Tantric Shamanic Expanded State of MIND ( Training ) Module ONE

Date: December 1, 2021 4:00 pm - December 5, 2021 4:30 pm







For the first time; there is a serious program regarding the techniques and the process of methods within tantra & shamanism to induce an ASM (Altered States of Mind) experience. We are going to explore the experience but also the why and for what. This unique program invites you to integrate the knowledge of Tantric – Shamanic Techniques that can be shared with others if you are a group facilitator or a therapist in which this experiences can bring someone to relieve process. In this presentation we will propose you a basic set but in practice there will be more.

You will develop and experience; the know how of technique and the practice.

There will be 3 retreats dedicated to the theory & specific exersices that will give you the basis to get a certification on Tantric -Shamanic Altered States of Consiousness

Therefore we will ask you from you to read previous material and do assignments.


ASM An altered state of consciousness is a change in one’s normal mental state . There are many common experiences that create altered states of consciousness (ASC), such as sleeping or daydreaming, sleep deprivation, euphoria or panic. Dream state, hypnosis, and meditation are also considered as ASC.

ASC is a relative state of mental functioning. The mind is still wandering (such as in a dream) or concentrated and focused as in meditation.

A thoughtless stillness could be experienced from time to time that could take us beyond ASC.

Tantric and shamanic experiences with in any of it:

Pranayam ( the handle of life force energy through out breathing, eye gazing, touching , kriyas or movement, bandhas & mudras ). The handle of very good pranayams can take you to an ASM.

Meditation, on Tantra to meditate is not only to set your mind on blank, or not to have thoughts. We have active meditation like dance & breathwork together. We have Yantra methods the image, the energy and the idea that develops behind it and where does it take you. Niaza Tantra is one of the ancient techniques to go from sleeping process to lucid dreaming or two deep relaxation creating restfull alertness or aawkenining dreaming.

Yoga or Bodywork, to handle an awareness state on an asana will develop trigger in to you different kinds of energies but also will take you to a journey that by it self can take you to an ASM. The combination with Kriyas, bandhas & breathwork an asana can be as powerful like any kind ASM journey.

Ritualism, is one of the key aspects on tantra in which someone can experience a sacred act that can take you to a condition of the mind that will be depending on the one directing or in the same participant. A ritual has different many aspects from Psicomagic to a Subconsious collective memory that naturaly triggers a ASM process.

Sacred Sexuality, sexual energy in combination with breath work, touch and awareness is a ver deep combination that can trigger in our mind and body a very deep ASM. We develop a huge amount of biolectricity & biopeptides that can be the fuel to this kind of process !!

Primitive Shamanism. one of the most interesting powerful elements in Shamanism are the connection to the elementals and to the energíes of existence. We will be developing experiences that will take you to an ASM. We will review practices as drumming , lucid dreaming , sleep deprivation, fasting, music, meditation, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, psychoactive substances, and physical exercise and passages of rites.

The seven levels of consciousness which make up the path of spiritual development, are:

1. the state of waking consciousness;

2. deep sleep;

3. dreaming;

4. transcendental consciousness;

5. cosmic consciousness;

6. god consciousness;

7. unity consciousness.



We will explore 3 different approximations of Tantra & shamanism to the ASM (Altered States of Mind -Consiousness). The concepts, the techniques, the experience and the delivering that is the way we will learn each of the exercises.his will be developed on 3 retreats.

Sacred Energy & TAEM

December 1 – 5 , at TuiTeraz

Pure Essence & TAEM

To be planned

Bliss & TAEM

To be planned


  • We will give you material to be read on the Psychological perspective of the ASM , the Subtle System on Tantra, the biological, energetical and phenomenological aspect of some topics within Tantra and Shamanism.
  • As part of the training we ask you to to give 3 practices with real people either online or in presence.
  • You will have a supervize sessions with Anand.
  • You will have material to be collecting the basic info. regarding the process , during & afterwards.

Requirements to get a certification:

You will need to deliver two essays of 6 pages minimum.

You will deliver one case of Study at the end and 2 practices that are recorded.

Remember that you will be a person that will be holding a certification that is based on an academic and practical approximation.

If you are not interested on the Certification we can give a proof of assitance for each retreat.

This is a certification process that will be back you up by Anand, EATP, & YACEP if you are a Yoga teacher.

But if you want only to experience the only thing that you need is to do some of the practices and enjoy the ride of an amazing retreat-training.

sacred energy retreat

TSASM (Tantric -Shamanic Alterated States of Mind )


Sacred Energy

-The use of the Concept of Natha

Un manifested cosmic spirit (Na)

The manifested universe (Tha)


Understanding the SELF. The body, the labels, the socio-estrcuture vs

understanding ME & inner wisdom

Evolution of the SELF as result of the balance of : the Principle of Consiousness (Purisha) male/positive & energey of natura (Prakriti) negative / female element.

