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:: Tibetean PULSING ::

The Ancient techniques to awake & provoque life

December 13th-16th, 2018

:: The framework ::

  • Man since its origins had related himself to the life force energy that travels in our body to explain different layers of our health, psyche, emotions and the same life as it is.
  • Tibetans are not the exception as they based part of their traditional medicine on one system and concept of the “Subtle Life Essence” called BLA.

    • Bla beliefs and practices are complex and ambiguous, and to date have not been researched well enough to define a clear overview. The 30 seats of bla in the body, known as bla gnas, appear only in classical Tibetan medical and some astrological texts and are said to originate from the Indian Kalacakra Tantra. The Sherpa, Khumbo, Yolmowa, and Dolpowa, among whom anthropologists have witnessed bla rituals, belong to the en claved populations of the high Himalaya who have integrated Tantric Buddhism into their indigenous shamanic practices at various stages in history

• It is conceived as a triad of physiological principles:’respiratory breath’ (dbugs) & ‘vital force’ (srog); intellectual principles,’thought’ (yid) and ‘mind’ (sems). Astrology; srog (‘life force’), lus (‘body’), dbang thang (‘power’) and klung rta(‘good fortune’).

•In Tibetan medicine, bla is deeply interconnected with longevity, the ‘lifespan’ (tshe) and other ‘life forces’ (e.g. srog), as well as the vital principle of bringing forth radiance (mdangs ma).

Bla—as long as it remains in the body—is bound to a specific circulatory motion in relation to thirty places within the body (bla gnas).

•Himalayan folk traditions bla also has its external manifestations and extends into geographical and sacred landscapes. Bla “could have been part of a complex of beliefs which related clan territory to its sacred mountain and ancestors” . Blacan thus live in trees (bla shing), mountains (bla ri) and lakes (bla mtsho), and can also reside in precious stones such as the turquoise (bla g.yu).


-The Kaula as the base for the Tibetan Pulsing structure.

-The concept of Bla and the Pulsing of Life; the interconnection.
– The connection of the body with the BLA , calling the embodied experience

– The Triada and the Supra-Connection . – The flux of the BLA, is it subtle or not?

-Patterns on the RITES of calling the BLA into the body; breath, touch, sing and embodying it.

-The GNAS on the ritualistic ACT of calling the mother earth and the womb.

– The infinite movement of the BODY as the RIVER, calling the Essence and the SOUL.


– Orgasmic BLA where does it resides.
– Break the patterns of how to provoque LIFE and call the SEXUAL self.


– Kaula techniques within the Tibetan PUlsing Frame: BREATH, TOUCH & SOUNDS – Recognizing the BLA by the PULSE.
– Senso-Body Compression massage technique.
– Active Meditations.

– The Tibetan pulsing massage to prove life.
– The massage on the GNAS and how to induce BLA on the body 6 the SOUL. – Exploring boundaries of the Life FOrce energy on the womb.
– Sexual Energy & the awake of life
– Balancing LIFE the RIVER MASSAGE.

:::      Where ?

Brussels is a city that is very well connected and where the energy can be expanded in a unique way. This will be an urban retreat, so you can stay in a nearby hotel, but you can also choose to stay at Studio La Limite, where we work. Studio La Limite is a spiritual practice center, where arts, life, and different body practices find each other. Both a workshop center and a lively monastery, the Studio is a center for the encounter of therapeutic bodywork, spiritual development, and exchange. The studio has a strong atmosphere, nurtured by daily doses of intense spiritual work and sparkly encounters. Address: Rue de la Limite 93, 1210 Brussels (St.-Josse)

Cost of the Seminar

465 euro (390 euro for the course + 75 euro for the food). ***For details on meals & overnight stays go to the end NOTE


The classes will be from 9.00 hrs. until 18.00 hrs. during the 4 days, but Thursday we start at 10.30hrs finishing at 19.00hrs. We will have a break for Lunch and tea breaks.

To Bring

2 towels, one beach, one normal. Sarong, Stone or Jade Massage Stick for acupressure &. Olive or coconut oil. Comfortable clothing. Notebook, USB

:::: Staying at La Limite.

It is also possible to stay over at Studio La Limite, sleeping all together in the Studio space. We have 10 mattresses, you bring sheets/sleeping bag. To stay for the whole course (including Wednesday evening

and/or Sunday), you pay 30 euro. Please communicate directly to Studio La Limite to block your space to stay on the premises!.

All meals are vegan and freshly prepared. If you are staying at a hotel nearby, let us know if you join for breakfast.

:: Price for all meals: 75 euro ::

Deposit & Registration

Please reserve your place by sending a mail to once we get your reservation, you can pay 465 euro (390 euro for the course + 75 euro for the food) through PayPal, using the link studiolalimite/465 . or transfer the money to the account of THE MONASTERY vzw on BE67 7340 4388 0987, KREDBEBB. once we have received your payment (and only then!) your reservation is definitive.

If you would like to sleep over, you can pay when you arrive. please pay as soon as your reservation is confirmed. we only have limited spaces available.


13 (Thursday) 10:30 am - 16 (Sunday) 6:00 pm


Studio Al Limite

rue de la Limite 93, Brussels


Studio Al rue de la Limite 93, Brussels