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Angsbacka Tantra Festival 

July 16 @ 8:00 AM - July 22 @ 5:00 PM

Angsbacka Tantra Festival 

Offerings by Anand Rudra
  • Sacred Orgasmia
  • Subtle Bodies Empowerment
  • Understanding orgasmic energy to take you to your essence
  • Energetical Noise
  • Grounding & liberating
  • Liberating Emotional & Mental noise to ground your self.
  • Ancestral Kashmir Massage
  • Cosmic State Awareness
  • Experience the awaken of orgasmic force in your body. Voice & Touch
  • Male Erotica
  • The power of Vajra & Eros
  • Only 4 men to experience full body eros ritual


FIVE DAYS OF LIFE EXPANSION! Through transformational workshops, music, dance, conscious sexuality and meetings from the heart.


Tantra grows worldwide and there are many traditions and ways to practise. There is no goal in tantra, the practitioner experiences the “leela” the game of life through the eyes of an ultimate observer. Tantra brings you into a space of oneness and unconditional love.

Ängsbacka Tantra Festival is created by a huge collective of people who holds space for you to experience yourself with acceptance and permission for everything that is you.

People of all ages come from all corners of the world come to Ängsbacka Tantra Festival, to explore the various tantric techniques that the program offers. It is a unique experience and we have collected tantra teachers from all branches and traditions. From the classic tantra, to shamanic sexuality and neo-tantra.

You meet the world’s foremost teachers and it’s easy to choose the intensity and challenges you want from the workshops by consulting the codes in the schedule. It does not matter if you come to the festival completely without experience or with your own tantric practice. There is something here for everyone.


At Ängsbacka’s Tantra Festival you are welcome just as you are. You can come alone as a single or together with a partner. All sexual orientations and preferences are warmly welcome as long as you are 18 years or older.

Join us from July 16th to July 22nd 2024


Check-in: 15.00 – 18.30
Dinner first night: 18.00
Welcome ceremony: 20:00

Check-out*: 15.00

*Clean your room before this time. You don’t need to formally check out at the reception.


We will celebrate the primordial energy of nature and connect with our source through tantric practices.

Our experienced tantra teachers, together with musicians and artists, will guide you on a beautiful awakening journey. At Ängsbacka, we believe that Tantra is not just about connecting with yourself and others, but also about expressing your creativity. So come and be a part of our vibrant community and unleash your inner artist.

As a part of our festival, we have an exciting tantric party that draws inspiration from the rhythmic beats of Brazil. Get ready to jump aboard the Samba Love Train and dance your heart out in your colorful costumes, glitter, feathers, and percussion instruments. Don’t have your own instruments? No worries, we have drums and instruments for sale, and you can even create your own rattles at our creativity tent.

Speaking of creativity, at Angsbacka, we believe that when Kundalini energy flows through us, we connect with our creative side and our desire to express ourselves. That’s why we have a dedicated creativity tent where you can explore your artistic side through painting and crafts. Our facilitated workshops offer you new ways to explore yourself and unleash your creativity.

As for our musical experience, prepare to be blown away by the variety of musical events we offer. From gentle and soothing concerts to wild ecstatic dances, we have it all. Join our “Avatar Circle” or “Drum Circle” and make your contribution with your voice, instrument, or drum, regardless of whether you’re a professional musician or not.

At Angsbacka, we believe that Tantra is not just about sex. It’s about deep connection and being present in the moment. Our workshops and practices are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation. Whether you identify as hetero, gay, bi, asexual, trans or queer, you are welcome here. We work with the tantric concepts of masculine and feminine energy, which are not limited to traditional gender roles. Join us on this Kundalini journey to connect with yourself and others in a meaningful and transformative way.


Explore the depths of connection and awakening at the Tantra Festival, where ancient wisdom meets modern hearts


There are many ways to respond to the question “What is Tantra?”. Tantra can be explained as a philosophy and a set of tools and techniques that aim to expand our consciousness so that we can embrace more of life.

Many witness that Tantra is a personal exploration leading them towards freedom and awakening; the techniques used can allow us to step out of old patterns and behaviors that prevent us from realising our own liberating truth.

Tantric techniques will most likely challenge your taboos, especially around sexual relating to self and others. Sexuality in itself is considered a taboo in many cultures and using the sexual energy is a big part of tantric practices.

However, in Tantra sexual energy is considered the very source of existence, and our individual sexuality is just a small part of how the sexual energy can manifest in the material world.

A tantric path can awaken your senses to the pleasure, love and peace that all exist within you. You can awaken to what already is rather than make up or aim for something, and cultivate a deeper and blissful surrender to being rather than doing.

During the Tantra Festival you are welcome to explore tantric philosophy, tantric meditations, tantric energy work, tantric sexuality, tantric kink and much more.


All aspects of the Festival and participation in the program offered are entirely voluntary. We do however expect you to take part in the initial workshops on boundaries to support the creation of a safe experience for all. There is no pressure to expand your boundaries further than feels right to you. Invite a respectful attitude towards yourself. Self-responsibility is the key, it is you who decide how far you would like to go.

It can be of high value to give yourself a break between the different workshops – to stay grounded and integrated.


The different activities will be visually categorised based on their content. The categories might for instance give you information on how advanced or challenging the workshop will be.


  • You are expected to be honest and take responsibility for your own feelings and actions.
  • You are expected to be accepting towards the other participants. Compassion, respect, and open honesty are embraced and encouraged.
  • You are expected to keep your sexual relationships in your own private room or in your tent. There will be specific areas where nudity will be permitted, but it is not allowed to have sex in those areas.


Tantra is a global movement; a powerful and influential method for personal development, known and practiced for centuries. Some say it’s the fastest way to enlightenment – experience shows that the way there most likely goes via blockages and feelings of fear, shame and guilt.

We are aware of the challenges You may encounter during your stay with us; that’s why we have a professional emotional support team who will be available 24hrs should you need their assistance.


July 16 @ 8:00 AM
July 22 @ 5:00 PM