Being Tantric Summer Retreat :: Arenas de San Pedro ::

Date: August 29, 2021 4:30 pm - September 2, 2021 12:00 pm

Being Tantric

Summer Retreat

Deep in to Tantra, Explore or Recicle new knowledge

Arenas de San Pedro, Spain / August 29 – Sept 02


betantricSummer Retreat Español_compressed

In times where there is a need to understand the self, our relationships, and how these new times are reshipping the way we are at all levels. There is a `need to encounter, experience, and learn how Tantra can be an amazing a practical way of life .

At be.tantric we want to propose to you to have 4 days of a unique journey with teachers, ,tantrikas, yoga practitioners, masseurs or therapists, and people likewise and the natural magic of La Lobera.

Two years ago we did a gathering like this but now we want that we can go further and with framework of BeTantric is natural.

Be.Tantric is a learning and experiences online platform that we had worked on more than one year since Corona started. We have more than 390 video libraries of Masterclasses within different topics. We have an online tantric platform in which you can be interconnected with different peers. We are more than 20 teachers from all over the world.

This summer some of us we will be there for you sharing, enjoying, and of course having a unique tantra vacation, gathering and a way to recycle knowledge around yoga, meditation, tantra, sacred sexuality, and self-growth methods.

We believe that as us we want to recycle our knowledge in a kind of easy way but also intensive. Have a different summer break to those that we are at the field but at the same time have a majestic vacation.

But if you are novel to Tantra does not matter since it will be like a gentle wave to dive into TANTRA.

The retreat

We propose that your vacation investment is benefited from these activities:

Morning Sadhanas: we know for a fact that if you do not take care of yourself at all the levels of the bodies of human being you will not have a clear of mind, a rebalanced energy or just a way to awake yourself.

Master Class: these are designed by one or two teachers in order to share unique knowledge that can give to the other participants of the BeTantric Summer Camp a plus with their practice. We believe that a masterclass brings the perfect way to be trained but at the same time to enjoy the time with us.

Experiences: without the rigor of a class we will deliver a wonderful experience within tantra from massages, rituals, yoga, meditation , or breathwork, a life living workshops with the target to feel, sense and perceive the unique way that tantra is !!!

Night Laboratory: Tantra as a universal discipline can deliver to us a range of different experiences. These are thought in order that the teacher or teachers can develop and explore some radical or new to the field. And of course that can bring a new knowledge, experience or transformation.

La Lobera, has a singular aspect. Located at the Sierra de Gredos, allows that event is hot we have the winds of the Sierra to refresh us. It is localized at a unique set, there are mother stones of the size of 5 stories buildings (celto-iberic ritual places)the energy that brings to the experience is amazing since you have the benefit of electromagnetically and pulsing mother earth energy. It has its own river, a swimming pool, wonderful trees and natural areas to get lost , and a geodesic work area in the middle of the natura. Therefore, do not expect that we will be all the time in a close environment !

The estructure

This time we want to offer you in these days to awake and develop:

Clarity. Clear your mind to start to connect with yourself, people like wise and the nature of the Sierra de Gredos. Tantra allow us to understand who we are, where are we and where do we want to go. Breathwork, Bodywork, Mind, Ritualism, Sacred Sexuality bring

Curiosity. Humanity we have with us a huge immense power to re-discover how we feel, see and perceive us. Tantra shakes up that natural instinct to reshape the way you live of your life. With no forcing nothing it makes you observe how the body the mind and the energies on us can be one of the most amazing vessel to live a life living journey.

Consciousness. When Tantra as a life living experience is embodied and is done in consciousness the magic happens and one can perceive the transformation there! We will explore how to expand the sacred tools of Tantra with different perspectives and teachers. We want that you sense tantra all the way. The bodies and the energies when consciousness applied, the magic happens !

Connecting. Tantra is wonderful when is practiced. We want that you understand why be.tantric can be a powerful platform to grow with people like wise. Not only online but life living gatherings are part of be.tantric.

The Participants


The teacher or the facilitator will share with us his or her knowledge in one of the activities that we had programmed.


This will be done by instructors or teachers with the target to share a practice that can bring some  thing new or an experience in which is new for you or can bring new knowledge for every one. It can be donde by one or two teachers or instructors.


Just enjoy the journey of receive and practice all the activities that we will be programm.


