active sexuality & Tantra Kriya Yoga :: Barcelona ::

Date: December 17, 2021 4:00 pm - December 19, 2021 6:00 pm

Location:  Tantra Spiritual Fitness, Carrer d'Aribau, 124, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

active sexuality & 

Tantra Kriya Yoga

Introduction to the

Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality

:: Barcelona, Spain ::  December 17 – 19 . 2021  ::


Sexualidad activaBARCELONA


The Experience

This is part of the introduction to the Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality. A professional training that embrace a deep understanding of  Tantra.
It has the objective that you learn and practice the knowledge of the Bodywork & Tantra Kriya Yoga and how works in the Active Sexuality of the Human Being. 

We will pursue that you enlighten yourself & reach knowledge about how tantra kaula works with the energies of the body, modulate them, used them for enjoying life !!


CU points: 3 Study accreditation points at The Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality

Syllabus and practicum to be seen:

1. Tantra the holistic frame.

What is tantra in the holistic frame¿
The purpose of Tantra with in your holistic practice¿
Why is consider an holistic structure ?
Resonance theory and its importance within Tantra.
Energetical system of the body,at physical, psychological and sexual level.
Sexual energy stages: Root, Sacred, Co-Creation
Intentions on the handling of the energies.
Difference between sexual & Sacred energy

What will you achieve with tantra at physical, mental, sexual & spiritual level

2. Human Body within Tantra

  • Our bodies (Physical, energetically & Causal) as a vehicle to reach expansion & liberation to be one within yourself and the others. The importance to be present & conscious (awarenes state) 
  • Inducing awarenes, two main tools in Tantra:

a) Swahara Yoga ….
Learn to use Prana in your body.
Energy & Polarity
The use of Consious breathing & Chakra Base Breathing
Use nadis on breathing, Kumbaka & Pranayam as expansion of energy

b) The inter-relation of thoughts, energy & intention. Mind & Energy new ways to feel & talk with your body.

3. The importance of preparing your body, mind 6 energy.

Expansion & Liberation the power though out Tantra Kriya Yoga.

Elements on a Tantra Session:
– The Ritual & the resonance;
– Consious  & Chakra base breathing.
– The power of the sacred pump or lock( Mulabandha y Svadistana Banda) …. The inter-relation with sacred energy.
– Grounding and its importance (mother earth anclive) energy & meditation process.
– Tantraic & energy communication by Drista 6 pranic  syncronization.
– Kiranas Kriyas & energy flux by  shushumna
– Tantric Asanas art…micro-macro universe energy.
– Tantric kriya( pranayama, bandha , asana, movement, intention & energy flux) energy & awareness process.

– Energy gathering & its transformation: the use of kechari mudra & ajna mudra.
– The power of  Agni Sara, Vajrayana & Kali Bola. Vajroli Mudra in shaktis & shivas.

4. Energy on Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

The different kinds of energy & how to identify them. Physical, mental, sexual.
Sexual energy … the transition (sensorial , causal, intentional) Sacred Energy.

– Tantric meditation; the use of the prana, kumbaka & apana as power tool on the intention and the use of energy.
– Orgasms the unknown neighbours. Implosions & explosions.
– Energy Orgasms .& Multi-orgasmia.

5. The Importance of a Ritual 

-The power of the symbology, the universe and the sacred act.
– The Ritual within your sacred & mundane process.
– Ritualistic meditation on the  chakras

6. Sacred Sexuality and the Co-Creation Energy.

– Understanding Sacred Sexuality in its two dimensions
– The Sacred Technique of the energetical movement: touch, breathing, drista, sincronization of energy in a tantric session.
– How to use the sacred sexual energy as a healing tool.

7.- Tantric Massage

  • The ritual,the awakening of the sacred energy and the syncronization of energy.
    – The power of sen sibilization between eros & sacred energy.
    – Knowing the physical ands energetically body: Nadis, marmas, kama-marmas, blind marmas, talas, & chakras. 
  • Full body massage.
    -The importance of energy.
    – Face up massage & kama-marmas.
    – Discovering the accumulated energy: orgasm. From sexual  to sacred energy; full body orgasm and its power & transmutation of energy: From Sexual to Spiritual 

 ¿ Where ?

The workshop will be held in a wonderful venue at Tantra Spiritual Fitness, Carrer d’Aribau, 124, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Cost of the Seminar

270 eu. early bird (3 weeks before) / 240 eu. regular price / Meals and overnight stay are NOT included in the course price. ***For details on meals & overnight go to the end.



The clases will be from 8.30 hrs. until 18.00 hrs. during the 2 days, but Friday starting at 18.00hrs finishing at 20.30hrs. We will have break for Lunch and tea breaks.

To bring:
2 towels , one beach, one normal.
Sarong & a personal totem.
Olive oil .
Comfortable clothing. White cloths closure puja.

Cost 270 euros per person regular fee / 240 eur early price.

Does not includes meals and staying.


Information & Registration

Eduardo Concepción (Academic Secretary of Be.Tantric Institute)

+34 679380792