arquitecture of the male orgasms :: ROME ::

Date: May 29, 2020 4:30 pm - May 31, 2020 3:00 pm

arquitecture of the 

male orgasms 

Kaula Kundalini Tantra Massage

:: practitioner on M.O.M multi-orgasmic man ::

Rome, Italy.   May 29th. 30th & 31st ,   2020

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Organized by Vajra Tantra  & Facilitated by Anand Rudra 


arquitecture of orgasms

understanding orgasms during a tantra massage 

The experience of a sexual orgasm can generate in to the body thousands of different reactions in our body, mind and feelings. The orgasm is the result of an accumulation of a base energy in mind and body; which can be manifested as an implosion or as an explosion. Men  have a pleasurable sensation, every small wave of pleasure, is a mini orgasm, because for a brief moment, there is slightly decreased mind activity, decreased sense of personal “I”, and increased present moment awareness, focus, surrender, dissolution and dissolving into the sensation.

This practicum will have target to explore punctual techniques to acknowledge the capability to sustained pleasure and generate multi-orgasmia via kama-marmas, pelvic area and  Lingam.


::: the  EXPERIENCE & the LEARNING :::

Introduction to the knowledge of Male Orgasm.

Tools to develop the acknowledgement of pleasure and sexual energy and the body.

The breath work as a path to expand and control pleasure and sexual energy.

Knowing sexual energy and how to move it in ourselves. 

Trying out edging to start to coordinate our Point of No Return on the men. Trying the sacred lock tool to generate energy orgasms on different parts of the body.

Tools of control: for erection, for plateau pleasure, expand sexual energy out of genitalia. 

Tools of expansion; breathing, awarenes of the no-emotional body inter-relation.

Phases of an Orgasm for the male.

Sustained Orgasm as the door to the Muti-Orgasmia on the man.


  • Dynamics to generate sexual energy to explore; the interrelation of body-mine and sexual arrousal
  • The primal need where does it end in order to start to take control over sexual energy.
  • Tantric Embodiment tools to control and expand
  • The techniques of the estimulare.…NON dual experience…
  • Recognising the erotical estimulare of others…. 
  • What is under the skin; marmas, erotical spots, talas and how to generate sexual energy.
  • The body, the skin: Non genitalic pleasure and Orgasms; erotical spots and orgasms and genitalic orgasms.
  • Lingam massage; control, edging and sustained plateau pleasure.
  • Pelvic area and pelvic floor massage and the interaction with the expanded orgasms.





16.00 hrs. Welcome and Introduction.

16.30 hrs. Xperience Eros, LIBIDO, Sexual Energy and Orgasm

18 hrs. Break: Tea , Water or Fruit.

18.20-20 hrs. ESTIMULARE and the phases of orgasmia


9.00   Tantra Kriya Yoga, feeling the senses

10.30 BREAK 10.45 the TOUCH and the SKIN ( The Subtle system); eros, senses, sexes and spirit

12.30 Break
12.40- 13.40 Recognise the capability of your body & sexual energy to create Orgasms and to induce them
14.20 Lunch 16.00 Touch, Expand and surrender
18.00 Break
18.20-20 hrs. Exploring your sensorial body as the base of Sexual arousal to generate orgasms


9.20  Nude Tantra Sensual Yoga …Orgasms & Energy
10.30 Break
10.45 Identifying Orgasmias                                                             

12.30 Break
12.40- 15  The driving weel 15.00

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Studio Campo Boario Viale del Campo Boario 4/a
Rome, Italy 


Remember that this is more than a workshop and the content is a practicum !

Cost: 320 euro

Deposit: 150 euros

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