La Lobera de Gredos

The retreat will be done in a Eco- Spanish finca in
Arenas de San Pedro, a municipality of Avila, Spain. La Lobera de Gredos is a place that is closer to Madrid than Avila city. One hour 20 minutes in car and two hours in Bus. AIRPORT: Madrid Barajas

*Exact Address : Paraje de la Parrilla s/n, 05400 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain.

-It has a wonderful micro-climate within a very hot summer you can enjoy the breeze and the cooling of the Sierra.

-Swimming pool, a nearby river, plenty of nature & wonderful weather. The advantage to be nude and enjoy the freedom to be with other men. You will share the room with someone else, if you are a couple tell us immediately, since only we have limited rooms for couples. The room is given by lotto and we divide the people that smokes, light sleepers, and the ones that snore. If you are not from Spain. How do I arrive?By Car: Give a clicl in the link that I am enclosing.
Once you reach the town of Arenas de San Pedro cross it by the main street towards downtown (you have to pass the Castle) take the “Guisando” road. Afterwards, 200 mts. You will find three signs (first one to the right) that will be starting to guide you to the Lobera. The house is like 3km from Arenas 6 or 7 minutes.

Bus : There are between 5 buses a day going to Arenas de San Pedro. You have to take it from Estación Sur Bus Station that is also Subway station (Mendez Alvaro)

The cost is 10 euros. The bus line is called SAMAR and you can contact them and also see time tables on +34 917230506 y (only within Spain) 902257025, http://

If you have reach by bus you either can take a taxi from there to LA Lobera. The price is betwenn 7 to 8 euros. The info. Of the taxis service there is +34 920.370954, cell phone +34 651552258A

Drinks. At the end of the night there is a bar open in the same venue, therefore you will have the opportunity to mingle with a nice cup of Spanish wine or beer. These drinks are not included in the price of the event.Nudity. The venue allow to us to enjoy the freedom to be nude. It is not mandatory to be naked, but you can enjoy the sensation to be all natural. Remember to bring the following:One or two beach sarongs

– One Beach towel & one normal towel

– Pair of Beach sándals

– Solar protection lotion if you are sensitive to the sun. Light cloths.

– Shoes or sport shoes in order to walk.

– A sweater or light jacket for the nights, some times get chilly.

-A set of White clothes for our special night.


It is included the meals, the staying and the workshops. Incluiding the facilities of La Lobera.

Teacher… 380 eur
Be tantric Participants 400 eur
No be tantric members… 420 eur

Deposit or Wire transfer

TrueTantra Netherlands / ING Bank


IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790


PAY PAL ( please include transaction fee of 5% more )



Anand Rudra Director of the festival

Eduardo Concepción Master of Practicalities

amoSoma Master of Emotional Affairs

Asim Sacred Fire Master of Ceremony


  1. Anand Rudra

Tantric Saddhana: Awake the inner wisdom & bring balance & empowerment.

Tantra Kriya Yoga as Multidimensional Sexual Therapy 

Master Class: Tantra & Embodiment the power within, as a teacher, bodyworker & practitioner

Experience: Introducing Tantra Niaza Technology .

Tantric Kaula Saddhana

As Tantra or Holistic practitioners we need to have a daily activity that allows you to balance, restore and increment your life force energy as well your sexual energy. With Tantra Yoga, Pranayamas, and Rituals . We will show to you how to set up the energy and your state of awareness in order that you can take advanatge of your own practice.

Tantra & Embodiment the power within.

We will deliver a master class about how the practice of the embodiment can shift the experience that you as a tantra practtioner can deliver. The technique of how to move your own sexual energy ( as cocreating energy) can be one of the most secret techniques that you can laearn with tartget to go deeeper in the practice. We will deliver a Tantric Ritual with the target to bring a state of the nothung to the person . We will deliver a massage in which we will apply the Embodied Consious & Sacred technique of touching . There is a before and afterwards abot applying this technique. Incluiding energy orgasms.

     1.  Eduardo

Bio EDUARDO  (Tantra Bodyworker, Tantra Sexual Therapy & Conscious Beholder and Tantric-Shamanic Assistant )

Eduardo – Tantrika, bodyworker, Dakha, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.

Educated in Kaula Tantra, Primitive shamanism, Kaula Tantra massage. Asim facilitates sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.

In his work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, energetic & chakra healing. 

