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Tantra Ancestral Massages • Certification

December 6, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - June 29, 2025 @ 5:00 PM


We start on December 6 2023

Introducction on July

Archaic Revive

Technology :: certification ::

Time, Date and Location will be up soon.

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5 ancestral sacred methods to do bodywork & Energy healing

  • Kaula Sacred
  • Ancestral Kashmir
  • Tibetan Pulsing
  • Tantra Shastra & Sacred Orgasmia
  • Dearmouring by Marmas & Breathwork

8 days training for each massage

2 online theory class & 2 online life supervision

  • acknowledge ancestral ritualistic protocols
  • learn the power pranic power in each massage
  • the importance of the flux of energy
  • the intermission on the experience & the process
  • become a pro
  • learn unique tantra sessions
  • expertise your tantra massage


Tantra is one science, discipline and practice that had over 10 thousand years old. The roots of different modern practices and medicine structures as Siddha, Vedic, Tibetean and Chinese Medicine has part of their bases on Tantra. We choose to share and teach you 6 main ancestral massage & bodywork sessions that are not so known in our times.

Ancestral Tantra

Kaula, Mizra & Samaya were the 3 first sructured methods that originated part of what is modern Tantra. More than 3400 kinds of methods & believe systems conform the structure of what Tantra is.

The experience over 20 years on Tantra Kaula and other schools allow us to develop a based methodology and commercial protocols of 6 different ancestral tantra massages & bodywork sessions. We designed a client base protocol, ritual, sacred space, bodywork (experience & healing), closure and follow up.

  • Business Gateway in August 2022 developed a market study on Alternative & Complementary Therapy market. The greater focus on preventative care from the NHS is expected to increase demand for allied healthcare services over the next five years. Industry revenue is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 3.4% over the five years through 2026-27 to reach £5.6 billion. People aged between 45 and 64 account for 25.3% of industry revenue. The specialist nature of many industry services means that higher income households spend more on allied health services compared with lower income households, which is reflected in the age group contributing most to industry revenue. (IBISWorld, Allied Health-Care Services in the UK, March 2022).
  • 73% of stressed adults in the UK have experienced more stress than usual since the pandemic. The continued impact to the unemployment rate until after 2022 will continue to impact stress and wellbeing in the coming years. 65% of stressed adults have looked for more ways to de-stress and unwind since the pandemic and 55% have learned more about wellness, offering opportunities for businesses to innovate in wellness products and services. (Mintel, Managing Stress and Wellbeing UK, September 2021).
  • Traditional and complementary medicine practices of acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic, herbal medicines, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and Unani medicine are used by the population in the United Kingdom. An estimated 20–39% of the population uses herbal medicines. T&CM providers practise in public and private clinics and hospitals. (WHO Global report on traditional and complementary medicine 2019. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2019).

After the pandemia, the inner journey to take care of ourselves had increased not only in practices as Yoga, Meditation or healthy food. But society got closed to alternative and sacred aspects of our existence and this had put to review ancestral and tribal medicine. In sacred medicine, we are taught that traditional medicine practitioners, and those with the titular veneration of healer (Dhakas -Dakhinis), are people who are deeply connected to the Spirits of the land and thus are able to connect with those who seek them out for healing facilitation. One of the many skills these practitioners possess include being able to perform a spiritual & energy cleaning, balance of the body, mind & spirit.

Part of the training is to understand this part of the massages to give you a unique approach to other part of the experience the healing.



One of the most ancestral technologies to move, unblock & liberate energy. Kaula is the base for the healing estructure of the Dakhas & Dhakinis.

Learn a session that takes aways energy blockages, connects all your body(es) of the being, teach you to understand your sexual energy & how is linked to Multi-Orgasmia.

A Kaula session involves the acknowledgement of the Divine meaning that you will learn a ancestral ritual to awake it.

  • Breathwork
  • Sacred Sexuality & Touch
  • Ritualism
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

The rite is the gate to know the particularity of the subtle system where life force energy circulates. You will discover how to connect with chakras, meridians and marmas with the objective to awake the bodies of the being and how interrelates with sexual energy .

The magic of the sexual energy interrelated with the bodies of the being is something that Kaula technology can develop. On top the combination of Prana, Sexual energy and orgasms generates a whole unique experience far beyond any thing!

This session last around 2 hours. We will explore not only full body massage but also manipulation on first and second chakra areas (Yoni / Lingam Massage)



  • Breathwork
  • Vocalization
  • Sacred trance
  • Opening the subtle sytem of the body
  • Endemic layers of touch

Ancestral Kashmir has the target to awaken the bodies of the being and take you a deep trance state of awareness.

Learn a session that will open the meridians of the body where life force energy circulate. Once they are open and stimulated the receiver can unblock and liberate blockages and issues that are store in different bodies. When at the session is applied an intention from the heart of sexual energy the receiver is taken to a different dimension.

