deep tantra summer training :: Arenas de San Pedro, Spain ::

Date: August 31, 2020 3:00 pm - September 6, 2020 4:00 pm

deep tantra summer training

the basic somatic understanding

tantra therapy restorative techniques

August 31st – September 6th  /  Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

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therapy & restorative training

When you start to practice with the body, the mind, sexuality and energies of the human being a journey begins within us. In each treatment that you offer you notice that there is a need to understand what is happening with your patient or client, and the process as a healer starts. 

This summer we offer to you an intensive and deep training on a basic Tantric Therapy and different techniques regarding somatic bodywork therapy. 

The content that has being developed for this intensive training  its part of the programm of Ethiosfera Certification and the initiative of Be.Tantric PRO part of TrueTantra Academy.

We have to remind you that this initiative will give you a practical and theory framework to understand basic somatic techniques to acompany , restore and heal some issues of the human body and mind.

We devided the training in 3 parts each one last for two days long: Sexual Tantra Therapy, Emotional Tantra Therapy and Spiritual Tantra Therapy.

During the 6 days we will recognize the following:

* The difference between a massage, a session and therapy. 

* What is the difference between a remedy, a cure and therapy? 

* Why Tantra enfolds itself as a  Transpersonal Therapy (Sexual, Emptional & Spiritual)

a) Where transpersonal begins and where the ethics start to manifest erotic transferable processes. . 

Why Tantra Massage is consider a Therapy?

The transpersonal target of a Tantra Therapy.

Bodies as an action framework to act in a therapy process: 

a) Physical b) Energetic c) Causal 

The Emotional Body as a link entity to the somas. 

The Sexual, Emotional & Spiritual Manas as a source of a soma.

the training

This is a proposal only for people that we already know, practice, share and teaches Tantra, Bodywork, Sexology, Massage, or other activity related to them. And that we have the almost the same backgroud and the same target about these ancient technologies and practices.The main idea behind this is to:

–  Have a higher vibrational work and experiences.

–  Find that you can have two things at the same time: vacations and a deep training.

– Develop and refresh new knowledge and expertise from TrueTantra, Ethiosfera & other experts.

– To Know that the limits and borders are already set in a professional way that will allow us to have a supra- conscious process

– Enjoy in a safe environment but at the same time enjoy the freedom of being interconnected by tantra, consciousness & professional knowledge.

– Met people that had studied all over Europe, Latin America & Africa within the TrueTantra framework, mainly since we will have the target also networking different future projects

–  Billingual English-Spanish

–  Being able to experience an inmmersion learning process.

– The training wiil be held in a wonderful set that is called La Lobera in Arenas de San Pedro, Avila. Spain

– We have over 8 years doing retreats at La Lobera, the place is desigened to enojy the nature and be held by the premises.

– We will have the opportunity to grow in a very intensive way.

the estructure

  • We thought the best way to get the advantage of this time is to have an amzing day:
  • A sadhana: Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and breathwork
  • Have two main lectures about new topics or practices that can help us in our profession
  • We have 3 main topics to be developed each one in two full days
  • Every day we will end with a meditation
  • Some activities will be held at the Swimming pool, the Yoga Dome, The River or the Natura.
  • Two main experiences on the night Ritualistic and Dance
  • We will be having the retreat at La Lobera. It is a Spanish Finca at the Sierra De Gredos…. To be closet o this Sierra allows us to have the best of the Spanish Summer and the refreshing winds

Sexual Tantra Therapy

We have stated that this is basic a approach to have a somatic understanding of Sexual Issues in a general way.

Transpersonal approximation of the Soma or Blockage. 

**Tools of diagnosis: 

Body and mapping of muscle spasms;

Chakra feet reading;

Kundalini Massage Spectrum (Physical reactions on the body)

Nervous System (patterns on his own breathing) 

**Embodied Restaurative techniques

Lingam Sensibility (Erection & reaction, pleasure edging and timing) .

Awakening of the YONI (Numbness, hiperesensibility & trauma)

Sexual drive and sexual attachments.

Emotional Body vs Sexual Energy awareness on the female.

Libido and its expression. 

Men Basic Sexual Somas using Tantra In-Touch “Hands on technique” 

Premature ejaculation, types and support techniques. – Erectile Disfunction typology and support techniques . 

Ejaculatory Anorgasmia, support technique. 

Frigidity & lack of libido are not the same, support techniques for each one.

Intimate Boundaries; Primal Fears and wounding: understanding fear- based behaviour patterns and how they limit the clients’; – experience of sex and intimacy 

Priapism Disfunction, support technique. 

