Silvester Celebration :: Soul Purpose New Year :: Tantra, Dance & Shamanism

Date: December 27, 2021 6:00 pm - January 2, 2022 3:00 pm

Location:  TuiTeraz Nowe Kawkowo 52 A, gmina Jonkowo 11-042 woj. warmińsko- mazurskie

The Soul Purpose “Silvester Celebration”

“Joy of Soul … Ecstatic New Journey into the Unknown …”

Tantra & Shamanism

December 27 – January 2

TuiTeraz, Nowe Kawkowo Poland





We invite you to a unique, crazy, joyful and incredibly energetic New Year’s Eve!
It is not only a welcome to the New Year, but six days during which you will learn about New Year’s ceremonies from different parts of the world, go through shamanic tantric rituals, discover a passion for neo-tango and learn the secrets of playing djembe drums!

Additionally, in the program – a lot of dancing and crazy fun to the rhythms of Ecstatic Dance and Tantric Dance. The classes are conducted by: the charismatic shaman Anand Rudra from Mexico, Ezequiel Sanucci and Łukasz Budziak as a guest.
The leitmotif of the New Year’s Eve Meeting will be finding the calling of your Soul in 2022, saying goodbye to what is old and opening up to the New.

The program consists of independent modules (2-3 hours) and is composed in such a way that you can take part in all or only in selected events. Depending on your mood, you will be able to take part in classes or go for a walk in the forest, meditate in Stone Circles (Fire, Water, Earth and Air), enjoy a massage or sit with a book by the fireplace.

And we will welcome the New Year with shamanic ceremonies – by a great fire in a forest clearing in the magic Stone Circle …

Program of the Shamanic Tantric New Year Celebration:

• Mexican rituals of Mother Earth Tonantzin, Coatlicue, Cihuacóatl, Tetéoinan
• “The Old Man Burning” ritual
• Mexican Piñata ritual
• Thai “Krathong” ceremony – Thai Lake Lantern Festival
• Celtic ritual “Strenae”
• Ecstatic Argentinean neo tango
• Tantric Dance
• Ecstatic Dance
• Djembe drums (learning and joint jam sessions)
• Ceremony of Welcoming the New Year by the Fire in the Stone Circle
• New Year’s Eve Candlelight Mexican Gala Dinner
• Other attractions and surprises

The New Year’s Eve event is hosted by an expert on shamanism and tantrism, Anand Rudra – the founder of the True Tantra School, son of a Mexican shaman, grandson of a Mexican Yaqui Indian healer. He combines academic knowledge, practical experience and ancient practices in his knowledge. The rituals include the tribal traditions of the Olmecs, Aztecs, Balinese, Drawids, Siberians, Filipinos, and Mayans.
For many years he studied and practiced shamanism, tantra, symbolism, rituals and sacred geometry. He combines tantric shamanism, symbolism and North American ritualism in his teaching
and South, Tantric-Shaman Resonance Theory, ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga practice
and Tantra Kaula Yoga, esoteric and hermeneutic studies of Tantra rituals and body energy.


Mexican rituals:
Pinata ritual: a pre-Hispanic tradition of asking Mother Earth for the crops you will harvest in the coming year.
“The Old Man Burning” ritual: symbolic burning of the Old so that the New may come;
Ritual Tonantzin, Coatlicue, Cihuacóatl, Tetéoinan: The celebration of Mother Earth, during which we ask Mother Earth for the union – the union of the eagle and the serpent. It is an ancient Aztec ritual concerning the cult of Mother Goddess Cihuacóatl, also known as Tonantzin (“Our Mother”).

Thai Lake Lantern Festival, known as “Krathong”:
Water is a symbol of change and new beginnings. The Krathong ceremony is a ritual of connecting your desires with water, it is a celebration in which you will wish all problems and difficult situations to go away.
Krathong – A festival celebrated in Thailand during the full moon of the twelfth month of the lunar Thai calendar, usually in November. The name literally means “rafting”. Krathong are tiny (palm-sized) rafts, traditionally made from a piece of banana tree trunk, decorated with flowers, candles, and incense sticks. Colorful processions are organized, there are also “khom loi”, cylindrical paper balloons floating in the air
with a ball of cotton soaked in kerosene which, when ignited, heats the air in the balloon, lifting it upwards. Krathong and khom loi are to take misfortune and bad luck with them.

Celtic ritual and “Strenae” exchange experience:
Celtic-Teutonic druids at the beginning of the year presented their sacred mistletoe plant as a gift. Among the Romans, such gifts were called “strenae”, a word supposedly derived from the goddess of fortune, Streni. Initially, gifts were branches from sacred trees, symbolizing the wish for a happy New Year. Later, these were items such as gilded nuts and coins
with the image of Janus, the god with two faces to whom the month of January was dedicated.
While going through this ritual, you will have a secret friend who will leave you hints and tips on cards about your gifts for 2 days.

Ecstatic Argentine neo tango – led by Ezequiel Sanucci:
“The language of tango is the language of love, passion, of two people uniting into one.”
Neo Tango is a combination of tango, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and theater. You don’t need any preparation to experience this amazing experience! Neo Tango means expressing your desires, passions, discovering sensuality and inner passion. It is an experience that goes from joyful play to blissful sensual awareness.


Ecstatic Dance – led by Ezequiel Sanucci:
Ecstatic Dance is a trance dance derived from shamanic traditions. All over the world, indigenous villagers danced by the fire and entered a trance. They danced to prepare for war, weddings, birth, conception, to heal themselves or someone in the village. Ecstatic Dance has no steps to learn. We dance together, in a group, creating one tribe together. When you dance, you connect to yourself on a deep level, release emotions, and express yourself.

