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Date: November 16, 2019 10:00 am - November 24, 2019 4:00 pm

Tantra Bodywork & Transpersonla Therapy

:: Certification & Master Degree ::



This Certification goes beyond the old methods for studying Tantra, methods wich meant years of retreats and mystical experience4s through the internalisation of the senses.We already have two generation of this Certification in Europe, issued through TrueTantra, Ethiosfera and The Institute of Human Potential and the International Association of NLP and Coaching. Today’s society requires new ways to learn and integrate knowledge, and it is possible to do it from a methodological framework that combines theoretical learning and practice incorporated in a playful and deep way. We recover ancient science from Tantra Kuala and share it from a methodology composed of techinques that have an immediate effect to evolve as human beings at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, essential).

Objective of the training

To learn how to manage sexual energy, breath, body and mind, to improve awareness, to grow, evolve and lead your self transformation.
To discover and embrace a truly therapeutic tool to generate changes to others
To free the body to transform thought and emotion, thus reaching new levels of consciousness

There are 3 possible Levels of Certification:

1) Tantric Embodiment: Conducting a tantra session, including respiratory, yogic, meditative and ritualistic processes around the tantric massage, all based on the ancestral tantric school of kaula. 2) Tantric Modulation: Conducting a second level Tantra session in which you will learn the system of subtle bodies of the being, you will handle the manifested sexual energy, as well as the analysis of the energetic orgasmia of the being. 3) Somatic Transpersonality: The holistic sense of being requires an approach on several levels. We will see the energetic, psychological and sexual components of the basic somas within the Sexuality at an introductory level

with the Sacred Relief Technology.

For who is this training?

Coaches, therapists, health and education professionals and professionals of any area related to development of people, who want to stand out using a highly transformative tool.

Specialists in the area of massage therapy, tantra and /or sexuality.
Psychologists or other therapists who are interested in learning how to approach the human being at a transpersonal level. Holistic specialists

For those who are looking for a high impact professional path.
For those who want to get away from limiting beliefs that do not let your true self to express.

For those who want to know who really are. For those who want to learn tantric therapy.


The training model integrate different aspects of the human being by means of theory and practice of the five tools of Tantra Kaula with a transpersonal method within a framework that covers the teaching hours and contents in agreement with the European Educational Space of Bologna Breathing (Swahara Yoga Breathwork) Postures and movements (Yoga, Kriyas, Bandhas and Mudras)

Integrative meditation (static, pranayama, active) * Rituals (management of space, of energy and intention)
Conscious management of sexual energy (co-creative, healing and sacred)

Level I

Tantric Embodiment



What is Tantra? Methodological schools of ancient tantra. Acknowledgement of Modern and Current Tantra
Tantric patterns of breath and how to access the awareness of our body, emotion and mind.

Theoric framing; prana, senses and knowledge, bodies of being, experience as a framework of tantric knowledge.
The importance of the embodiment and the energetic and transformative conscious touch. Phases of energy stimulation. The true map of the physical body and its connections with the emotional, energetic, etheric and psychic bodies. * Integration practices


Evolution of Tantra in practice and development of its tools-

Learn how to use the most powerful Asanas and bandhas of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. Theoric and practic approach.

The use of Satyas Kriyas and personal sadhana as a way to clean and recycle our energy.

You will discover Embodiment through a complete study of energetic anatomy, to unblock and expand the energetic-emotional- mental system (chakras). Practice and integration.

Sessions, Technics and Experiential Methods of Tantric Experiences


A Bio-Tantra session is a first approach that will give the person the connection with their body and with their co-creator capabilities. We will learn how to manage orgasmic energy and its potential for expanding, releasing, unblocking and healing.

All this using the sacred tools of Tantra

You will practice feet mapping as a diagnosis method to get the most from the massage that you will receive and give.


The TKY session will give you the tools to make your client connect with an energetic, sensual and transformative experience.
The art of constriction is a method to activate and release blockages. You will learn two technics to start moving energy in a non-invasive way, but but so powerful that can result in a before and an after for the person who receive it.

80 practise hours
20 hours of E-Webinar
8 reported practises
An essay of a minimum 6 sheets, plus annex and footnotes. 2 direct supervisions as examination in practice and theory.

Level II – Tantric Modulation



Energy and vibratory frequency, resonance and the subtle system: Chakras, Nadis, Marmas, Talas and Granthis

Technic of Kumbaka and Advidya to learn how to use your mind and no-mind to achieve goals and create realities

The use of pranayamic meditation within intimate and supra-conscious processes.