The 3 potentials of the universe (harmony. movement & inertia) to reach EGO removal state & the AWAKEN state

PRANA & the Subtle BODY on the path to control consiousnes

The use of the 10 nadis to open the Brahmarandhra ( the Point where life force enters & goes)

The use of the 10 pranas (inner & out body) .

Understanding the Pranic UDANA Ritual …outside body experience

Cleaning kriyas for the Nadis (Physical & Mental) setting to OPENING THE BODIES OF THE BEING

MERU DANDA Rite “How to understand your SPINE” : openeing shushumna between Consiuosnes – pingala & energy -ida. The existance of Vajrani, Chitrani (chindri) & Brahama Nadis

Exploring Kundalini Landing Awakening the gunas: as gates to unify Subconsious & Consious)

Mantralization & Drumming on BIjas Energy, the journey of the Chakras. Opening one of the SIX REALMS “LALA YOGA CEREMONY “ the disolution of the identity !!

The power of Sacred (1st & 2nd Chakra) Energy by AgniSara & Shamanic Primitive Dance

Mudras the KEY to Direct Energy. Kechary mudra and the gate to upper chakras

Lalana Chakra Ceremony & the Maha Sunya (Spanda Sacred Energy)… Visiting the Supra-Consiousnes. Connecting the Spirits to a Cigar Ceremony

Exploring the Level of Existance by the LOKAS Meditation & Pranic KRIYA


**training BENEFITS**

  • Learn to work with the potentialities of the mind, the psyche, the sexual energy & spirituality.
  • As the aspects of co-creation, empathy, productivity and the transformation of mind and life energy.
  • Develop the ability to connect the tools of tantra witha natural medicine that gives an inmediate result. As the link to pleasure and enjoyment; a gateway to a better quality of life.
  • Decondition of psyque, behave, sex and connection.
  • Re-experience the essence of your whole being.
  • The inmediate awareness of objects from objects to people or to process . Keiht Ward
  • Embrace your connection to erotic energy, sensuality and sexuality and learn how to use it at any time in your life.
  • The conection of the consiousness to the Supra-Consiousnes and Super-Consiousnes brings not only benefits that can relate with our physical exitance but it goes direct to different realms of the humanity.
  • For long time human being has been in the search of the conextion with the divine, the perception who really we are or just to go to an experience that can go out of the normal and bring self realization, healling or discover your life purpose
  • Improved sexual life.
  • Learn to create and flow with the energies of the different bodies.
  • Integrate simple practices into your daily life to consolidate what you have learned.
  • Increased physical vitality, emotional balance and mental clarity.
  • In these times were we can access directly to a not normal states of mind using plants or chemicals Tantra can give you access to these experiences in a very natural and easy way


Tui Teraz

Jankowo, Poland


Tu I Teraz is a beautiful, enchanting place situated amid picturesque forests and lakes of Warmian-Masurian Province, 25km from the city of Olsztyn. The Center is located far from any buildings, on a 10ha glade, among forest-covered hills. The whole forest-meadow area encompasses 40ha of fenced, private property and is an excellent place for walks, trips (on foot, as well as on bikes) and other activities. There are a few lakes nearby (Szałstry, Bałąg, Morąg, Skolity – the nearest one is located 3 kilometers from the Center). Also, the “Węgajty” rustic theatre has its headquarters not far off.

The Center offers comfortable accommodation in originally finished rooms (2-, 3- and 4- person rooms, with or without bathrooms), in a spacious attic, in forest cottage located 100 meters from the main complex and in pavilion tents (for 2-3 and 4 persons) on a nearby glade.

All year round we provide you with a comfortable 120m2 workshop room in the main building with professional sound amplification system; during summer we provide two workshop rooms in a 130m2 pavilion tent and in a 80m2 round yurt (also with sound amplification system) and a 40m2 covered stage pavilion.


The kitchen provides meals created out of a joy to the food’s unique ability to form connection between food, amazing flavors and the teaching content. We strive to deliver vegetarian food. We are ambitious and want to create the best place to organize courses in Poland for both students and lecturers.


Booking and information:

kawkowo@tuiteraz.eu // Office: +48 662 759 576 // Jacek Towalski: +48 602 219 382

Maja Wołosiewicz +48 606 994 366


New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042 / Warmia and Mazury regio


DATES: 1-5 December 2021 (Wednesday-Sunday)
WE BEGIN December 1st   at 6 p.m. (with dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday)
WE END December 5th    at 2 p.m. (with lunch at 2 p.m. on Sunday)
VENUE: ”Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center in Nowe Kawkowo
  • 1300 PLN + food & accommodation
  • 100 PLN  for the people who were taking part previously in the workshops of Anand organized by our centre
  • Food 88 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)
  • Accommodation depending on standard: From 33 PLN – 124 PLN / night;
  • Only full board packages are available.