Women Basic Sexual Somas usiong Tantra In-Touch “Hands on technique”

Frigidity & lack of libido are not the same, support techniques for each one.

Issues on the Pelvic Floor & Sexual Energy

Vulva Numbness

Clitorial Hipersensibility 

Vaginal Anaorgasmia & Vaginism

Sexual Energy and Emotional connection

Past sexual trauma, physical and emotional abuse

Awareness of cognitive and affective issues ( either no transferable touching or hiper transferable need of touch)

Emotional Tantra Therapy

The emotional body reflects not only the present circumstances but also represents our own personal story and offcourse is linger to the transpersonal approximation of possible Somas or Blockages.

Transpersonal approximation of the Somas or Blockages:

Men & Women psycho-sexual-emotional traumas

Basic tipology of the Emotions and their estrcutures:

a) Facial Expressions

b) Body language

c) Physiological reactions & responses

d) Tone of voice

e) Agressive or denial reactions

Abuse and its stages….

How to recognise and how to embrace a liberation of the trauma (techniques) 

Emotional-Sexual addiction …. What is the key element in the recurrence process. 

Emotion, feelings & sexual behaviour.

Arquetypes and the emotional Iceberg 

Sexual Intimate Issues; no comunication, insecurity, control,  & surrender. 

Borders & Limits the unclear communication . 

Desire on men & Women, Socio-Emotional structures

• De-blocking technique by Marma’s / Embodiment Breathwork 

• Tantra Kriya Yoga and bodywork to unlock chakras.

• Interacting session, the protocol and the therapy work.

• Control a surrender as balancing techniques.

Spiritual Tantra Therapy

The spiritual body is the dialogue that we have with the identification of the self and the our alter life purposes.

The patterns that we have in life are structured by our past believe system but also we enhiratage other issues that frame our lives and the way we live. 

Transpersonal approximation of the Somas or Blockages:

The person, the  self and the higher self

Clear mind , clear intuition and karmatic actions

The owning of the path and the healing of the self

The granthis and the psyquic knots

What belongs to my family belongs to my. 

Ancestors and the debt on my own path.

Epigenetic dialogue:

Socio-family heritage

Soul evolution

Ego & Spirituality

Soul Rescue & equilibrium of spirit

The self journey of the Soul, the persona and the anima.


:: La Lobera de Gredos ::

The retreat will be done in a Eco- Spanish finca in
Arenas de San Pedro, a municipality of Avila, Spain. La Lobera de Gredos is a place that is closer to Madrid than Avila city. One hour 20 minutes in car and two hours in Bus. AIRPORT: Madrid Barajas

*Exact Address : Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.


It has a wonderful micro-climate within a very hot summer you can enjoy the breeze and the cooling of the Sierra.

-Swimming pool, a nearby river, plenty of nature & wonderful weather. The advantage to be nude and enjoy the freedom to be with other men. You will share the room with someone else, if you are a couple tell us immediately, since only we have limited rooms for couples. The room is given by lotto and we divide the people that smokes, light sleepers, and the ones that snore. If you are not from Spain. How do I arrive?

By Car: Give a clicl in the link that I am enclosing.
Once you reach the town of Arenas de San Pedro cross it by the main street towards downtown (you have to pass the Castle) take the “Guisando” road. Afterwards, 200 mts. You will find three signs (first one to the right) that will be starting to guide you to the Lobera. The house is like 3km from Arenas 6 or 7 minutes.

Bus : There are between 5 buses a day going to Arenas de San Pedro. You have to take it from Estación Sur Bus Station that is also Subway station (Mendez Alvaro).

The cost is 10 euros. The bus line is called SAMAR and you can contact them and also see time tables on +34 917230506 y (only within Spain) 902257025, http://

If you have reach by bus you either can take a taxi from there to LA Lobera. The price is betwenn 7 to 8 euros. The info. Of the taxis service there is +34 920.370954, cell phone +34 651552258A

Drinks. At the end of the night there is a bar open in the same venue, therefore you will have the opportunity to mingle with a nice cup of Spanish wine or beer. These drinks are not included in the price of the event.Nudity. The venue allow to us to enjoy the freedom to be nude. It is not mandatory to be naked, but you can enjoy the sensation to be all natural. Remember to bring the following:One or two beach sarongs

– One Beach towel & one normal towel

– Pair of Beach sándals

– Solar protection lotion if you are sensitive to the sun. Light cloths.

– Shoes or sport shoes in order to walk.

– A sweater or light jacket for the nights, some times get chilly.

– White cloths for our special night.


  • Investment 1,280 eur.
  • Deposit 500 eur.

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