Tantra Summer Camp 4 Men :: UOMO QUEST :: Anima Rebel

Date: August 25, 2019 4:00 pm - August 28, 2019 3:00 pm

Location:  Arenas de San Pedro, Spain


UOMO quest . Means the Men´s Journey. We wanted for the first time to consider a series of workshops, seminars, and retreats regarding a topic that might be over saturated. But our proposal is to bring a practical way that you can see, experience and maybe transform yourself out of the boxed structures that had defined the idea of Men, manhood, brotherhood, masculinity, and manfulness.

We are at the 21st. century lets break the patterns and evolve according to our own reality !!



::: Summer Camp Spain ::: Arenas de San Pedro

– rebel animus :: July 25 – 28
– anima rebel :: August 25 – 28
– Sacred Union :: August 29 – Sep. 1

Complete Presentation on PDF

– We propose that these retreats can deliver a transformational process to know your mature masculine and feminine and how to understand your self working with your shadow and light archetypes that alll men we have.
– Tantra provides an emotional and spiritual journey. In which trust and the intimate are developed by you as participants and as collective. We create for you a safe environment in which you can go deep. Being able to connect with your life force and how to expand it.
– TrueTantra in our 11th edition of SummerCamp has the initiative this year to explore and develop the Journey of the Men to discover who we are and what we want from our own lives* .
Tantra cannot be seen or experience as a short time process, it’s a continuous one!
We will have 3 retreats in 4 days. 3 might each one, that at the end will make one.

:: Rebel Animus :: It will have the target to work with the natural state inheritance of us as men in different layers in order to experience a self-discovering journey to empowered us and at the same time breaking up or transform the idea of the masculine self …

:: Anima Rebel :: We will pursue to see where are the control patterns in our lives as men. And when and how we can surrender to our receptivity, with the aim to start to shift emotional issues and borders patterns that can connect the dots between the primitive man and the assertive man.


:: Sacred Union :: To find the balance between the animus and the anima, which are the assertive and the receptive male archetypes that can define our lives. To be embracing our higher self via the masculine & the feminine is to be able to unify what we are in a grounded way but also, at the same time, being able to enrich our spiritual path. That´s what we will try to get out of these days.

::: Why to come to this retreat?
Tantra is a life experience that in conjunction with sacred sexuality & rites of passage; will allow you to enjoy, relax & liberate, but at the same time learning & discovering a new YOU. To expand and liberate needs time & guiding, things that you will find here. Everything in a safe space!!!

::: What do i expect out of this?
The sensation of being on vacations in a safe environment with men that think likewise. That every moment & process that you live will be a life living experience that will mark your existence :: a transformation ::

::: Activities
Nude Tantra Yoga, meditations, massages, pranayamas, erotic & ludic games, mystical music, swimming pool activities, multi- orgasmic and more. If you want to take a break during the retreat, you can do it, activities are not mandatory.

::: Alone or can I bring my partner?
Either way, it will be a unique experience.

::: What does include?
– 3 healthy meals. Light Mediterranean diet, if you have any special diet let us know. – Tea breaks & fruit.
– Room (shared), with private bathroom & the services of the Finca rural.
-Pragmatical & life changing experience. TrueTantra & Nude Tantra Yoga & the Sacred Sexuality workshops in a structured way .

::: Cost & Registration:
*** The retreats book really fast, We suggest to send us an email as you had decided to come.
*** tantriko@live.com
Cost for each retreat module: 460 euros
Deposit: 200 euros


*Early BIRD Full amount paid before May 1st.
-One module 435 euros
-Two modules 845 euros
-Whole program 1,280 euros

*After May 1st ( Full amount paid )
-Two modules 870 euros
-Whole program 1,305 euros

Payment & Deposit (remember to write your name & modules that you are attending )

Armando A. Rebollar / BBVA Bank
IBAN: ES4201821797310201879324

The Netherlands & rest of Europe
TrueTantra Netherlands / ING Bank

IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790

Info & Reservations:
Anand Rudra
+31 639.49. 21.15 both with Whatsapp
+34 645.195.604 / tantriko@live.com
www.truetantra.eu  Skype: anand.bindu
FB: http://www.facebook.com/1680345354

*If you cancel 2 weeks prior to the events there is no penalty and you receive 100% of your reservation.
*If you cancel within 7 days before the event. There is a 70% of devolution of the total amount deposited in your reservation.
If you are already at the event and by any reason you want to leave, there will not be refund..