Shamanic Orgasmic Connection :: Residential Training :: Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Date: July 6, 2020 6:00 pm - July 12, 2020 2:00 pm

Shamanic Orgasmic Connection

 :: Residential Practicum Training on Tantra & Shamanism ::


-elementals & tengerism-

Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

MAY 6th – 12th, 2020


Anand Rudra and True Tantra are proud to introduce to you our First Formal Training on Tantra & Shamanism. Even though we have had already started 3 years ago with this academic endevour, this will be the first time to put it by levels and not by topics. 

If you had already been with us in other Tantra & Sahamanic trainings , you can contact us to convalidate those!!

This is an intensive and residential practicum & training.

We are starting our Practitioner LEVEL  with PRIMAL SHAMANISM and Kaula Tantric Tools .

It is oriented to elevate the frequency two practices shamanism & tantra.

Tantra & Shamanism work as a healing  science & as a way to elevate consciousness. Both are based in 3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body and the causal body.  

In our times, allopathic medicine is going back to the old wisdom of practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese 

Medicine, acupuncture, natural remedies between other ones. In some aspects, Science and Supra-Natura are becoming in the middle.

Tantric Shamanistic knowledge combines also both aspects of this middle point.  

Sacred Sexuality is one of the main aspects and tools that Tantric Shamanism uses to heal, to connect with the universe and develop the communication with the Supra-Conscious and the Supra-Natura. 

In this retreat, we will explore the power, knowledge, and experience of sexual energy, ritualism, and embodied shraman practices and where they can take us.  The objective is to awake the TantricShaman on you in order that you experience but take the basic knowledge to do it afterward.

A basic approach to be cover:

  • You will recognize and work the different tantric shamanic rituals and experiences with the purpose to elevate the frequency of your self and acknowledge the ancient ways to connect with Supra-Natura with the objective to work with the astral and causal bodies. 
  • Experience the power of Ancient Tantra and its tools as a gate to heal and to create a bond with your own higher-self, the supra-conscious, and the Universes.
  • Understanding and get the basic structure on why and how it works the Shraman ancient methods. Re-visiting our Shamanic roots of the tribal families of the Dravidians, Mayas, Aztecs, and Balinese. 
  • This retreat will offer you an academic and a practicum spectrum for people that had already experience in both fields, that they are therapist, sexologist, tantricas, healers or masseurs.
  • We will discover how to create an altered state of mind and also how this experience bond the person to healing manifested tool. 

Shamanic-Tantric Rites:

  • Pranic Rite of the Driest & the Kumbaka; the gate to the Omni-Presence State.
  • A dravidian Sacred Space Puja. The Divine Presence of the humans on this universe. 
  • The Consecration of the Kali energy; the pillars of the Sacred Divine Play.
  • The life force seed pearl/totem; the use of the sacred sexual energy a Dravidian Kaula Rite.
  • Multi-Orgasmia the gate to the ecstasy healing power.
  • The Root to the Sexual Womb, the divine presence; “Transmutation of the Lineage” Mayan Cacao Sexual Ceremony.
  • The power of the Shakti Warrior honoring the Oneness of the Yoni. Heaven & Earth orgasmic mudra and the Brahma Nadi connection to the Soul.
  • Energy Orgasms on Tantra Kriya Yoga
  • The Ray of Light, “Embodying the Higher Masculine through the Lingam”. The Jade Stalk triangle (frenulum), and the Brahma Nadi connection to the Soul.
  • Temazcal “the pre-hispanic sweat lodge” the warrior transformation rite of passage.
  • Mahamudra Rite the gate to the Soul Connection.
  • All these rites will have the theoretical framework and you will experience the rite to receive and to give, in a safe and well knowledge environment.


Tu I Teraz Personal & Spiritual Center (Nowe kawkowo, Poland)

  • Tu I Teraz is a beautiful, enchanting place situated amid picturesque forests and lakes of Warmian-Masurian Province, 25km from the city of Olsztyn. The Center is located far from any buildings, on a 10ha glade, among forest-covered hills. The whole forest-meadow area encompasses 40ha of fenced, private property and is an excellent place for walks, trips (on foot, as well as on bikes) and other activities. There are a few lakes nearby (Szałstry, Bałąg, Morąg, Skolity – the nearest one is located 3 kilometers from the Center). Also, the “Węgajty” rustic theatre has its headquarters not far off.
  • The Center offers comfortable accommodation in originally finished rooms (2-, 3- and 4-person rooms, with or without bathrooms), in a spacious attic, in a forest cottage located 100 meters from the main complex and in pavilion tents (for 2-3 and 4 persons) on a nearby glade.
  • All year round we provide you with a comfortable 120m2 workshop room in the main building with a professional sound amplification system; during summer we provide two workshop rooms in a 130m2 pavilion tent and in a 80m2 round yurt (also with sound amplification system)   and a 40m2 covered stage pavilion.
  • The kitchen provides meals created out of joy to the food’s unique ability to form a connection between food, amazing flavors, and the teaching content. We strive to deliver vegetarian food. We are ambitious and want to create the best place to organize courses in Poland for both students and lecturers.






 DATES:                                 6th of July – 12th of July 2020 (Monday-Sunday)


WE BEGIN:                         July 6th at 6 p.m. (we begin with dinner at 6 p.m. on Monday)

WE END:                              July 12th at 2 p.m. (we end with lunch at 2 p.m. on Sunday)


WORKSHOP PRICE:         1800 PLN  +  Food & Accommodation  (420.eur)

EARLY BIRD:                     1500 PLN  when advanced payment is made before 15th of April 2020

                                               +  Food & Accommodation


FOOD & ACCOMODATION:       Food 85 PLN / day (3 vegetarian meals)

Accommodation depending on standard:

From 32 PLN – 90 PLN / night;

Only full board packages are available.



Office:     +48 662759576

Jacek Towalski     +48 602219382

Maja Wołosiewicz – Towalska     +48 606994366


VENUE:                                “HERE AND NOW”



Certification of Assistance by EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals) as   Practitioner  on PRIMAL  Shamanism & Tantric Sacred Sexuality  LEVEL ONE