We will understand how the receiver enters in vulnerability state that allows the session from being and experience to become a therapy. We will review how the meridians and the chakra system help us to create a flow of diffrent levels of energy.

Prana and vocalization are techniques that enhance 10 times deeper this kind of touch. We will review the protocols of 3 different approximations of the same session . Allowing you to have 3 different massages!

This session last around 2 hours. We will explore not only full body massage but also manipulation on first and second chakra areas (Yoni / Lingam Massage).


Tibetan Pulsing

  • Pranic Breathwork
  • Sacred pulsation
  • Blah movement
  • Marmas, Chakras & subtle system
  • Medicine to awake & provoque life

Man since its origins had related himelf to the life force energy that travels in our body to explain different layers of our health, psyche, emotions and the same life as it is.

Tibeteans based part of their traditional medicine on one system and concept of the “Subtle Life Essence” called BLA.

The session is conceived as a triad of physiological principles:’respiratory breath’ (dbugs) & ‘vital force’ (srog); intellectual principles,’thought’ (yid) and ‘mind’ (sems). Astrology; srog (‘life force’), lus (‘body’), dbang thang (‘power’) and klung rta (‘good fortune’).

We will understand how the receiver can awake and liberate life. The pulsation is aunique technique that is comparable to reinitiate the existence of the person in diffrent parameters.

We will learn the pulsationon the GNAS and how to induce BLA on the bodies. We will explore the boundaries of the Life Force energy & energy orgasmia on the womb and other parts of the subtle system. We will embody the role of the Sexual Energy & the awake of life.

This session last around 2 hours. We will explore not only full body pulsation massage but also manipulation on first and second chakra areas (Yoni / Lingam Massage).


Shastra Sacred Orgasmia

  • Pranic Breathwork
  • Sacred energy movement
  • The 3 rivers & the 5 bodies & subtle system
  • Allow the power of the energy to be manifested

Energy is the impulse that is able to generate a movement or a transformation. Shastra is a technique that allows you to move sacred energy in the physical body with in interconnection with the emotional & energetical bodies. Everything that we experience in life is register in pur bodies, Shastra is the capability to move energy from one place is your body to another one. You can unblock, liberate, awake, transform or transmute any kind of energy that can intervine in a normal life!

This session has the target to generate Mukta (liberation) the main 3 rivers or Nadis area fundamental part of the session. The liberation of any attachment or blockage come tobe at the Ajna and the mooladhara chakras. The handling of the energies allow to work in the different bodies and chakras of our own existence. The Mukta starts to happen when you activate the 5 bodies:In the body there are five kośas or sheaths—anna- maya, prāṇ a-maya, mano-maya, vijnāna-maya, ānanda- maya, or the physical and vital bodies, the two mental bodies, and the body of bliss.2 In the first the Lord is self-conscious as being dark or fair, short or tall, old or youthful. In the vital body He feels alive, hungry, and thirsty. In the mental bodies He thinks and under- stands. And in the body of bliss He resides in happi-ness.

This session last around 2 hours. We will explore not only full body pulsation massage but also manipulation on first and second chakra areas (Yoni / Lingam Massage).


Dearmouring by Marmas-Breath

One of the most deep methods to heal, unblock & liberate any kind of densities. De-Armouring is the process of removing the protective shielding we create in our lives which are a result of blockages created by trauma, negative thought-patterns, conditioning and exreme experiences we have had. While this protection obviously is there to help and guide us, and ultimately save us. it also hinders life-force from flowing freely throughout the body – ultimately hardening and desensitizing it.

In Tantra, we understand that life force energy moves in a Subtle System which is connected to our Psyche, behavior, biology and most of it to the development of us as human beings and our spiritual journey. Chakras, nadis, talas, marmas and grantis are the structure within our body.

Dearmouring of First & Second chakra. The idea of genital, the shushumna and the connection to supraconsious. The marmas that un lock sexuality and its communication. The kama-nadis and how to ignite them. The Ashwini as door to emotional releases in the process of sexuality. The sexual energy as key to heal and unlock…the Dakhini techniques.

Unfold the emotional dearmouring and create new energy in disposition.

This session last around 2 hours. We will explore not only full body pulsation massage but also manipulation on first and second chakra areas (Yoni / Lingam Massage).







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Base Price
Every Ancestral Massage Certification will have a BASE PRICE which includes the training, online classes and supervision. They do not include accommodation or meals neither transportation. In the case of the Kaula training both dates will be at Costa Blanca Explore Hotel which we will be having the opportunity to have room and meals in the same premises. In the case of Sevilla is an urban training and you will have to look for an acomodation and we will try to get a restaurant to facilitate to us the lunch.


December 6 @ 8:00 AM
June 29, 2025 @ 5:00 PM