Multi-Orgasmic Men :: Swift Xperience Amsterdam ::

Date: October 30, 2021 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Introduction to the knowledge of the Male Orgasms. This time we are introducing a practical way to do Tatra and Sacred Sexuality !!

This time you will expect to understand and practice the tools to develop and recognize pleasure and sexual energy in the body.
The work of the breath as the way to expand and control sexual pleasure and energy.
Knowing the sexual energy and how to mobilize it in ourselves.
Experience the “limit” to begin to control our Point of No Return.
Control tools: for erection, for plateau phase, for plateau phase pacer, to bring sexual energy beyond the genital area.
Phases of an Orgasm.
Expansion of sexual energy through the great emptiness and moolabandha.
Prolonged orgasm, like the door to Muti-Orgasmia.
Tantra is an ancient philosophy and practice considered to be the perfect model and the right technology to embody mind and sexuality in a process that can lead to healing or a superconscious experience.

The appointment is at REMO STUDIO  (Slijperweg 7, 1032 KT Amsterdam, Netherlands)

YOU NEED to WHATSAPP to us at +34 645195604

YOu pay in cash at the VENUE

The investment 45 eur

Beach Towel / Normal Towel / Coconut Oil / Freshly Showered / Sarong / Yoga Mat