Edu works from a base in Madrid and is frequently traveling across Europe.


  1. Asim Sacred Fire

  1. Bio Asim SacredFire   (Tantra, Magic, Healing)Asim – Tantrik, bodyworker, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.Educated in Kaula Tantra, Core shamanism, Loomi Loomi massage. Self taught in energetic healing and Tarot. Asim facilitates sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.In his work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, de-armouring, energetic & chakra healing. By using his knowledge and intuition he is channelling while giving a session.

    Asim works from a base in Holland and Copenhagen and is frequently traveling across Europe in his campervan.

    Masterclasses and experience

The Sacred Serpent

An active mediation for lovers/(occasional)couples. Stirring up the serpents and guiding your life-force(sexual) energy through the chakras to unity.

How do we move with one another? How do we relate with each other on an energetic level? feeling your own and the others energy, meeting the others energy, connecting to your own life force energy. 

Moving together in ShivaShakti in a guided active meditation. Meeting each other stirred up Life-force energy in all the chakras.

How does your (sexual) energy find its expression on a different level, in different realms? 


The mask skeleton dance

The mask we wear, pretending to be. Hiding our shadows in the dark.
Come dance to the beat of the drum, to become yourself.

Playfully finding and investigating our masks, moving and dancing in archetypes, exaggerating them. How do I present myself? How do I react? To myself, the other and the world? Is there a mask you want to take off?

Digging deeper behind the masks, finding our emotions. How do I relate to my emotions, do I express them? hide them? Do I keep it to myself? Or dump them on others? Get ready to own and stand in your emotions.

In a transformational shamanistic dance, we peel off our body parts, stripping off all that we do not need. Dancing to the beat of the drum, dancing in your skeleton, into your core essence. Become free of your masks and shadows.

With our own intentions for growth and development, we keep dancing in our skeletons. Rebuilding our new body, regrowing the body parts we need; to become yourself, to be able to do what we have come to do.


  1. amoSoma

Masterclass: The Orgasmic Wave and the Silent Orgasm 3rd

Experience: Yoniessence for women only

Being your Sexual Magic Beast ( with Asim)

Night Laboratorie: Tantric Ropes by amsoma

Bio Stine (transition, sacred sexuality, gender fluidity)

Stine Krage/amoSoma is a holistic midwife, sexological body therapist and tantrika. 

She is passionate about supporting life changing transitions for human beings, embracing gender fluidity, transparency, tantra, core integrity, intimacy, pleasure and free sexual expression. 

Educated as a midwife, Integral Sexologist, Kaula Tantra, ART/Authentic Relating, Rebirthing Breathwork, Acupuncture, TRE, Coreawareness/psoas and Dearmouring. Denmark/Holland based.

The Orgasmic wave

In this meditation you will be guided through dance, movement, breathwork and meditation to connect your body’s natural wave of ecstasy, expansion and orgasm.

Life on earth came from water and the human spine is made for making waves. When we are just a few weeks old in our mothers womb we basically look like a spine that moves in waves. As children we move with gracefulness and expres freely with our body. Many of us lose connection to our gracefulness and ‘wave’ through conditioning and trauma in our lives. The body needs to feel safe to be able to circle our sexual energy to the whole physical and energetic body.

In this workshop we will connect, vibrate and balance our vagus nerve, psoas muscle and pelvic diaphragm. We will be moving with our body’s intuitive core orgasmic wave and experience a full body feeling of ecstasy and blissful being. In this state we can enter the silent orgasm as a divine afterglow and meditative state of presence and being. 

The Prostatic Portal

A holistic exploration of prostate awareness, health, energy, orgasm, healing and massage. Join us in this journey to dive into the wisdom, energies and magic of the prostate

The prostate is also called the male g-spot. The prostate has the potential to be one of the gateways to the male multiorgasmia experince. At the same time, it can also be the storage for shadows and energy blockages which can cause dysfunctions. The multifunctional and multidimensional prostate is often not common knowledge in society. The prostate is by many perceived as hidden in a dark, forbidden and “dirty” area of the body.

In the tantric life experience we are encouraged to face our dark shadows and become more conscious about our fears and patterns of behaviour. Our being can be liberated by seeing and letting go of those fears and patterns. By doing so we can emerge into the light of divine consciousness, liberation and orgastic pleasure.

It will be a ceremonial prostate massage for duos/couples. There will be a hands on prostate massage. No experience needed, only an open mind.

