Infused Summer Retreat :: only 4 Tantrikas :: Men Only

Date: August 22, 2019 1:00 pm - August 25, 2019 3:00 pm

Location:  Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

Infusion Summer Retreat 

Networking Initiative

4 men only  August 22-25

Arenas de San Pedro, Spain


Infusion Summer Retreat 2a

For a long time, we were thinking in creating a tantra network in which you can interchange knowledge & experiences to grow in a pragmatic way that will allow you to be a better tantra practitioner, masseur, therapist or facilitator.
At the same time, to establish a network that can be a work net to grow in different countries and that we can support each other in Workshops and retreats.
TrueTantra will be 10 years of existence and for this anniversary we would like to celebrate with this endeavor.

When we thought about the name of TrueTantra 10 years ago; we saw that there was a lot of controversy about what Tantra was and the eternal fight between Red Tantra, White Tantra, Neo Tantra and etc… For us to put TrueTantra it was to bring to the people the best of all the methods ( more than 3,400) The best acknowledge school that represents this is and was it is Ancient Kaula Tantra Method.

Then we decided for the name of True Tantra because in reality there is not a TRUE tantra…all the Tantra Schools, methods and Tools let us to the have a life living experience that allows you to be a better human being. Even though TrueTantra will keep with the Ancient Kaula Method in its activities!


The Retreat

For the first time ever in Europe, there is a proposal only for people that we already know, practice, share and teaches Tantra. And that we have almost the same background and the same target about this ancient technology and practice.

The main idea behind this is to:

  • –  Have a higher vibrational work and experiences.
  • –  Find that you can have two things at the same time: vacations and deep training.

– Develop and refresh new knowledge and expertise from the same participants and guest teachers.
– To Know that the limits and borders are already set in a professional way that will allow us to have a supra- conscious process
– Enjoy in a safe environment but at the same time enjoy the freedom of being interconnected by tantra.
– Met people that had studied all over Europe, Latin America & Africa within the TrueTantra framework, mainly since we will have the target also networking different future projects.

  • –  Bilingual English-Spanish
  • –  Being able to experience an immersion learning process.


The structure

We thought the best way to get the advantage of this time is to have in a day:

A daily sadhana: Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and breathwork
– Have two main lectures about new topics or practices that can help us in our profession
– Have two laboratories in which we will do a Colloquium & a Practicum.

  • –  Final day meditation
  • –  Some activities will be held at the Swimming pool, the Yoga Dome, The River or the Natura.

Two main experiences on the night Ritualistic and Dance
– We will be having the retreat at La Lobera. It is a Spanish Finca at the Sierra De Gredos…. To be close to this Sierra allows us to have the best of the Spanish Summer and the refreshing winds ¡

The participants

Facilitator; we will propose to you as facilitator different topics to be shared to the participants. Remember that you will need to give a theory framework & practice.

Lab. Leaders; this will be done as a practical colloquium in which you will have the responsibility to have prepared with the organization (true tantra) a practice around one specific topic or practice. You will be leading the mini-lab to the other 4
people. This will give you the opportunity to share, grow and experience the ability to be a Workshops leader.

Sadhaks, just enjoy the journey of experiencing an amazing retreat with people likewise.



This experience and retreat is for men and women and it is held from August 19th to the 22nd.
We arrive from 13hrs on to the premises and we start at 16hrs.

We do not provide that day with Lunch, the first meal will be at Dinner time. We will finish with the Lunch at the 22nd.



This experience and retreat is only for men and it will be held from August 22nd to the 25th.
You can arrive from 13hrs on to the premises and we start at 16hrs.

We do not provide that day with Lunch, the first meal will be at Dinner time. We will finish with the Lunch at the 25th.



390 euros each module

( remember to write your name & modules that you are attending )

:: Payment & Deposit ::


Armando A. Rebollar / BBVA Bank IBAN: ES420182179731020187932 4 BIC: BBVAESMM

The Netherlands & rest of Europe

TrueTantra Netherlands / ING Bank BIC: INGBNL2A
IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790

La Lobera de Gredos

:: Venue where Transformation Happens ::

The retreat will be done in a Eco- Spanish Finca in
Arenas de San Pedro, a municipality of Avila, Spain. La Lobera de Gredos is a place that is closer to Madrid than Avila city. One hour 20 minutes in the car and two hours in Bus. AIRPORT: Madrid Barajas
*Exact Address: Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.

-It has a wonderful micro-climate within a very hot summer you can enjoy the breeze and the cooling of the Sierra.
-Swimming pool, a nearby river, plenty of nature & wonderful weather. The advantage to being nude and enjoy the freedom to be with other men. You will share the room with someone else if you are a couple tell us immediately since only we have limited rooms for couples. The room is given by lotto and we divide the people that smokes, light sleepers, and the ones that snore. If you are not from Spain. How do I arrive?

By Car: Give a click in the link that I am enclosing.
Once you reach the town of Arenas de San Pedro cross it by the main street towards downtown (you have to pass the Castle) take the “Guisando” road. Afterward, 200 mts. You will find three signs (first one to the right) that will be starting to guide you to the Lobera. The house is like 3km from Arenas 6 or 7
By Bus: There are between 5 buses a day going to Arenas de San Pedro. You have to take it from Estación Sur Bus Station that is also a Subway station (Mendez Alvaro ) The cost is 10 euros. The bus line is called SAMAR and you can contact them and also see time tables on +34 917230506 y (only within Spain) 902257025, http://
If you have reached by bus you either can take a taxi from there to LA Lobera. The price is between 7 to 8 euros. The info. Of the taxis service there is +34 920.370954, cell phone +34 651552258A

Drinks. At the end of the night, there is a bar open in the same venue, therefore you will have the opportunity to mingle with a nice cup of Spanish wine or beer. These drinks are not included in the price of the event.

Nudity. The venue allows us to enjoy the freedom to be nude. It is not mandatory to be naked, but you can enjoy the sensation to be all natural.


Remember to bring the following:

One or two beach sarongs
– One Beach towel & one normal towel
– Pair of Beach sándals
– Solar protection lotion if you are sensitive to the sun. Light clothes.
– Shoes or sport shoes in order to walk.
– A sweater or light jacket for the nights, some times get chilly. White clothes for our special night.