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19may(may 19)8:00 am21(may 21)5:00 pmSacred Tools of Tantra. Immersion Retreat II, Hörby, SwedenCategory:Retreat,TrainingCountry:SwedenCity:Hörby (near Malmo)


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:: Sacred Tools of Tantra. Immersion Retreat II :: Hörby, Sweden

Forget about any tantra conception. This weekend you will see that tantra embodies breathwork, yoga, orgasmic energy & movement, active meditación, ritualism, shamanism, and sacred sexuality. That the power of tantra is to point out the tools that can deliver a life living experience. This course is designed to introduce you to the Tantra Life as a future masseur, therapist, leader, coacher or teacher on Tantra.

We believe that Tantra is not a subject by itself or just a practice or a belief system, as a science needs years of studying and embodied practice.

One of the main aspects, when you are beginning a transpersonal support coaching or therapy, is that you need to start to know yourself and begin to work in your own circumstances or situations that trouble mind, energy & body.

A transpersonal activity generates, must of the times, what we call “The Experience”. This one can deliver on us two main things a life living momentum that has an ending but also can generate a “Process”.

During several years we had found that the Tantra Masseur, Tantra Group Leader, Tantra Therapist, Sexologist or Sexual Coacher experience what we call “PROCESSING”. This experience is when you start to liberated yourself of blockages, mental behaviors, and start to expand mind and attitudes to your life. The main reason to have an immersion course within our training is because we will generate different experiences which you as a Tantra Transpersonal Professional you will be giving to your own clients. Therefore, you will need to start dealing with your own circumstances in order that you can hold the space and treat others.

The objective is that you know & understand how the sacred tools of tantra can deliver an experience and generate a process in yourself and the others and the importance of it!

The Theory Framework: action models and the intentions of this kind of Tantra are based on the Agama Books that belongs to the Hermetic and Sacred School of the Kaula. We will see the 5 basic tools of Kaula Tantra: Breathwork, Meditation, Ritualism, Bodywork (yoga) and sacred sexuality.

Kahula school does not have lineage and it is originated as a secret practice with the target that Tantra is used as a HOLOS in all levels of life. This process began over 5 thousand years ago on the Dravidian territory.

A basic approach to:

Understanding Tantra & Tantra Kaula are ?
What does for you?
Why can it be consider as a holistic practice?
Resonance theory and its importance in the tantra practice.Stages of the energy system on the human body

Physical & sexual pleasure is equal to energy
Difference between sexual & sacred
Expansion & liberation throughout the body
To be conscious & present; to be in awareness!
The prana in the body and how to use it
Conscious & Chakra base breathing, the base of the kaula system.
The body and the bodies understanding the Subtle Anatomy.
Bodywork & Tantra Kriya Yoga, facilitating the experience preparing your energy and your consciousness about the power of Tantra.

The use of AgniSara or Sacred Lock; mudras & bandas . Communicating to the chakras and the sexual energy.
Tantric Meditation; the use of the prana, kumbaka & apana as a tool on the intention and the orgasmia. The rite as a sacred process and as a way to create energy and micro- universes.

Tantric Massage & how the sacred energy open gates. Energy accumulation & orgasms: Full Body Orgasm and the big draw; from Sexual to spiritual.


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Venue & Co-Organization

:: Mia Michaela Nielsen ::
0045 42405870
Holby (near to Malmo) Sweden



Hörby is a very magical place since was one of the places where the Asatru was developed. With burials that are dated from the Bronze era and the energy of the Norse Mythology . The venue is close to enchanted woods and a lake, the perfect set to develop our work. There is plenty of beds, since the venue can accommodate more than 30 people.

We will gather at 9.30 am the first day to start at 10am ,
ending on Sunday at 18hrs.

3 towels; One beach, one normal & one hands size.
A sarong, Olive Oil (half litter), Neti Pot, Marine Salt
Comfortable cloths & Sandals
Note book & USB stick

White cloths for a Puja in the afternoon.


19 (Friday) 8:00 am - 21 (Sunday) 5:00 pm

Pay the deposit of € 200,00