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AUGUST 10 - 13

Explore Tantra,Sacredsexuality and Shamanism
Møn island, Denmark

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What we can do for you

We organize, regularly, events for tantra introductions, but also for going into a deeper level of Tantra. And of course the weekly Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga lessons!

Massage sessions
Experience a tantra massage session with one of our massage therapist. See what your body can bring you. Multi-orgasmia?.

Our therapists can help with sexual disorders like: lack of desire, absence of orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful sexual exchange.

Trainings Interested in becoming a tantra massage therapist or learn all the in’s and out’s just for fun? Look at our training opportunities,

Interview by Einar Sørbye

Shamanism and Life energy force. The importance of connecting and integrating 1st and 7th chakra in our body. It is a real pleasure to ...

Our online Spanish Tantra Course

In cooperation with Televisión Consciente we made an online Kaula Tantra course. At the moment it is only available in Spanish.
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