Being your Sexual Magic Beast 

What does your inner sexual magic beast look like ? How does it express itself ? 

In this playful workshop we will guide you to connect to your inner sexual magical beast. Anything is possible … use magic. Maybe you even have more than one beast, maybe it can transition between different states of being.

How would you meet the world in this expression of you ? Without conformity of society. The reptilian brain meets the world with one choice: Should I fuck it or eat it ? 

What does it feel like to be the predator or prey ? Which element does your beast thrive in ? How does your beast mating dance look like ?

We will be moving, playing and mediating while roaring like lions, posing like unicorns, flying like dragons and relating like reptiles. 

Once you’ve identified your sexual magic beast/s, you will be invited to explore its true expression, movement, mating and relating.

  1. Daniella Bhakti. 

  2. Master Class :“The pranayamic awakening”
  3. Experience: “Daka Dakini sexual healing”

Tantra facilitator:Daniella Bhakti is a sacred Tantra and rebirther breathwork facilitator. Trained in Tantra Kaula and Babaji’s Kriya Yoga. Máster in psicocreativity.

Since she was 7 years old, facilitating processes of expansion of consciousness in a spontaneous way, she is deeply in love with human beings and loves accompanying the awakening processes.

Masterclass/experience: by Daniella

The Tandava bliss process

Tandava meditation or dance is a practice of cashemia tantrism that invites us, through movement, to awaken Spanda, the energy of the universe that pulses within us. We will activate this energy individually and then share this cosmic dance of Shiva in couples.


Daka/Dakini sexual healing

In this beautifull sexual healing session we will awake and move the kundalini energy through the chakra base breathing, drista and asanas


      1. Maria Aruna Tiaga

Tiaga Nisham ( Maestra de Tantra) BIO

Tiaga es maestra de Tantra y terapeuta.

 Facilitadora con 15 de años de experiencia y elevada cualificación profesional, creando transformaciones profundas desde la profundidad, el amor y la vulnerabilidad. 

Maestra de Tantra, kundalíni Yoga, kabalah, chamanismo y feminidad sagrada (tantra4women). Terapeuta corporal con bioenergetica, renacimiento, formadora masaje tantrico sanación almica y sexualidad sagrada. 

Formada en terapias humanistas como psicología, gestalt, constelaciones familiares.

Directora de mirelaciondefinitiva para crear relaciones auténticas.

Formaciones, talleres en España y Chile.


Chamanismo sexual. Encuentro con tu animal de poder. 

Desde las vivencias chamanicas, respiraciones guiadas específicas bioenergetica, rituales mágicos y una profunda conexión corporal sentirás la energía de tu instinto primigenio y tu elevada fuerza interna para aumentar y elevar tu poder personal.

Sexual shamanism. Encounter with your power animal.

From the shamanic experiences, specific bioenergetic guided breaths, magical rituals and a deep body connection you will feel the energy of your primal instinct and your high internal strength to increase and elevate your personal power. 


Fluidez sensorial Tantrica y Puja Tantrica.

Encuentro intimo y profundo con tu cuerpo desde el despertar de tus capacidades sensoriales para abrirte al placer y al gozo desde lo sutil. Conexión con el poderoso campo magnético del corazón ( Chakra Anahata) en ti y en los demás.

Tantric sensory fluidity and Tantric Puja.

Intimate and deep encounter with your body from the awakening of your sensory capacities to open yourself to pleasure and joy from the subtle. Connection with the powerful magnetic field of the heart (Anahata Chakra) in yourself and in others. 


      1. Alicia Amezcua

Experta en Sexualidad Sagrada, Tantra y Constelaciones Familiares

Bio Alicia Amezcua 

Profesora de Masaje Tántrico, Tantra, Relaciones Conscientes, Feminidad Ancestral, Autoplacer Femenino, Magia Sexual y el Arte de Besar.

Cursos y Sesiones Online.

Talleres presenciales en España y Suiza. 




Tantra en el agua

Experimenta la conexión con el agua dentro y fuera de ti.

Despierta tu centro energético sensual Svadhisthana relacionado con el elemento agua

Fluye con tus aguas internas desde el corazón.

Explora tu naturaleza sexual regresando al origen.

Sumérgete en tu esencia femenina.

Y únete a la divinidad en la corriente del río de la vida.