South Africa Retreat 01: UOMO QUEST

Date: September 20, 2019 - September 23, 2019 4:00 pm

Location:  Sima-kade Bush Retreat – Magaliesburg, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA


:: South Africa Retreat 01 ::

Anima vs Animus

20-23 September 2019

Sima Kade Retreat / Magaliesburg


UOMO quest means In search of the man

The proposal for this series of seminars is easy, but at the same time, complicated. We as men, have defined the way we live by a set of standards and rules that are no longer connected to the reality that we are living.

Transform your inner fire throughout

Over a few days, you will live an intimate transformational process, exploring primitive desires of sexual and emotional behavior. With Tantra Kriya Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Sacred Sexuality and masculine rites and games as the main focus, we will show you the power and interconnection with your being and the being of others.

Rebel Animus

Our target is to work with the natural state heritage of ourselves as men in different layers to experience a self-discovering journey to empower ourselves. At the same time, we will dismantle and transform the idea of the masculine self.

Anima Rebel

We will discover and pursue our control patterns in our lives as men. We will examine when and how to surrender to our control patterns, with the aim to start to shift emotional issues and borders – patterns that can connect the dots between the primitive man and the assertive man.