The Joy of Bliss, Tantric Vacation 4 Men :: Ecstasis:: Valensole, Fr

Date: September 4, 2019 - September 8, 2019 4:00 pm

Location:  Bastide La Guerine, astide La Guérine | Gîtes & Chambres d'hôtes 04210 Valensole Alpes de Haute-Provence, France

The Joy of Bliss

Tantric Vacation 4 Men

:: ecstasis ::

Valensole, France / September 4-8

This time we would like to invite you to have holidays, relax, get a suntan, nude swim, bath on nature, and get excellent meals; but on top have lots of fun knowing yourself, meditating, do nude yoga, having bodywork, and enjoy to give and receive a wonderful massage or just enjoy how a tantric massage can take you to an extraordinary experience.

The Joy of Bliss are two designed experiences to have tantric and yogic vacations in a unique set of the French Lavanda fields, in a magical venue: Bastide La Guerine.  

Its difficult to find a place where you can be yourself, be free, be with men likewise, and have a life living experience that can blow you away. This is what we want to share with you in this our 5h edition of our tantra holidays in Bastide La Guerine.

Each experience is limited to 16 participants and most of the times we get full almost immediately. 

EUPHORIA will be share in June from the 19th to the 23rd and has the objective to bring to you to an emotional state related to pleasure and happiness.

ECSTASIS will be done in September from the 4th. to the 8th. and has the target to let you discover an expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness, frequently accompanied by visions and emotional (and sometimes physical) euphoria.


  • Ecstasis is related to full of emotions, to be rapturous, full of joy, intense pleasure, subject to mystical experiences. A word that involves what freedom in conjunction with tantra, vacations & yoga can provoke on us!
  • The experience is usually brief in time, but also can be lasting several days or even more.This state comes about slowly, noticing changes in our physiological responses but also enjoying awareness that did not exist.  
  • Kinetic and sensual estimulation is one of the basic approaches to awake that intensity that comes out to feel what is under the skin. Tantra massage is one amazing tool to feel and make feel that.
  • Breathing, touching, developing sexual energy will be the doors to a collective state of pure joy and bliss, a way to purify us and to reconnect with the true self.
  • To feel the odor of the lavender fields opens that erotic experience to connect with pleasures ina new dimension along with ecstatic pulse created by lingam massage.
  • The body and its sexual energy are capable to bring a higher state of consciousness that connects to the spiritual realms of us. The nice thing about this process is that no encapsulated in any belief system but in a special mind-body sensation that manifests in our reality.
  • Multiorgasmia its one of the gates to get you to an emotional & spiritual rapture that will unleash a new spiritual dimension to your life.

Bastide La Guérine is a 17th-century farmhouse surround by the French Provence and the Lavanda plateau. On the week that we will hold the retreat the Lavanda will start to flourish; taking us to experience something unique. 

We will have different areas of the venue to develop our activities from a yoga space, a swimming pool but the most important the nature and the sun of the Provence.


Bastide La Guérine | Gîtes & Chambres d’hôtes

04210 Valensole

Alpes de Haute-Provence, Francia

+ 33 6 07 35 23 68  or  + 31 6 15 94 37 69


::: Flight :::

– There are several air companies like Ryanair which have regular flight to Marseille.

– At Marseille Provence Airport you take the touring car to Digne-les-Bains (in front of Hall 3-4).

click here for the timetable.

– Get off in Manosque (2nd stop).

– Please call us in advance to make sure we can pick you up at Manosque station. 

– We charge you € 20 for this trip.

– You can also rent a car at Marseille Provence Airport


Organized by  Bastide La Guerine    truetantra

Registering y deposit

Bank Acc.: NL56ABNA0619462698



4 nights 3/4 person room all-inclusive: € 410

4 nights 2-person room all-inclusive: € 455

4 nights 1-person room all-inclusive: € 535

deposit 200 eur

E.mail:    Tel. 0031 615 94 37 69