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s3xplora • Tibetan Kamasutra 4men • South Africa

November 16, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - November 19, 2023 @ 5:00 PM



Tibetan Kamasutra 4men

South Africa • Sima Kade Magaliesburg


Link for the workshop: https://workshops4men.co.za/tibetan-kama-sutra-international-workshop/

Event PDF: Tibetan Kama Sutra 4 men v3


This retreat reflects how men can reconcile sexual pleasure with their spiritual journey.
Although we often associate the Kama Sutra with a single book of pleasure rules, there are, in fact, several texts, each serving as a guide on how to regulate and establish rules for sexual practices in ancient India. It is important to remember that one of the main purposes of the Sutras was to govern Hindu ways of life, including religion, morality, ethics, and public tantra practices, among other aspects, within different castes and classes.
This inclination, developed by political, religious, and caste authorities, served as the basis for several books (or Sutras) dedicated to regulating love and pleasure. The most well- known book is the one written by Vatsyayana Mallanaga, as it is one of the only texts translated into English and has gained widespread popularity.
However, the focus of our discussion in the Kama Sutra is specifically on male-to-male relationships.
The original text of Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra mentions that
two men who are considered citizens can engage in sexual relations, but only within the context of specific physical places that were built and operated for that purpose and under certain rules.
These rules include the concept of the “third nature,” which refers to a person who wears female clothing and provides oral sex to men. In addition, some masseurs provided oral sex to citizens. During that time, some medical scriptures viewed masculinity in a woman, femininity in a man, and fellatio as sexual pathologies.
In his opinion expressed in the Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana approves of and describes how to perform oral sex, but only when a sexual servant carries it out. This activity is based on a submissive-authority relationship, which involves moral codes.


Exploring the 64 Tibetan Practices for Spiritual & Sexual Connection Between Men

Vatsyayana advised high-ranking Brahmin castes (including priests), educated men, government officials, and important people to avoid oral sex. However, this prohibition is not absolute, as there are certain circumstances in which it is permissible. For instance, if a very young servant performs fellatio on another man, it is not considered a problem. Additionally, for two men to have sex with each other, one of them must be dressed as a woman and belong to the same caste. Finally, a woman must be present for two men to engage in caresses.As we can see, there are many rules related to this topic. However, after the purge of the Sutras and the persecution of Tantra, sexual practices were taken
to other countries, such as Tibet. From this process, tantric Buddhism developed its own meanings and created its own manuals and rules. These practices aimed to regulate the link between pleasure and enjoyment with spiritual liberation.
During this retreat, we will explore the content and practices contained in the Kama Shastra (part of the Kama Sutra), Active Sacred Sexuality within Tantra Kaula, and the 64 Tibetan practices in the art of loving between men.

The practice of Buddhist and tantric Vajrayāna involves using the Vajra, which means thunder or diamond and represents something that cannot be destroyed, utilizing masculine energy. While this practice is forbidden in mainstream Buddhism as it can lead to rapid attainment of Supra- Consciousness, it is permissible in Tantra Kaula and other schools.
In this part, we will explore how EROS defines the primitive Vajra and its significance in understanding the objectives in life for men who seek to unify with other men.

A Tibetan perspective on the objectives in life

Man, in his purest form, seeks to achieve various objectives in life according to the Tibetan perspective. These objectives include:
• Dharma, the virtuous way of living
• Artha, material prosperity
• Kama, aesthetics, and erotic pleasure
• Moksha, liberation leading to
pure satisfaction state

Erotic Touch
Understanding the power of consciousness in touch, using Vajra techniques, is one of the most powerful tools that a man can learn. It allows one to harness the power of touch and the mind to achieve a higher state of pleasure and connection.

Your identify as a man
How do you identify as a man based on your lingam, emotional capacity, sexual prowess, and ability to connect with your energy?
Lotus Painting Long Seashell Elephant

Beauty & Physique

We often judge ourselves based on physical attributes and personality, but these ideas are merely preconceptions and old paradigms. The Tibetan perspective teaches us to understand our attributes as Naropa did and how to use them to connect with others.

Vjara Capability

The other perspective on sexuality is that it is not just about physicality but also about the breathwork and virility of the individual. This includes the yogi capability, masculine primal instinct, sensibility in hugging and caressing, and serenity and energy orgasms.

Everything Is On The Mind & Passion

Sexual desire and emotional love are intertwined with one’s willingness to surrender and follow their inclinations. It is about complete surrender to the moment and being present in one’s passion.

