Lingam & Sacred Technology :: Healing & Alchemy…practicum & training :: Brusells

Date: December 20, 2019 - October 22, 2019 4:00 pm

Lingam & Sacred Technology

:: Healing & Alchemy…practicum & training ::

Brusells, Belgium

DEC. 20th – 22nd


:: The experience ::

  • Tantra is an ancient philosophy and practice that is considered the perfect model and technology to embody mind & sexuality in one process that can lead you to a healing or supra-consious experience.
  • This four days will take you to understand the technology of the lingam; how to give three ancient massage techniques for & arround lingam. The tantric anatomy on the lingam and how does it relate to the subtle energy system and how the Ray of Light energy Heals and does alchemy in the body.
  • This is a designed program for people, therapist, masseurs, sexologist & bodyworkers; that has the target to go deep in the knowledge on the lingam. Not only on theory but in practice.
  • Orgasmia, ecstasy and alchemy as main tools to give another dimension to the Lingam.


•The phallus is the lingam, the symbol of Shiva’s manhood, and of which the human organ is just a microcosmic reflection.
• Learn how to explore the whole parts of the body that base up the Lingam.
• Most of the times we do not know how deep and resistan can be this organ. The URUT Batin technique is a tantric Indonesian Massage that is considered to be one of the most healthy tools regarding erectyle dysfunction, emiction problems, lack of libido and re-estimulation on sexual áreas.
•The art of the lingam masaje is not just to touch or manipulate the penus. It has the target to masaje the lingam as a whole estructure from all the base and elementos on it. 

•It has more than 29 strokes.
•You will recognise the sexual frequency in the massage: stimulation, erotization, sensualization and sexualization.

•The difference between orgasms and ejaculation. And the  base of masculine multi-orgasmia and the expansion of the sexual energy. Come out of this technique

•This sacred sexuality tool connects with a supra-conscious experience.


– The importance of breathing , bandhas & mudras, tantra Kriya Yoga & Sexual Energy

– Bodywork to prepare the body for the 3 experiences.

– Urut Batin and lingam Massage.

– Orgasm & the learning on expansion of sexual energy.

-Multi-Orgasmia on the Lingam .

– The power of the breathing & Big Draw in both techniques.

– Control of Sexual Energy the techniques on you and how to on other ones.

– Trasmutation of Sexual Energy . From density to superior frequencies.

– Rituals involving the ShivaLingam


:: Deposit & Registration ::

Please reserve your place by sending a mail to once we get your reservation, you can pay 465 euro (390 euro for the course + 75 euro for the food) through PayPal, using the link studiolalimite/465. or transfer the money to the account of THE MONASTERY vzw on BE67 7340 4388 0987, KREDBEBB. once we have received your payment (and only then!) your reservation is definitive. 

If you would like to sleep over, you can pay when you arrive. please pay as soon as your reservation is confirmed. we only have limited spaces available. 

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::::::::::::::::: Tantra Bodywork Certification

FOR students on training for Bodywork and Tantra Mentoring please be advise that this is a subject under the therapy core curricula. If you want that this practicum comes part as credit to obtain your certification . Please let us know before, to arrange reading material, e-learning seminar, and evaluation.