to Orgasmia. This training experience has the objective that you learn and practice the knowledge of the Bodywork,Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tantra Kaula & Tantra Shastra and how do they works in torder to develop the idea of Orgasmic LIving .

We will pursue that you enlighten yourself & reach knowledge about how Orgasmia works with the energies of the body, modulate them, used them for enjoying life !!

¿ Where ?

This retreat will be done at Aya House at Maspalomas, GRan Canaria.

Barranco de la Data 29, GC-504, 35109 Ayagaures, Las Palmas.

Cost of the Seminar

440 eur in a share room, meals incluided.




You have to pay before the event.

Information & Registration


Sharing Knowledge:

Anand Rudra TrueTantra Mentor www.truetantra.euDetails

By. Tantra Mentor , Anand Rudra, PhD. Language: English & Spanish

1. Tantra the orgasmic frame.

What tantra is ? Tipologies of Tantra to be used Tantra sacred tools & Energy
Resonance theory and its importance within Tantra. The idea of energy, energy in dispositions and levels of energy.

Prana and its harvesting, the use of tantra kriya yoga on it.
The diference between breathwork & pranayam and how interrelates to the acumulation of energy. Energetical system of the body,at physical, psychological and sexual level.

Intentions on the handling of the energies.

Sexual energy stages: Root, Sacred, Co-Creation Intentions on the handling of the energies. Difference between sexual & Sacred energy

2. The Body & Orgasmia

– The subtle system in our bodies & the concept of Orgasmia.

-Inducing orgasms:

a) Swahara Yoga ….
Learn to use Prana in your body.
Energy & Polarity
The use of Consious breathing & Chakra Base Breathing
Use nadis on breathing, Kumbaka & Pranayam as expansion of energy

b) The inter-relation of thoughts, energy & intention. Mind & Energy new ways to feel & talk with your body & the orgasms

3. Tantra Kriya Yoga & Orgasms from Energy to explore the supra-consious.

Elements on a Tantra Session:
– The Ritual & the resonance;
– Consious & Chakra base breathing.
– The power of the sacred pump or lock( Mulabandha y Svadistana Banda) …. The inter-relation with sacred energy.
– Grounding and its importance (mother earth anclive) energy & meditation process.

– Tantraic & energy communication by Drista 6 pranic syncronization.

– Kiranas Kriyas & energy flux by shushumna
– Tantric Asanas art…micro-macro universe energy.

– Tantric
kriya( pranayama, bandha , asana, movement, intention & energy

flux) energy &

awareness process.
– Energy gathering & its transformation: the use of kechari mudra & ajna mudra.
– The power of Agni Sara, Vajrayana & Kali Bola.

Vajroli Mudra in shaktis & shivas.

4. Energy on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

The different kinds of energy & how to identify them. Physical, mental, sexual. Sexual energy … the transition (sensorial , causal, intentional) Sacred Energy.

– Tantric meditation; the use of the prana, kumbaka & apana as power tool on the intention and the use of energy.
– Orgasms
– Energy Orgasms .& Multi-orgasmia.

5. The Importance of a Lingam Sacred Sexual Ritual

-The power of the sacred act, the consious touch and the embodiment – The Ritual within ORGASMIA

6. Sacred Sexuality and the Co-Creation Energy in Sacred Sexuality

– Understanding Sacred Sexuality in its two dimensions
– The Sacred Technique of the energetical movement: touch, breathing, drista, sincronization of energy in a tantric session.

– How to use the sacred sexual energy as a orgasmic tool.

7.- Tantric Bodywork

  • –  The ritual,the awakening of the sacred energy and the syncronization of energy.
    – The power of sen sibilization between eros & sacred energy.
    – Knowing the physical ands energetically body: Nadis, marmas, kama-marmas, blind marmas, talas, & chakras.
  • –  Full body massage.
    -The importance of energy.
    – Face up massage & kama-marmas.
    – Discovering the accumulated energy: orgasm. From sexual to sacred energy; full body orgasm and its power & transmutation of energy: From Sexual to Spiritual .
  • –  The use of Tantra Shastra and Tibetan pulsing to generate Orgasmia8. What is aand how to embody the ORGASMIC LIVING
  • –  The concept of how to embrace life and orgasms.
  • –  The idea of state of awareness & consiousnes
  • –  The idea of orgasmic living
  • –  How to go there every time that you want & Benefits

Be.Tantric & Truetantra

This Class is open to all.

If you would like to participate to this weekend are kindly requested to register in time at :

Basic Bibliography:

* The Science of Pranayam by Sri Swami Sivananda
* Moola Bandha, The master key by Swami Buddhananda * The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale
* Chakras Kundalini by Hiroshi Motoyama

Anand Rudra,

Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterica world. He has been studying tarot, psycho-magia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism. For the last 20 years, he has developed and rescue the ancient Kahula Tantra practices and Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. More info. www.truetantra.eu




Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Desert and oasis in the south of Gran Canaria
The Maspalomas Dunes is a unique natural area in the Canary Islands due to its beauty and the variety of ecosystems it houses. Protected by the Government of the Canary Islands as a special nature reserve, its 400 hectares include an excellent beach, a field of living dunes of organic sand, a forest of palm trees and a brackish lagoon. This mixture of desert and oasis is located on the coast of the extreme south of Gran Canaria and is surrounded by the famous hotel establishments of the great tourist center of Maspalomas. The best weather all over Europe !!!

Barranco de la Data 29, GC-504, 35109 Ayagaures, Las Palmas

::: The venue in words of the owner

It all started when I discovered this tranquil country house (Finca) nestled in a quiet valley. There was something about the austerity of the mass of stone and the peaceful countryside that made me feel safe and calm and I decided immediately that I wanted to use my background in business, psychology and hospitality to offer a space aimed at stressed individuals who wanted a holiday away where they could partake in some development through activities such as yoga and meditation practice and socialise with like minded people in a non judgmental and relaxed environment.

It is about reconnecting with yourself, doing things at your own pace, offering a tailored holiday experience and allowing space for people to appreciate some of what this glorious island has to offer. This holiday is not about luxury and opulence it is about comfort and self development at an accessible price.

11km from the bustling tourist zone of Maspalomas and the world famous Maspalomas Dunes
10 bedrooms all with super king size beds and dedicated bathrooms (some en-suite)
Residential or non residential classes
Enormous garden to do contemplative walking
Men only and female only classes and weeks offered for individuals who would feel more comfortable in a single gender setting (subject to demand)
Beginners welcomed
100m2 yoga studio
Only Vodafone has mobile coverage on site but there is 4G wifi network available

NOTE: Remember this is about cocreating and sharing the event will go in an amazing set of intimate bonds. We have super king size beds that you will be sharing with someone else. We will try to accommodate you according energy and to give you as much sleeping space as possible.

Aya House is a marvellous and gorgeous space to get to expand yourself with the rest of the group , but at the same time you can take advantage that there are lots of amazing spaces to be on your own







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March 28 @ 5:00 PM
March 31 @ 5:00 PM
€420,00 – €450,00