the Shadow and the Light :: Shamanic-Tantric Training . Retreat :: Askeby, Denmark

Date: December 5, 2019 4:00 pm - December 8, 2019 4:30 pm

the Shadow and the Light

:: Shamanic-Tantric Training . Retreat ::

Askeby, Denmark

December 5th – 8th


This is a Residential training that will focus on two main aspects of humanity within Tantra & Shamanism; the duality of the Shadow & the Light.

A shaman is a healer who has walked up to the Underworld gates of his/her personal hell and then walked in. He/she has confronted and conquered his/her self-created demons, such as fear, insanity, loneliness, self-importance, and addictions.

Your everyday life is a reflection of your shadow Self. The shadow attempts to bring us back to divine consciousness by showing us all the aspects of the divine we deny and judge.

Growth and enlightenment occur by embracing every life lesson, not by judging.

The shadow includes your deepest fears, shames, and regrets. Your judgments, core beliefs, unconscious contracts and vows, your “truths” about life, about others and yourself. Even “positive” qualities such as personal power, beauty, sacred and divine Self are held by the shadow in the sub-conscious.

The Light includes the physical body and within the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) – also called the light body, halo, aura or energy body – is a matrix that envelops and informs the physical structure of all living beings. It organizes the body in the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet and it is connected with the Supra-Consious.

The Luminous Energy Field is in continual flow: As well as flowing clockwise around the body there is also a vertical flow up and down through the spinal cord and down into the earth, reentering the body through the feet. When the vital reserves are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease.

These energies are the purest and most precious fuel for life. It is a reservoir of vital force — a sea of living energy, as indispensable to our health as the oxygen carried by the bloodstream.

A Journey through the Elementals and Chakras

Through tantric (chakras) & shamanic (elementals) rituals and practices, we will heighten the energetic frequency and prepare to illuminate the shadows. We will revisit different traditions from the tribal families of the Dravidians, Mayas, Tibetans, Aztecs, and Balinese to discover our shadow and light.

EARTH (Root Chakra)

The womb of the human being, our root, and our sexual being. The Matrix of humanity is in our pelvic floor in connection with our womb. The Root Chakra represents the density of things of life. In the first survival behaviors, our primitive selves are installed.
The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Root Chakra are neediness, greed, unawareness, laziness, and fear.

5 ways to integrate these shadow qualities are: Find the Gift in the Shadow, Emotional freedom technique (EFT)/Tapping, Love Yourself with the Shadow Quality (Work with Your Inner Child), Elicit Memories of Being the Shadow Quality and Take Back Your Shadow Projections.
By using branches, the earth – as a base of mother earth – flowers and other objects from natura we will learn how to build up a Temazcal (Mexican Sweat Lodge), hereby reconnecting with our grounded self and consecrating the earth.

WATER (Sacral Chakra)

Our emotional body & intimate self, the movement of co-creation and the power to act. The most powerful energy is generated in this energy center. Sexual Energy itself can be a healing tool to unblock and liberate issues from our past and present. It is also a way to invigorate who we are to embrace the power and expand.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Sacral Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Codependence (Gift = Willingness to Connect Deeply with Another)
  • Crazy/Too Emotional (Gift = Arouse and Enliven Self and Others)
  • Leaky/Inappropriate (Gift = Opening Self and Others to New Things “Outside the Box”)
  • Promiscuous/Slutty (Gift = Awakens Our Sexual Passion and Pleasure)
  • Too Sensitive (Gift = Empathizing and Harmonizing with Self and Others + Psychic Skills)We will connect with the energy of the Ocean Waters of Mon island to be reborn in a deep Ritual to engage in the cleaning and balancing of the second chakra.
    We will develop a Shamanic-Tantric Ritual for Ixcuiname, Kama, and Aphrodite to awaken our sexual energy and develop the capabilities of these three main goddesses. An Orgasmic Journey through the Elementals. We will also perform a Special Tantra Kriya Yoga lesson regarding only the Second Chakra.FIRE (Manipura chakra)

    When matter (earth element), movement & prana are combined it creates fire, our personal power. Manipura is the key to different aspects of life in our physical energy bodies. It carries the power to transform and is the link between the lower and upper chakras. The power of decision and transmuting emotions. We will go deep into the most ancient and powerful ritual that humankind has, with a unique ritual that is manifested in almost all the different belief systems of humanity. The fire ceremony is an ancient shamanistic ritual and when combined with Tantric practices, we are connecting the strength from both traditions into one.

