What can i expect from a Tantra massage session?

  • Relaxation
  • Tantric breathing
  • Activation of sexual meridians
  • Kundalini Lingam/Yoni massage
  • Multi-orgasmia

Individual Tantra session.

The word “session” is used because it is more than just a massage. As a Sadhak, you do not remain passive. You are on the path to learning Tantra, moving your Prana with a Tantrika, discovering that your body and energy from one system. Moreover, you will need to do mudras and bandhas, and meditate to alter your flow of energy.

Ultimately discovering the divine within you....

There are 5 basic different Tantra sessions on true mantra’s methodology. With the objective that you can learn in a safe, sacred and joyful way about your body, your sacred energy and what Tantra can bring to your life.

Every session last for approximately two hours.

Anand & each one of the TrueTantra Net practioners apply the same methodology as part of the Tantra Kahula Initiation traditions. TrueTantra Methodology has a unique protocol and ethics that allows having a respectful and holistic experience out of Tantra.

Initiation into Tantra.

  • The goal is to achieve utmost relaxation whilst simultaneously allowing yourself to connect to your sacred energy, which is set to work all over your body. In other words, this session enables you to get in touch with your own body.
  • You will start to feel the subtle energy produced by the strokes and the energy intentions of the Tantrika.
  • You will experience the power the ritual has on your mind and body and at the same time learn the power of Tantra breathing. Imagine that every part of your body is touched, consciously touched with the divine intention of awakening your body.
  • Once your body is awakened, the Tantrika starts the Kundalini massage, which is performed on the Lingam (penis) and the Sacred Zone (anal cavity). This massage aims to make you understand what Sacred Energy is and how you can experiment with your body (multiple orgasms for both men and women) and teach you to control your sexual energy. With the Lingam massage we first physically stimulate the whole penis and then elevate you sexually energy almost to the point of no return. The Sacred Zone is activated at five sexual points, in order to induce multiple orgasms. You will experience inner orgasm; retro-ejaculation, KY orgasm; corporal orgasm, exquisite pleasure (mini-orgasm lasting between two and four seconds) and full body orgasm (big draw). The latter allows us to redistribute your sexual energy from the genitalia to your whole body. This process is performed three times in order to generate sufficient sexual energy to bring you you to a state of relaxed awareness. Indeed, when Tantra is carried out correctly you do not need to release your energy. The state of mind you will have at the end of the session is roughly compared with nothing... You can attain a state of relaxed awareness, a state of bliss or just the state of being yourself.