Master en Supra Sacred Sexuality

Professional Training  &  Self Growth Active Practice

by Anand Rudra & TrueTantra Team



LEVEL I Fundamentals on Supra Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

:: Practitioner Diploma ::


LEVEL II Professional Core Studies

:: Specializations & Facilitating Experiences, The Instructor Certificate ::


LEVEL III Active Sacred Sexuality Therapy

:: Master Diploma, Therapy Certification & Thesis ::


This Master that is online but also in presence goes beyond the study of old-fashioned Tantra & Sexuality, in these moments we need to understand the needs of our society from a different perspective. When we refer to Supra Sacred Sexuality is to go deep in a pragmatical way on how Ancestral Tantra Technology and New Sexuality can come together to give you a clear view of how to put in practical terms Tantra (Active Sacred Sexuality) , how to embrace the need to grow up as human beings but at the same time have professionals that can hold and support a precise therapy for other ones.

We already have 3 generations in Europe & Latin America specifically of the Bodywork & Therapy areas through TrueTantra, EATP, and Be.Tantric. And more than 20 generations of Tantra Bodywork, Tantra Therapy Practitioners, Tantra Teachers, Tantra Kriya Yoga Teachers, and Tantric Orgasmic Shamanic Facilitators.

Today’s society requires new ways of learning and integrating, and it is possible to do so from a methodological framework that combines theoretical learning and incorporated practice in a playful and deep way.

We recover millenary science from Tantra Kaula, Tantra Shastra, Ancestral Tantra Kashmir and share it from a methodology composed of techniques that have an immediate effect to evolve as being at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, essential).

The idea to understand and practice Tantra can take not only years but centuries. Over more than 25 years of experience on Tantra Kaula, Tantra Kriya Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Multi-Orgasmia and Shamanism and other Mystic Methods had taken us to one particular area: to bring out the best of the people that are already doing Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.



The Master Degree to be offering it’s a long-term training to give you from the beginning the capability to start to give sessions and experiences.

It is divided in 3 parts:

Fundamentals on Supra Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. The Practitioner Level

This level will allow you to develop the idea as a practitioner on Supra Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. The requirements that we are putting together is because believe that these kinds of studies had to be taken as seriously as they can be, since there is an intrusion on this field we want that this becomes a reality-based professional practice and endeavor for you!

As a rigor, you will need to assist to the basic training workshop that can be done online or in presence. This one gives the spectrum of what the Master will offer to you and where to start heading in your specialization.

Then you will need to complete 3 basic certifications.

After that, you will need to develop an essay of 10 pages regarding the Sacred Sexuality topic applied to a normal circumstance.

Each of the modules that we are offering can be taken on your own time online and part will be done in presence.

Professional Core Studies (specializations & facilitating the experience; instructor level)

When we study this kind of training most of the times, we stay in a general knowledge that does not allow us to really understand the essence of the practice. This part of the Master will take you to specialize on one professional certification and take the two levels of the Active Sacred Sexuality.

Besides this academic and practical effort, we will pursue that you made at least 5 reports of one on one practice. One mini-workshop on yourself with the supervision of Anand or one of the Betantric Teachers. Two assistantships to Anand´s workshops, retreats or training.

Develop the structure of a workshop of your own creation with one of your specializations with a combination of a 10 essay workshop that gives theory and practical framework.

Active Sacred Sexuality Therapy ( Master Diploma Certification & Thesis )

This last module demands from you a more dedicated time in order that you can take your practice and your workshops to another level. You will need to finish the two courses on therapy, and start your thesis in one aspect of the Active Sacred Sexuality or Tantra. The thesis had to be delivered in the time of 10 months once started the first course on therapy. As part of the thesis, you will need to give a retreat with Anand around your topic. This retreat will need to be planned in advance by the supervision of Anand.


Who can do the MA?

