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Cobra Breathing Training

Sacred Technology; Level ONE

Sintra, Portugal / June 15-18, 2017


This technology is a precious gift to humankind that comes from ancient times. The first stages of it come within the Dravidian culture. The conscious practice of handling the Prana is founded in its primitive form with them. There are different theories what have connected the development of this technology in other cultures and times; Atlantis, Lemuria and even the Sumerians.

The cobra breath is a tantric breathing and visualization technique. In essence, it is an energy-building breath. You can use it to awaken the creator’s energy (Kundalini) that lies in the first Chakra and start circulating her inside your body.
It is used to expand consciousness, and it can lead to states of bliss and joy. Moving kundalini energy through the body is also rejuvenating for organs and aiding cellular processes. It is a great preparation for meditation and sacred union rituals.

You can learn to amplify and transmute sexual energy becoming the choreographer of your life and energy.

In our times, the best-known method comes from Babaji, a Himalayan yogi of great power and wisdom. Kriya masters have said that a million disease-free years of life on this planet are required to evolve a perfected brain capable of experiencing Cosmic Consciousness. Kriya practice enables one to move at a much faster pace since each Cobra Breath produces one year of spiritual maturation.

The Cobra Breath pulls Shakti (or magnetic) energy into the spine, changing the electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid, allowing Kundalini to move up the spine. As the brain baths in this magnetized fluid, the nervous system is transformed, and you awaken to a new consciousness. Also stimulates directly the upper gland system; pineal and pituitary. This stimulation opens the Siddha system of the Subtile body; the capability of the human being to sharp the basic senses but also those ones that are hidden as intuition. In ancient times, it was a way to connect faster with the Paramatma (the super soul), with our divine, with inner wisdom and with the Supra-Conscious.


A technology that has been passed by oral tradition sometimes is difficult to be structured since every guru, master or school has their ways to build up a methodology, a belief system or a rite of passage regarding the sharing of the knowledge.

We dare to introduce a training that is not founded on a particular base but around different methods from Babaji to Tantra Kaula and Tantra Mishra.
We develop the training around the principle of become:

  • –  Practitioner (Level One & Two);
  • –  the sacred technology & the kriya ( retreat laboratory & facilitating experience )and
  • –  the master & the sharing (supervised research & practicum ):: THE PRACTITIONER ( Level ONE & TWO ) ::
    8 days in total; two retreats of 4 days each one.This part of this training is dedicated to unveiling part of the theory and part of the basic methods that are contained on cobra breathing.
    How to prepare the body, the mind, and the energy.
    The basic Mudras & Bandhas in the body.

    Understand the physical benefits and the energetically benefits.
    How the breath works in the biology of our body.
    The subtile body and the cobra breathing.
    Opening the Ajna and the interrelation with the Sexual Energy.
    Understanding the Siddhi system in general; clarity, consciousness, emotional cleansing and the detachment.

    The process of witness consciousness & the decoding of the ego What does spiritual evolution means.
    The daily sadhana preparation:
    Satya Kriyas

    Ha-Tha Guru Kula
    Tantra Kriya Yoga
    Pranayamic Meditations
    Honor your humanness. ~ Silence the self-critical voice.

    Break through your limitations. ~ Discover your magnificence.
    Blend the energies of Consciousness, Heart, and Sacred Sexuality. Prolong and deepen lovemaking. – generating & containing more sexual energy.
    Be truly Present with your beloved. ~ Feel ecstatic communion between souls.

    Transmute sexual LifeForce energy to rejuvenate your body and stimulate creativity.
    Discover your Unlimited Self as the creator of your reality and experience. Joyfully transform your reality so you can manifest your Soul’s intention. Celebrate your aliveness with song and dance and healing massage. You’ll find yourself playing with subtle energy, sharing energies with others, finding a sense of inner unity, feeling at one with God.

    This technique is an all-in-one empowering technique; a direct advancement towards your kundalini’s ascension. The Cobra-Breath is very natural. In order for the Cobra Breath to work, you will need strong sexual energy, in other words, strong chakras.

    :::: Prerequisites / Guidelines

    Cobra Breath is not for everyone, certainly, it is not for beginners. What you are unwilling to transform within your subconscious will be reinforced by any true Kundalini technique. The Taoists sometimes call this “circling the midplane.” You have to be ready to let go of that which no longer serves your higher interest.

    It will be a requirement to have an interview with TrueTantra Faculty Director, Anand Rudra.
    Here are some general guidelines:
    • Transmute your Karmic patterning – Karmic Patterns are old habits based on early

    childhood and adolescent trauma and imprinting. We accrue these patterns from our parents and family, persons we associate with in life, even birth trauma itself. Karma burning is best accomplished through deep meditation with a guru and, to some extent, through body-centered psychotherapy such as Bioenergetics. Truly understanding and transmuting the held energies of our Inner Child is essential. This requirement alone eliminates the vast majority of people.

    • Become Self-Responsible – Most people never do this. We prefer to see ourselves as helpless victims of circumstance and the actions of others. “You hurt me” “that thing you did made me so angry”; these “you” statements are an attempt to project responsibility onto others, thereby avoiding the hard work necessary to empower ourselves to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. If we blame others, we can never own our emotions and master our Self.

    • Be Present – We live in anticipation of the future while repressing aspects of our past that we don’t like. We shuttle back and forth between past and future, robbing ourselves of our life and re-creating old patterns of being.

    As Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Allowing our thoughts to travel indiscriminately between past and future is the scam we use to avoid doing our spiritual work and thereby staying in our dysfunctional comfort zone. True creation and spiritual evolution occur only in the moment.

    • Embodied Bodywork Experience. To work the body is to work with the subtle system. Therefore if you have an embodied practice will be a wonderful way to have had advance with the hard work of know yourself.
    • Once you have had the interview, you will have to have had two basic lectures before attending the first level.

    ::::: WHERE 

    Sintra is a very magical place and very special to the Iberic peninsula. It is surrounded by natural forest reservation and healing waters. The venue that will be hosting us, it is a beautiful rural house with that amazing energy of Sintra.

    We will gather at 9.30 am the first day to start at 10am ,
    ending on Sunday at 17hrs.

    Please bring the following:
    3 towels; One beach, one normal & one hand size.
    A sarong, Olive Oil (a half liter), Neti Pot, Marine Salt / Tongue Scrapper, Comfortable clothes, one set white clothes, & Sandals Notebook & USB stick

    Staying at Senhora de Azenha, limited to 12 people.
    :Meals and overnight stay are NOT included in the course price:

    *Package: Healthy Vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + healthy snacks * drinks and staying basic facilities for 25 per day. *Optional: Sheets & Towel 10 per person per weekend event
    You have to pay before the event.
    Please communicate directly to Senhora de Azenha to block your space! to stay on the premises! 


    This can be done in two ways. By Paypal or by Bank Deposit (wire Transfer). DO not include accommodation & Food.

    This can be done in two ways. By Paypal or by Bank Deposit (wire Transfer). DO not include accommodation & Food.

    *Cost … 390 euros *Deposit … 200 euros

    * PAYPAL LINK DEPOSIT: https://www.paypal.me/truetantraEU/200

    Deposit or Wire Transfer to:


    IBAN: NL11 INGB000 6803790

    TrueTantra can emit a diploma for this level only for those YOGA TEACHERS that would like to have a 30 hours contact and theory YACEP. You will need to submit a report with certain specifications to have the Advalorem Diploma This will have an extra 45eur cost.


(Thursday) 12:00 am - 12:00 am