Ecstatic Dance and Neo Tango are seemingly two different worlds, yet share so many similarities. Ezequiel loves both of these worlds and wants to combine them into a complete unity of dance. It enriches Ecstatic Dance with sensual and passionate Tango music, and Neo Tango enriches with emotional and energetic songs used in Ecstatic Dance. A set of colors and variations is created.

Tantric Dance – led by Ezequiel Sanucci:
Tantric Dance is a sensual and joyful journey between male and female energy.
Usually, we dance Tantric Dance in pairs – one partner is blindfolded and surrenders to the other who leads the dance. The one who guides works from the male energy (Shiva). The male energy is decisive and guides the other person on a dance journey. The one who receives acts from the female energy (Shakti). The female energy is graceful, flowing like water and surrender.
The blindfold helps us turn inward by closing one of our primary senses, our eyes. We become more sensitive to what is and stay present and alert in the moment. It helps us to observe ourselves. To witness how we connect with others and discover ourselves in different ways.

Drums – learning to play djembe drums and joint jam sessions – led by Łukasz Budziak:
African djembe drums will serve as a time machine to express the emotions hidden in us related to internal rhythms and wild music. It will also be a spiritual experience and a discovery of yourself and your own self. Playing the djembe provides extraordinary energy, relieves anxiety and releases the emotions hidden in us. Both beginners and those who have had contact with drums before will find a place for themselves. No musical preparation is required. We learn from scratch, step by step, so that everyone can contribute to a given rhythm.


True Tantra is based on an ancient teaching method in which independent and complementary techniques form the basis of practice. When you learn Tantra, you need to understand and experience all its aspects:
• Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga; rituals as a method of moving energy and meditations (yantras and mantras);
• Sacred Sexuality (Sacred Connection and Sacred Conscious Touch);
• Meditation (using your intention and a non-meditation approach);
• Swahara Yoga (The Teaching of Pranayama).
True Tantra became one of the first Tantra institutions in Spain and Europe to establish the methodology for Tantra sessions. All this professional effort has been made to build a group of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga Teachers, masseurs, therapists, and a Tantric community. Every professional needs to pass various oral and practical exams and renew their knowledge every year not only to show what they have learned, but to learn more methods and to delve even deeper into the practice of Tantra. Each of these people must also comply with the ethical values ​​of our True Tantra school.


He grew up in shamanic and Mexican culture. It was run by his father – a Mexican shaman
and a clergyman and by my grandmother – a healer of Mexican Yaqui Indians. From his youth he was interested in the spiritual and esoteric world. He studied shamanism, tantra, tarot, psychomagics, symbolism, rituals, and sacred geometry.
Is a lawyer for international relations; holds three Master’s degrees in North America Studies; Mexico-US Relations; European Union Law and Economics, as well as a PhD in European Union Security. For the last 15 years he has lived in Europe, where he has conducted over 150 different workshops on Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. He is a renowned specialist in male sacred sexuality and a member of the Faculty of Connection University in the Netherlands. He is also a certified teacher of Yoga Alliance, YACEP and the Arhanta Yoga School System.
His life experience includes:
• Symbolism and ritualism in North America
• Specialization in esoteric and hermeneutic studies of Tantra rituals and body energies
• Deep Tantra meditation training
• Synergistic tantric massage, professional training
• Pranas healing techniques
• Tantra masseur, therapist and entrepreneur at Alegraluz International
• Tantric for many years; for the last 6 years, director of 3 major projects: Centrum w Bindu, Centrum w Kinnarze and TrueTantra
• Director of EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals)
• Developed practices – in line with the tradition of the Holy Books of Agama and Tantra Kaula Yoga:
– Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga practice
– Practice of the True Tantra methodology

Tancerz / Choreograf / Teacher / Reżyser / Twórca / DJ
Ezequiel Sanucci was born in Buenos Aires and grew up with music
and the tango culture. He combined his contemporary dance career with a professional tango dancer career by performing and teaching at the most important tango festivals.
He created his own Contemporary Tanga style – combining tango, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and theater. Together with Lydia Müller, they founded the Tango Now organization. Its purpose is to teach and perform Argentine tango today and to transform it in a creative and new way. Tango Now is looking for the most up-to-date version of traditional tango and is working on discovering new possibilities for neotanga, contact tango and contemporary tango.


Vocalist, author of music and lyrics, plays Cuban congas and African Djembe drums. He has performed in Poland and abroad, giving concerts and taking part in radio ventures
and television. For years he has been leading a group of drummers – Djembe Kings.

ATTENTION: During the New Year’s Eve, we will of course apply precautions selected according to the health situation in our country and in the world.


DATE: 27.XII.2021-2.J.2022 (Monday – Sunday)

1200 PLN (29 Dec-2.I)

EARLY BIRD: PLN 1,400 (with an advance payment up to November 30 for people participating in the entire event from December 27)

PLACE: Center for Personal and Spiritual Development “Tu i Teraz”, Nowe Kawkowo near Olsztyn

PRICE OF THE STAY: food 88 PLN per day (3 vegetarian meals);
accommodation – depending on the standard from PLN 33 to PLN 124 per night; the center sells only the entire stay / nutrition / workshop packages (it is not possible to cancel meals or accommodation).

office: 662759576
Jacek Towalski: 602 219 382
Maja Wołosiewicz-Towalska: 606994366

PLACE: Center for Personal and Spiritual Development “Here and Now”,
Nowe Kawkowo

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