ignite body & energy
A milenary practice designed to harvest, manipulate, transform & transsmute life force energy. Connect with your sexual energy to vibrate your life in a whole complete diffrent way
the practice
pranayama technology meditation & manifestation
bodyawareness inner bodywork
energy, relaxation & empowerment
Prana technology
When you expereince how by simple pranayam you can shif an state of awareness and the embodiment related to your psyque thats where the USE of PRANA works.
Sexual Energy Embodiment
This technology is capable to go in different levels in your body . From the physical aspect to the spiritual aspect. We can work the emptional body as well by chakras !! This allows you to have a swift change in your life!!
Transform yourself
Sexual Energy is the cocreative energy that resides in first & second chakra.Tantra Yoga uses this energy to unblock, to liberate but also to give you a unique life living experience in every asana that you do

the Sharing by.....

Anand Rudra
Having more than 20 years of life living experience on Tantra & Tantra Kriya Yoga as a teacher & practitioner. Brings this time the opportunity to unfold the teachings of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga on Line. He holds 200 Yoga Alliance , 950 hrs YACEP. Director of EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals)
Mexican living in Europe. International Relations Laywer and with more than 2 graduate degrees he is dedicated to the Tantra Kaula for the last 2 decades.
Marcelo Sanchez
Born in Spain, educated in France, worked in London and Paris; now in love with Italy and Living in Milano. Academic lawyer, graduated in an MBA to explore luxury branding marketing, he dedicated 14 years of life to the fashion industry (Prada, Armani, Bulgari). Over the years, the professional dedication was feeling more and more vain. At the edge of a personal burnout, he quit his life in Europe to sink into Yoga, Meditation, and Traditional Tantra in Asia. “The alchemy worked for me, I experienced an amazing shift. Now I feel the need to share the precious gift; practices and knowledge, freedom, and self-empowerment.“!
Mikkel is educated as ATKY facilitator by Anand Rudra. He is practicing different forms of yoga (especially hatha) and has attended workshops in massage therapies, breathwork, tantra, de-armoring, sharing circles and participated in many silent retreats with meditation and satsang. During daytimes, Mikkel works as a Medical Doctor in the field of Clinical Sexology with a focus on different evidence-based psychotherapies. He is also a research facilitator and works with the body-mind connection, mindfulness, breathwork, sensate focus and pelvic floor exercises among others. He has a strong interest in the depth and intricacies of human experience, believing that each of us has the potential for deeper connections with our Self and others.


:::: October 19th ( MONDAY - LUNES)  7am-8am ( CET ) Madrid, Spain TIME by   ANAND
Understanding the power of the Asana / Entendiendo el poder de la Asana

:::: October 20th (TUESDAY - MARTES ) at 7 am to 8 am (CET ) Madrid, Spain TIME by  ANAND
Awake the Body Senses / Despierta tus Sentidos

:::: October 21st  (WEDNESDAY - MIERCOLES ) from  7-8 am (CET ) by ANAND
Tridosha EXperience

:::: NEW NEW October 22nd ( WEDNESDAY  ) from 7-8 PM  (CET ) by MIKKEL
Ancient Tantra Kriya yoga in DUOS :: intention-co.creation

:::: October 23rd (JUEVES - THURSDAY )   7-8 am (CET) by MARCELO
the Ayurvedic Tantric Path

:::: October 24th (VIERNES - FRIDAY )  (CET) 7-8 am by  ANAND
Discover the power within the Prana

:::: OCTOBER 25th (Sabado . Saturday ) 21h. (cet) by ANAND