  • Coaches, Therapists, professionals in health, education and any area related to the development of people and you want to differentiate yourself by handling a highly transformative tool.
  • Specialists in the area of massage therapy, tantra and / or sexuality.
  • If you are a Psychologist or are interested in knowing the human being on a transpersonal level.
  • Holistic specialists
  • If you are looking for a high-impact career path.
  • If you want to get away from the beliefs that limit your true “me” to express itself.
  • If you want to know who you really are.
  • If you want to learn tantric therapy


  • The formative model integrates the different aspects of the Human Being through theory and practice based on the five tools of Tantra Kaula and transpersonality. Within a framework that covers teaching hours and content according to the European Educational Area of Bologna.
  • Pranayama Tech (Swahara Yoga y Breathwork )
  • Movements & Postures (Yoga, Kriyas, Bandhas & Mudras)
  • Integrative Meditation. (estatic, pranayamic y active)
  • Ritualism ( handling space, energy & intention)
  • Conscious handling of the most powerful energy, the sexual. (co-creating, healing & sacred )
  • New Pragmatical approaches on new sexuality


Required & Optional Certifications


Fundamentals on Supra Sacred Sexuality and Tantra.

The Practitioner Level


Active Sacred Sexuality Certification Level One

Tantric Subtle System Certification


Prana Technology Certification

Teacher´s on Cobra Breath Certification

Tibetan Pulsing Certification

Multi Orgasmic Man Professional Training 120 hrs


Professional Core Studies

(specializations & facilitating the experience;

instructor level)


Active Sacred Sexuality Certification Level Two

Marma & Dearmouring Technology Certification

Specializations options:

Tantra Advance Bodyworker Training 200 hrs

Tantra Kriya Yoga Instructor 120 hrs

Tantra Kriya Yoga Teacher’s 220 hrs


Prana Technology Certification

Teacher´s on Cobra Breath Certification

Tibetan Pulsing Certification

Multi Orgasmic Man Professional Training 120 hrs


Active Sacred Sexuality Therapy

( Master Diploma Certification & Thesis )



Therapy on Active Sacred Sexuality I: Sexuality & Emotions

Therapy on Active Sacred Sexuality II: Psycho-Sexuality, Energy & Spirituality



  • A prior interview will be held as a prerequisite for acceptance to the program
  • Once the candidate is accepted into the program, they must fill out an application for registration and present the documentation that will be requested (official identification, Curriculum vitae, letter of intent)
  • At least the candidate will take an introductory workshop to the Master in Sacred Supra Sexuality

Diplomas & Certifications

  • It is very important to know that each certification validates you on the studies that you had coursed with us.
  • Until you finish the 1st level requirements , we will issue to you a Diploma on Practitioner on Supra Sacred Sexuality
  • Until you finish the second level on core studies we can give you a Diploma as Tantra Bodyworker & Supra Sacred Sexuality Facilitator
  • The Master Degre on Supra Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Therapy , its a Diploma Recognized by Anand Rudra, TrueTantra, EATP (European Ass. of Tantra Professionals) , Yoga Alliance ( YACEP & YA )


  • LUGARES : A determinar
  • Los webinarios se realizaran via ZOOM y quedaran grabados como material de apoyo. En algunas clases se requerirá la presencia de un modelo y en el caso de talleres presencial se requeriran 4 personas o mas.


Menthoring & Direction

by Anand Rudra


Graduated in International Relations, he has developed and studied the tradition of Tantra Kaula and Kriya Yoga for more than 15 years. Member of Yoga Alliance Reg. 200hrs / 600hrs YACEP 132184.

MA in North American Studies. MA in Law and Economics from UEA. Dip. Advanced Studies on European Studies

Raised under the shamanic culture and tradition of his father (Mexican shaman) and his grandmother (Yaqui doctor). Since he was young, he has been attracted to the esoteric world. He has trained in tarot, psychomagic, symbols, rituals, tantra, sacred geometry and shamanism.