    The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Solar Plexus Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Selfish/Narcissistic (Gift = Good Self-Care & Ability to Care for Others)
  • Mean/Abusive (Gift = Have Healthy Boundaries & Stand for Something)
  • Arrogant/Condescending (Gift = Belief in Self/Confidence)
  • Righteous/Know It All (Gift = Sharing Your Talents & Standing for What You Believe In)
  • Controlling/Manipulative (Gift = Ability to Successfully Navigate the Physical World)Besides the Fire Ceremony, we will show how Smudging (burning of sacred herbs) is an intrinsic part and extension of the fire ceremony. We will perform a Mexican Smudging Ceremony, the copal ceremony and the power that can hold this as a medical tool.

AIR (Hearth chakra)

The unifying chakra, the element of winter. It brings the lower sexual energies to the heart and beyond. Our experience of nurturing and love – the spaciousness of air. The heart represents the unification of sexual energy (also understood as life force energy) and emotions. When both are in balance it creates an energy that is stronger than anything else. KA-energy in some cultures is compared to the energy that can be generated by unconditional love for everything. Ka energy is the one that gives the impulse before co-creating something. It’s the energy that put the leap forward to the Big-Bang process.

There will be a Karessa Ritual, to transform sexual energies from earthly pleasures and their often conflicting consequences into heightened awareness and Orgasmic Bliss. The object of this is to work with higher frequency energy and then take the person to a state of complete connection to supra- consciousness.

The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Heart Chakra (and Their Gift) are:

  • Dependent (Gift = Our Humanity & Connections to Others)
  • Martyr (Gift = Seeing & Valuing Our Contributions)
  • Victim (Gift = Awareness of Our Pain & Taking Responsibility)
  • Weak (Gift = Cultivates Connection & Compassion)
  • Doormat (Gift = Awareness of Your Big Heart & Oneness with Others)Ether (Vissudha chakra)Expression and resonance, spiritual karma and akasha (spaciousness) – the etheric body. Mahamudra Rite as a gateway to the Soul. After having worked the pure emptiness & the complete everything with this ancient Ritual, we will share an initiation to the Cobra Breathing and specialized TKY to prepare body and energy to activate your Pineal but also awaken the inner wisdom to be connected to the Supra- Conscious.

    The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Throat Chakra:

    • Liar (Gift = Imagination)
    • Aimless/Lacking Purpose (Gift = Being in the Moment)
    • Fake/Inauthentic (Gift = the Ability to Play Bigger)
    • Inexpressive (Gift = Mastery of Listening)
    • Crooked (Gift = Playful, Powerful, Irreverence)The sixth chakra (Ajna chakra)No elements are connected with the third eye, because it leads a person beyond all forms of matter. Consciousness located at this center involves introspection or the capacity to see within. The third eye contains the capacity to “see” in a way that is unattainable by the physical eyes. At this center, one has the capacity for deeper vision. This is the realm of intuition, inner knowledge, and wisdom

      The 5 Shadow Qualities of the Third Eye Chakra (and their gifts) are:

    • Unintuitive/Not Psychic (Gift = Develops Logic and Reasoning)
    • Superficial/Shallow (Gift = Expediency and Efficiency)
    • Bias/Prejudicial (Gift = Feeling Safe and Included)
    • Over-Thinking (Gift = Options and Possibilities)
    • Skeptical (Gift = Being Grounded and Realistic)


Møn Retreat & Conference Centre (Stege, Denmark)

• Møn is located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand from which it is separated by the waters of the Hølen strait between Kalvehave and the island of Nyord, at the northern end of Møn. Further south is Stege Bay. At the narrowest point between the two islands, the waters are referred to as Wolf Strait (Ulvsund), which is the primary strait separating Møn from Zealand.

• A magical island where you can feel the power of the Nordic sea but also the intimate energy that a wonderful center can bring to your presence. That is what Moen Retreat & Conference Centre can offer.
• A place for courses, retreats, and workshops for the inspiration of human growth and well-being; physically, mentally and spiritually.

• Its pride and joy is the beautiful and bright bamboo room of 135 sqm. There is room for

60 overnight and diner guests single, double and triple rooms. Other rooms are merged into cozy rooms, which often offers stunning sunsets over the fields.
• Besides the two training halls here are two cozy lounges/sitting rooms that can be used in and outside of class. Both living rooms are west facing with views over the fields and sometimes some amazing sunsets.

• The kitchen provides meals created out of joy to the food’s unique ability to form a connection between food, amazing flavors, and the teaching content. We strive to deliver organic food. We are ambitious and want to create the best place to organize courses in Denmark for both students.


Early bird: 500 € (until 15. October)

Normal pricing: 545 €

Deposit: 200 euro (final payment 1/11)

Certification of Assistance by EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals) as Introduction Practicum on Shamanism & Tantric Sacred Sexuality

*Double-room, Seminar; *3 bio-meals included by day and use of installations. Arrival 5th December at 11 o’clock till 8th December at 15 o’clock

Extras (inform by mail):
• Arrive the 4th (no meals included); 34 € • Upgrade to a single room (all days); 55 €

payed on arrival



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