man, energy & ecstasy :: The Path Of Manfullnes 01 :: Training Boot Camp 4 Men / Zipolite MX

Date: March 11, 2020 - March 16, 2020 2:14 pm

man, energy & ecstasy

:: The Path  of  Manfullnes 01 ::

Training Boot Camp 4 Men

March 11th -16th / Zipolite MX


In the last 4 years, we had studied, investigated, developed & applied an intense learning-experience for men in our Summer Camps. We celebrated more than 10 years doing these series Summer Camps for men. Last year we had the opportunity to do a male continuous program in Europe, Latin America & South Africa.

This year, we introduce to you a whole life living training that will cover a multi-dimensional approach about the man´s journey. 

The path of Manfullnes program will have: 

  • On line program by Countries
  • Workshops 
  • Training Boot camps in Mexico, Europe, and South Africa.

presentación en ESPAÑOL………………..



We propose you to enjoy a wonderful retreat but at the same time to go deep in to how to give a tantra session from a man to another man. This tantric practice is a path to interconnect with yourself at physical, energetical, and spiritual level. The most powerful energy in the human body is the sexual . With this sacred energy we are capable to co-generate another human being, but also with it, we can elevate the molecular movement and frecuency of all our cells, brain and body. Our organism when is in a high elevated frecuency generates bio-chemical susbstances as Endorphine and dopamine that give to body and mind a deep state of pleasure. 

For Tantra and other practices this energy that we produce is called Ojas. The Ojas is a cumulus of life force energy, that has capability to regenerate our being and is the most precious gift that the human being can have. When we generate sexual energy in a very intense way our mind enters to different states that in some disciplines can be frame as spiritual. 

In a safe environment with likewise men we propose you for this retreat to enjoy Tantra to the fullest !!



That you develop the physical, energetical and mental capability to understand how you can empower yourself using your body, mind, sexual energy and senses. To rediscover body and awareness and how can develop an erotic & sexual energy that enhance you as a man. And learn how to do a tantrasession to a man.


Discover and explore….

Tantra is based on the belief that we can access the divine through sexual ecstasy. This heightened state of pleasure generates an intense emotional rapture which makes you feel a separation from your body and mind. 

To generate this state in our body and in our mind we will focus on: 

bodywork The primary vehicle to sacred sexuality is our body. Prana and Sexual energy will be the engines to be discovered as a never ending sourse of life energy. Bodywork, bioenergetics, nude yoga, kriyas and pranayamas will be used to open this technollogy that resides in YOU. Also you will directly handle sexual energy via tantra massages, inducing multi-orgasmia and edging technique will conduce ourselves to a mystical ecstasis.

emotional release… All the exersises that will be conducted will be exploring consious or subconsious in a deep way. Be in an environment where there is no labels or where you are no judge, where freedom is breath in everything that you are doing will be a trigger that will allow you to express anger, fear, pain, love, sexuality and brotherhood. 

awareness & encounter … Modern society is impossing new ways to socialize and we had forgotten that men in our nature have the power to be not isolated or to be secluded. We will be living with other like wise men in intimacy, sharing emotions, opening our hearts, expressing desires & needs in a honest and sensitivity way that only Tantra can generate!! 




These  days you will live a ecstatic pleasure and happines process. Going back to your own roots with no attachment, no limits and corners. Be naked, believe & with no labels; unveiling your true nature with no blockages & fears. Breathing, touching, , developing sexual energy will be the doors to a collective state of masculinity, a way to purify us and to reconnect with the true self. 

You will make new friends . You will discover the power of relaxation, the sexual energy movement, and your body awareness created by consious and sacred touch. 

You will learn that your whole being & sexual energy are instruments to get connected with the divine in you, reaching a high awareness process. The control of sexual energy, the multi-orgasmia & the trasmutattion of energies will be tools that you will learn and go in to a deep practice. 

You will be shown how to give a trantra session the last two days of the retreat will be sharing a training.

Why to come ? 

Tantra is a life livong experience that in conjunction with the sacred sexuality Methodology; will allow you to enjoy, relax & liberate, but at the same time learning & discovering a new YOU. To expand and liberate needs time & guiding, things that you will find here. The sensation of being on vacations in a safe environment with men that think likewise. That every moment & process that you live will be a life living experience that will mark your existence. The oportunity to have a training on a Tantra Massage.


Zipolite (The Natural paradise in Mexico)


investment:  15,500 (por persona en habitación doble) // 17,000 (en habitación sencilla)

deposit:  5,000 mx

E.mail:  Tel. +52 55-2663-3110

Includes: workshop, breakfast, lunch, cofeebreaks, room, swimming pool and instalations on venue.



Villa Aikia, Zipolite, Oaxaca. Mexico


Villa Aikia is a Hotel Boutique & Healing Center, on the seashore of Oaxaca, in a unique and magical beach, a mystical & scared place, Zipolite.

Hidden at the bahía Camarón near to  Zipolite, with the best views, in which you can espect to encounter with beatiful art, the best sea view, in which the main point will be “Roca Blanca” which you wil enjoy the panoramic picture that can bring to you, full of colors and sun downs in this amazing paradise.

It has a marvellous swimming pool and a becah that is semi private. In which we can practice total nudity that is only official beach in all Mexico where you can enjoy this.

We have restaurant service that can offer to the guest a unique Otalian flavor. Wonderful and exotic beverages along with a nice breakfast or luch that will make of our weekend a unique experience!




Zipolite is a low-key beach resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. Stretching between rocky headlands, the long beach is known for its strong sur.The U.S. State Department spared Oaxaca from its travel warnings about Mexico. The official nudist beach all over Mexico.

Zipolite in particular seems lost in time, a place where visitors think nothing of leaving their belongings unattended on the beach and backpackers sleep in hammocks strung along the coast.

To fligh the best way to arrive…

The best way to arrrive Huatulco o Puerto Escondido, we are one hour away from this airports, from there you can take a taxy that has the cost of $600 pesos aprox.


Organize by

villa aikia /  truetantra

Registering/Payment:  Operadora Alcaso S DE RL DE CV

Bank Account BANCOMER: 0111644114

CLABE:   012180001116441143


investment:  15,500 (por persona en habitación doble) // 17,000 (en habitación sencilla)

deposit:  5,000 mx

E.mail:  Tel. +52 55-2663-3110


To Bring:

Comfortable Clothes / Light jacket for the night / ua beach towel / a portable inner douch / beach sarong / sport shoes / trackers  & sandals / white set of clothes