You will discover a subtle way to dissolve blockages and limitations, a subliminal way to set the Ego to your please so that the shadow enlighten

Practice and integration

Learn how, through the conscious and psychologic act, the mind is released from all the bonds you may have.

You will discover the gateway to your wisdom and intuition and you will experience the power of mantras, archetypes and yantras. Integration practices.



The concept and use of sexual energy. Sacred tools of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.
Duality and unity within sacred sexuality. Sexual healing at a biological, psychological and energetic levels.

The Dakha and the Dakini.
Energetic and sacred orgasm as ways of liberation, expansion and meditation. Stages and orgasmic topology in the human being.
You will discover the true ecstasy through the eroticity and love, and you will experience how the strength of lingam and yoni increase your universal awareness and the big binding mastery.

Sessions, Technics and Experiential Methods of Tantric Experiences TANTRIC DEARMOURING MASSAGE

The use of respiration in the subtle system of mamas and nadis of the being. This open a very effective door to disarm not only blockages but also the armour of the being that we have been building. We will learn how to open the bodies and how to close the process


When the physical body is open and the energetic body is turned on, we can experience, without touching the body at an external level, the three-dimensional etheric quality of the emotional and psychic body.

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The Nadis are the energetic meridians of the being that communicate not only the life energy but also the sacred energy levels (erotic, sensual and sexual). You will learn about the power of energy in lower chakras and how to transmute dense energy into high frequency energy.

Level III – Somatic Transpersonality



Learn how to diagnose and treat sexual somas that current life style and beliefs have consolidated. Theory and practise. Knowledge and intuition. You will experience the power of mantras, archetypes and yantras. Integration practise.

You will discover a process of interpersonal healing that will lead you to reconquer and increase health levels.


Learn how to diagnose and treat emotional somas that prevent maintaining a state of continued happiness. Theoretical and practical framework.

You will learn a process of healing through beliefs and values that will lead you to discover your true identity..


Learn how to diagnose and treat somas in the causal area of the being, that lead to suffering.

You will discover a process of healing for the mind, through harmonization of rational and transpersonal mind, which will take you to new levels of awareness.

Sessions, Technics and Experiential Methods of Tantric Experiences TANTRIC SESSION

A TANTRIC session is not a massage, but it is the use of BODYWORK where we will apply the practical and theoretical processes in order to use sexual energy as a transpersonal element to diagnose and help improve some sexual, energetic, emotional or spiritual symptoms (somas)

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TANTRIC SYNERGETIC SESSION – Chakras, Granthis and Cosmic Dialogue

A Synergetic session activates all the subtle system in order to use the energy inside each chakra to balance the person at a psychological and energetic level. In this session we will use two technics that enter into deep levels of the being: Kersai Technic (cleaning and healing primary energetic centres), of Granthis (subtle filters of causal and energetic bodies); and Cosmic Dialogue, in the Chakra System in order to use supra-conscious energy to relieve or heal some soma.

80 practise hours
20 hours of E-Webinar 8 reported practises
An essay of a minimum 6 sheets, plus annex and footnotes.
2 direct supervisions as examination in practice and theory.

Investment and conditions:

A previous interview will be conducted as a prerequisite for acceptance to the program.

Once the candidate is accepted, they must complete an application forma and submit the documentation requested (official ID document, curriculum vitae, letter of intention)

Cost Module I Diplomate: $ 39,500.00 MN (including food, accommodations and program Module I) – 5% discount for candidates accepted that cover 50% before August 30, 2019


DIPLOMATE and CERTIFICATE as MASTER in TANTRA and Somatic Transpersonality (when studying and approving all 3 modules)

DIPLOMATE in TANTRA BODYWORK (when studying and approving 2 first modules)

Dates and Place:

Module I: 16 to 24 of November 2019. Venue: Casa Luna Retiros, Tepetlixpa, Estado de México

Casa Luna se ubica en Tepetlixpa Estado de México, a 10 minutos de Amecameca y 20 de Cuautla, a solo hora y media de la…

Gepostet von Casa Luna Retiros am Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Module II: 19 to 27 of March 2020. Venue: Playa del Carmen, México

Module III: 10 to 18 of September 2020. Venue: Bogotá, Colombia.

Interview Request: Jani Lopez whatsApp: 5546400916 / 5529813260 contacto@ibkacenter.com