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Date: April 25, 2020 10:00 am - April 26, 2020 5:00 pm

tantra training 4 men

:: Tantra Kaula Bodyworker ::




This is  part of the TrueTantra Mentor Training Program but also part of a brand new project  “the  Manfulness Programm”.

In the last 10 years, we had studied, investigated, developed & applied an intense learning-experience for men in our Summer Camps. We celebrated more than 10 years doing these series Summer Camps for men. Last year we had the opportunity to do a male continuous program in Europe, Latin America & South Africa.
This year, we introduce to you a whole life living training that will cover a multi-dimensional approach about the man´s journey. But also as part of this celebration we had renew our Men´s and Mentor Training !!

::::: the TRAINING

This is a TrueTantra & EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals) initiative that has the aim to create a safe and professional space to grow within Tantra Science, holistic and shamanic knowledge.

Tantra Science, Holism and shamanism are disciplines that are interconnected and until now there is just few initiatives where there is academic, rigour, ethics but at the same time openness & freedom to reach deep knowledge of these practices.  Tantra Kaula in ancient times had that approximation  in which this multidisciplinary practicum was founded.

This Mentor Formation is a curricular program that is conformed in 3 years of professional training. We have divided the program of study over the  spectrum that all the future teachers are prepared to deliver in practical terms and scientific knowledge on different subjects with in Tantra Kaula Universe.

A mentor is a masseur, a therapist, a bodyworker, and an instructor. A mentor on Tantra Kaula will discover & develop the wisdom of tantra within and his or her own human siddhi elevates the mastery. He/she has the capability to share, to applied knowledge and to help people.

We know that people have different targets when they decide to start these kind of studies. This is why we subdivided the pro- gram with different options.

This certification is part of the specialisation only for men.

Why only for men?

On the origins of tantra there were no gender division of the practice. We have to mention that there are tantra schools and lineages that do not consider same sex Tantra practices as an option. Ancient Kaula however sees the human body as a whole masculine and feminine universe.

This program goes deep into the psyche, the body , the sexuality and the emotional knowledge of the masculine, to under-stand what only a man can offer to another man.

:: Methodology ::

The ancient practice of Kaula can be considered the perfect model and technology to embody the body, the mind and the sexuality in one practice.

Sometimes allopathic medicine, psychology or even sexology can not resolve or at least recognise issues that are complex to classical frameworks.

Tantra involves the body, the psyche, the subtle energetical body, the emotional body, the spirituality and the sexuality part of us. This can be considered as a transpersonal science. The term transpersonal means ‘beyond the personal’ and refers to the states, processes and events in which our ordinary limited sense of self is transcended and in which we obtain a higher, deeper and greater understanding of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit.

We will use the five main disciplines of Kaula:

  1. Tantra Kriya Yoga is an embodied practice which not only work with energy and body; but can be use as therapy tool.
  2. Breathwork is conceived as a science, how Prana (energy) can be manipulated in the body, the mind and the sexual energy.
  3. Ritualism is not only an experience but a very deep way to immediately con-nect to our psyche and can also allow you to connect to supra-conscious.
  1. Meditation. Normally meditation is perceived in the concept of emptying the mind. Meditation is more than that. It is the science of being connected to your thoughts and handle them as you want. We focus our attention and mindfulness to what we want to accomplice. It is a tool that allows you to move energy.
  2. Sacred Sexuality. This tool is the most used and miss used in Tantra. It is called sacred sexuality because is the science to use a divine capability that human beings have. Sexuality is an act capable to manifest the divine energy of creation. Tantra conceives that there is a sexual energy manifested in different level or states.

In Ancient Kaula we perceive the sacred sexuality in three main aspects:

One refers to the sacred union that you can do with another human being in order to co-create.

The second aspect refers to a Daka or a Dakini that uses this sacred energy to move it in another person with the target to unblock, liberate, expand and at the same time heal someone. This is where the tantra massage and bodywork therapy comes in.

And the third one is the self-use of this source of sacred energy in the first two chakras with the intention of move this energy in our own body or bodies.


All these tools and disciplines interconnect with each other and can not be seen separate of the other one. For this reason a training in Tantra is not only a simple Tantric Massage but it is much more complex.



The Certification Process

:: Tantra Kaula Bodywork Module


12 days training + 8 hrs E-Learning

:: Tantra Therapy Module

– the DAKHA

8 days training + 15hrs. E-Learning

  • Soma, Trauma & Release
  • Energy, Breathwork & Bodywork tools

:: Men´s Group Leadership ManFullnes Program / – the LEADER

8 days training + Laboratory Retreats & Workshops




:: Basic Tantra Kaula Massage :: part 01

This is an introduction training to do a basic tantra massage for men.


Kaula Tantra, Manipulation of the Sacred Energy.

  • Energetic System in a Tantra session.
  • Breathwork in a tantra session and its importance for you and the Sadhak (control of sexual energy and manipulation of the sexual energy).
  • Second Kaula Session…. Parameters of Meditation on the body. The intention of the tantrika.
  • Stages of the Sacred Touch and the interrelation with pleasure, desire, enjoyment.
  • The Ethical side of this particular session.
  • Kundalini Massage: Lingam and Sacred Zone Massage. Anal Cavity the gate to the healing and to the pleasure. Kersai Massage Technique face down. The importance of the Tantric Activation on the first five chakras. The Orgasmic points on the anal cavity. Recognising every point with your sadhak. Multi-Orgasmia in Anal cavity in combination with Lingam.
  • Manipulation of sexual energy: Ecstasies and altered states of mind.
  • The Closure.

Basic Tantra Kaula Bodywork


February 20th-23rd Amsterdam

April 23rd-26th Amsterdam

cost 520 euros



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