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Shamanic-Tantric Training • Sacred Intimacy • Tibetan Technology

September 15, 2023 @ 6:00 PM - September 17, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

Shamanic-Tantric Training

Sacred Intimacy • Tibetan Technology

Intro to the 64 arts of LOVE

Event link (for tickets and info): https://tuiteraz.eu/en/component/jem/event/1961-wprowadzenie-do-tybetanskiej-sztuki-milosci-namietnosci-i-bliskosci-dla-singli-i-par-nowe-kawkowo

The objective of this experience is to develop a process through which the person can find communion between intimacy, pleasure and the spiritual path. The erotic and mystical art of making enjoyment and pleasure to créate a gateway to the development of knowing who we are, going from duality to unity and connecting with the supra-consciousness; It is something unique and singular.

You will experience a technology based on an idea of the intimacy and conscious primitive awareness to a Sacred Spiritual Sexuality and connection to the evolution of your being with yourself and with the other.

There are 64 arts derived from the opposite of what the Kamasutra Indu pursued, it is not only the pleasure controlled by the asana of union and stimulation, they are direct arts that are applied to open the sexual-spiritual emotionality

It is common to think that there is only one book of the Kama-Sutra, (Pleasure- Rules) but the reality is that there are several. Each one served as a guide to order and regulate the sexual practices of India in the 3rd century after Christ. It must be taken into account that one of the objectives of the Sutras was to regulate all aspects of Hindu life among the different social classes and castes, such as religion, morals, ethics and the public practices of tantra. These guidelines developed by the political, religious and caste authorities became the basis for writing various books (or Sutras), dedicated to regulating love and pleasure. Of these, the best known is that of Vatsyaanyana Mallanaga, as it was the most popular and the only one that was translated into English.

The diaspora of the tantric practice due to persecution and the same sutras as an activity generated in other regions such as Tibet a specific practice not so much to regulate but to understand the path of energy, eros and bodies through the Bla (the vital energy of being) and the dynamic pulsation of sensual and sexual energy and its true connection to source.

64 artseros, passion and sacred sexualityThe Way of Satori The practice goes from gender equity and it does not matter if it is between two women, two men, a woman and a man. The development of this type of Kamasutra entails for both embodying assertiveness and active receptivity.

The 8 areas of expansion of the Tibetan Kama-Sutra

::: hugs ::: Bezos

::: Poking and Scratching
::: To bite
::: Pressure and Comprehension
::: Voice and Erogenous Sounds
::: ROL exchange and prospecting
::: Ways of Copulating and moving the energy within the Sexual Sacredness.

The entrance to the Tibetan Maithuna: Friction, Non-mobilization, Energization, AbsorptionFor each of these areas there are another 8 fundamental practices with which 64 love arts are made up:

Tibetan Kamasutra support techniques

::: Agni Sara as a tool for potentiality, containment and energetic multi-orgasmy.

::: The technology of the Tibetan Pulse as an element of orgasm and expansion of the bodies

::: The use of Pranic embodiment in the act of Touch, eros, sensuality and sexuality

::: The Respiratory and Visual Pranayamas as orgasmic catalysts.

::: The sensory deification of the KAMA

::: The classification of the Personality of men and women through the typology of the Yoni and the Lingam. The art of reading the person before developing the spirit.

You will require:

Comfortable Clothes, Sarong, Beach Towel, Small Hand Towel, Underwear that is erotic for you and if you come with someone for your companion, mouthwash, coconut oil, swimsuit.


September 15, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
September 17, 2023 @ 5:00 PM