S.O.U.R.C.E Shamanic Orgasmic Unfolding, Reuniting Cosmos & Elementals, Mon Island, Denmark

Date: August 14, 2019 - August 18, 2019 4:00 pm

Location:  Møn Retreat & Conference Centre, Vollerupgade 2a, 4792 Askeby, Denmark


Shamanic Orgasmic Unfolding, Reuniting Cosmos & Elementals                  Residential Training

Askeby , Denmark

August 14-18

This is an intensive and residential training.

By using ancient rites from Tantra and Shamanism we will journey into the elementals, which will open the cosmic dialogue to the universe –from the micro-cosmos to the macro- cosmos, within and without.

Tantra & Shamanism can elevate our consciousness & work in 3 dimensions: the physical body; the astral body and the causal body.

The techniques from Ancient Tantra kriya Yoga (TKY) will be used to transcend blockages & prepare the body for the Supra-

Conscious and at the same time connecting to the elementals outside and within. It uses 5 sacred disciplines: Prana, Using ancient breathing techniques to remove blockages and transcend the material plane. Yoga, through dynamic asanas you connect the body to energetical- and conscious-states. Meditation, absence of the mind but also the focus of intention can be an amazing tool to embrace a Journey. Ritualism, a sacred act in connection with true being, expressed as elements of the physical and metaphysical

worlds. The final discipline is Sacred Sexuality, a very intense tool to heal within ourselves but also as a mean to connect with the elementals, the universe, and our supra-consciousness.

In this training, we will explore the power, knowledge, and experience of sexual energy, ritualism, and embodied shraman practices and where they can take us. The objective is to share two methods and the techniques within them: Tengerism (the shraman belief system of interconnected sacred supra-natura) &
Tantric Shamanic technology.


Through tantric (chakras) shamanic (elementals) rituals and experiences, we will heighten the energetic frequency and connect to the elementals, our Source Origin; hereby acknowledging the ancient ways to connect with the Supra-Conscious, our Source Being. We will explore the 5 elements by using the natural surroundings in rites of passage, a gateway from our old self to Omnipresence. Traditions from the tribal families of the Dravidians, Mayas, Aztecs, and Balinese. On each day we will move from the lower chakras to the higher ones:

EARTH (Root Chakra) The womb of the human being, our roots and our sexual being. By using sticks, the base of the mother earth, flowers and other objects from natura we wil structure how to build up a Temazcal (Mexican Sweat Lodge) we reconnect with grounded self and consecrate the earth. We will show you how to do a Healing Vaporization Ritual and how we can connect to our sacred womb, we will use plants to release and embody psychic traits symbolized in the natura .

WATER (Sacral Chakra) Our emotional body & intimate self, the movement of co- creation and the power to act. We will connect with the energy of the Ocean Waters of Mon island, we will do a water dance and spiritual baptism to cleanse & rejuvenate into our Natura but also as sharamans. We will do a Sacral Breathwork to awaken the 2ndchakra and the sexual energy to reach Catharsis (purification of emotions) to connect to the whole body. To finish this amazing day we will consecrate the ancient massage of PINDASand give to our body with healing herbs a subtle massage.

FIRE (Manipura chakra) When matter (earth element), movement & prana are combined it creates fire, our personal power. By using Kersai massage to remove blockages in the stomach, and genital areas and, adding the Ritual of the Cosmic Dialogue, we will invite the Cosmos inside to do a transformation in that chakra. On the night, a Puja (Fire Ceremony combined with Tantra Kriya Yoga will be around two petitions!!)

AIR (Hearth chakra) . The unifying chakra, bringing the lower sexual energies to the heart and beyond. Our experience of nurturing and love – the spaciousness of air. Tobacco ceremony and using the Temazcal to create a ritual in collaboration. Erotical massage, to transform sexual energies from earthly pleasures (and their often conflicting consequences) into heightened awareness and Orgasmic Bliss

Ether (Vissudha chakra) Expression and resonance, spiritual karma and akasha (spaciousness) – the etheric body. Mahamudra Rite as a gateway to the Soul. Cobra Breathing and specialized TKY to prepare body for the Supra-Conscious.

Develop the elementals within to create shift also the reality that you are living !!!

Møn Retreat & Conference Centre (Stege,Denmark)

• Møn is located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand from which it is separated by the waters of the Hølen strait between Kalvehave and the island of Nyord, at the northern end of Møn. Further south is Stege Bay. At the narrowest point between the two islands, the waters are referred to as Wolf Strait (Ulvsund), which is the primary strait separating Møn from Zealand.

• A magical island where you can feel the power of the Nordic sea but also the intimate energy that a wonderful center can bring to your presence. That is what Moen Retreat & Conference Centre can offer.
• A place for courses, retreats and workshops for the inspiration of human growth and well- being – physically, mentally and spiritually.

• Its pride and joy is the beautiful and bright bamboo room of 135 sqm. There is room for
60 overnight and diner guests single, double and triple rooms. Other rooms are merged into cozy rooms, which often offers stunning sunsets over the fields.
• Besides the two training halls here are two cozy lounges / sitting roomS which can be used in and outside of class. Both living rooms are west facing with views over the fields and sometimes some amazing sunsets.
• The kitchen provides meals created out of a joy to the food’s unique ability to form a connection between food, amazing flavors and the teaching content. We strive to deliver organic food. We are ambitious and want to create the best place to organize courses in Denmark for both students and lecturers.



Certification of Assistance by EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals) as Introduction Practicum on Shamanism & Tantric Sacred Sexuality
*Room, Seminar; *3 meals included by day and use of installations.
Arrival 14th August at 16 o’clock till 18th August 15 o’clock

Booking and information:

atky.dk@gmail.com // phone +45 24640417www.moenretreat.dk / / www.atky.dk

Vollerupgade 2a. 4792 Askeby