Shamanic Orgasmic Connection :: Rites of Passages & Inner Wisdom :: Poland

Date: May 12, 2021 6:00 pm - May 16, 2021 2:00 pm

Shamanic Orgasmic Connection 

Apprentice Training

:: the transcendence methods ::

May 12th -16th. 

New Kawkowo, Poland

  • – Rites of Passages –

“embrace the tantra-shaman on you” 

the gate to acquire inner wisdom


You will recognize different rites that will leed you to understand how you can evoleve in the journey to become the best version of yourself , and also the rites that will push to obtain the transcendence understanding of the Cosmogony of a Shaman and a Tantrika.

This is a second level training.

There is no need to have had done the previous workshops.

The Trascendance methods are part of the methods on shamanism and tantra to take the someone to an spiritual state in which you disolve the ego and start to meet your spiritual self .

You will embrace, experience and perform rituals that are to heal, transform the reality and to move you from one period of your life to another one. The idea and the conception of a Passage is like the acts within a belief system in which take the participant to a sense of belonging to a tribe or a clan but also the sense of evolving as a human being.

We will develop the initiation rites that are concerning re-birth, the masculine & the feminine portals, the initiation journey of the apprentice; the idea of the collective, the practice of the channeling & the ancestors; the initiation to be a healer for the clan.

An apprentice has to develop the concept of the Natha. The unmanifested cosmic spirit (Na) and the manifested universe (Tha). For that we will develop in practice the Omniprecense Rite of Initiation to develop the two realms as shaman and a tantrika.

The shaman has to embrace the use of the EVOLUTION PROCESS the dance between the Psychological & Psychic Knowledge of the SELF. We will perform the MERU DANDA Rite : opening shushumna between Purusha ( Consiuosnes ) pingala & prakriti (energy) ida; and recognize the existence of Vajrani, Chitrani (chindri) & Brahama Nadis.

The Primordial Phenomenon & the hierophanies; as the journey for transcendence the physical world. For this we will carry an Initiation Ritual to become a Dakha & a Dakhini 

The control of the AGNI and the mystic Tratak ceremony. A passage rite to enter on the ecstatic control process of a living experience. The use of the talk , the intention and the whispering .

The idea behind the welcoming to the tribe. The rite of  the WATER BLISS Rebirth. This is a whole process in which the tantrika-shaman brings a Cosmic Dialogue to access to super-consciousness and bring to the participant an ecstatic transcendence state.

The Copaleros. The initiation to the journey of dominating the wisdom of the ancestors, the call to the MATRIX of the Universal womb. 

The Itari Massage the Union between Swadisthana & Ajna via sexual sacred energy. A ritual & massage to begin as a healer  on the Tantra Kaula.




NOTE: this retreat equals to 6 credits on Tantric Shamanic Master credit. Please if you have already done 4 events with Anand, please let him know to evaluate you for the APPRENTICE Certification

Tu I Teraz Personal & Spiritual Center (Nowe kawkowo, Poland)

  • Tu I Teraz is a beautiful, enchanting place situated amid picturesque forests and lakes of Warmian-Masurian Province, 25km from the city of Olsztyn. The Center is located far from any buildings, on a 10ha glade, among forest-covered hills. The whole forest-meadow area encompasses 40ha of fenced, private property and is an excellent place for walks, trips (on foot, as well as on bikes) and other activities. There are a few lakes nearby (Szałstry, Bałąg, Morąg, Skolity – the nearest one is located 3 kilometers from the Center). Also, the “Węgajty” rustic theatre has its headquarters not far off.
  • The Center offers comfortable accommodation in originally finished rooms (2-, 3- and 4-person rooms, with or without bathrooms), in a spacious attic, in forest cottage located 100 meters from the main complex and in pavilion tents (for 2-3 and 4 persons) on a nearby glade.
  • All year round we provide you with a comfortable 120m2 workshop room in the main building with professional sound amplification system; during summer we provide two workshop rooms  in a 130m2 pavilion tent and in a 80m2 round yurt (also with sound amplification system)   and a 40m2 covered stage pavilion.
  • The kitchen provides meals created out of a joy to the food’s unique ability to form connection between food, amazing flavors and the teaching content. We strive to deliver vegetarian food. We are ambitious and want to create the best place to organize  courses in Poland for both students and lecturers.





1200 PLN  

265 euros

Plus Food & Accomodation


Booking and information in Poland: // Office: +48 662 759 576 // Jacek Towalski: +48   ………602 219 382 //  Maja Wołosiewicz +48 606 994 366

New Kawkowo 52 A, the municipality Jonkowo 11-042 / Warmia and Mazury region

Booking and information in EUROPE: // +34 645195604