The Art of Love and Kama Sutra

The Power of Hugs
Discover the force of eros and sexual energy through eight embraces.
The Body
Learn how to caress, touch, and kiss your way to ecstasy.
Erotic Puja on Hands & Feet
Explore the sensual potential of hands and feet.
Erotic & Lingam Massage
Discover how to spread sexual energy throughout the body.
Pinching & Scratching
Learn about erotic seals, marks, and lingam stimulation.
Rosebud Stimulation
Explore the delicate art of rosebud stimulation.
Tibetan Kama Sutra
Discover Moksha by releasing tension through a series of postures.
Sacred Union – The Divine Play
Explore the journey from ecstasy to cosmic ejaculation.

Attending the retreat

Your investment for this retreat:

US$ 685 / € 620 / R12 500 per person. A concession for South African citizens is available.

To partake in the retreat, please follow the link below to our online application form.


We offer convenient options
to make your payment: PayPal, Euro (Bank transfer), ZAR (EFT) or credit card. If you pay via PayPal, you can securely use your credit card, bank account, or PayPal balance. Note that we will charge an additional 5% processing fee for this option. This pocessing charge is also applicable to normal credit card payments. Alternatively, we accept payments via bank transfer if you prefer
to pay in ZAR. Further payment information will be provided once you complete your application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Johan Muller on WhatsApp: +27 83 286 1891.

We look forward to welcoming you to our retreat.

To attend, visit the link below:



Sima Kade Bush Retreat In the words of the owner

Sima Kade (Tree of Life) is nestled in a private valley in Magaliesburg. Built using stone and wood from the valley, the three separate, self-catering venues mimic the surrounding environment, flowing from forest to river-side to grass along stone pathways. Designed as sustainable off-grid retreats for total immersion in the natural environment, Sima Kade
is truly at one with its surroundings. The venues are ideal for groups, ceremonies, outdoor enthusiasts, retreats and private, secluded stays.

We have small, medium and large venues with the capacity for romantic weekends away for two, intimate gatherings of friends or workshops with large groups of guests and facilitators.

This valley hosts a cornucopia of indigenous plant and animal life, thriving on a river of natural spring water that flows from waterfalls and rock pools down into forests and small gorges.

Walking paths allow for day excursions around the valley along the tall cliffs and into our beautiful forested amphitheatre. The night sky provides a clear view of the stars. The valley has a cosy ambience, surrounding the tranquil venues with plush green slopes in summer and warm golden grasses in winter – looking out over the Magalies Valley rolls up against its famous southern cliffs.

The Sima Kade Valley has a few good walks, short hikes, a rock pool and a mini-waterfall. The valley’s beauty lies in its secluded habitat of plants, animals and trees, enclosed by cliffs and a sloping valley that leads to the bubbling natural stream.

Magaliesburg has a variety of activities and adventures, from hikes, cycling/running trails, game drives, balloon rides, historical sites, markets, restaurants and breweries.



Anand is originally from Mexico but has lived in Europe for 12 years. He has a background in International Relations Law. He holds three Master’s degrees in North American Studies, Mexican-US Relations, and Law & Economics of the European Union, and a PhD in Security Studies from the European Union. An entrepreneur and advisor for International Public Policy and Diplomacy, Anand is also involved in Public Policy.

Having been raised in a shamanic culture by his father, a Mexican spirit and shaman, and his grandmother, a Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman, Anand has been attracted to the esoteric world since he was young. He has studied tarot, psychomagic, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry, and shamanism as a hobby. Additionally, he is a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Arhanta Yoga School System practitioner.

Johan Muller is a bodyworker, TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) coach and retreat facilitator specialising in working with men and same-sex couples. He uses body-based techniques to help clients release trauma, tension, and stress, creating a safe and healing environment. Johan may use massage, somatic experiencing, body-based mindfulness, and TRE to release stored tension and trauma, which activate the body’s natural tremor mechanism.

As a coach, Johan Muller helps clients develop an awareness of their body sensations, emotions and thought patterns related to trauma or stress. He guides them in processing their experiences and developing healthy coping strategies to manage stress and trauma.

As a retreat facilitator, Johan Muller creates safe and supportive
spaces for men and same-sex couples to explore their emotions, relationships, and personal growth. Retreats include body-based practices, experiential exercises, and group discussions to promote self- awareness, healing, and transformation.

Johan Muller tailors his work to meet the unique challenges, dynamics, and traumas faced by men and same-sex couples. He empowers clients to reconnect with their bodies, emotions, and authentic selves, supporting their journey towards holistic well-being and personal growth.

Bodywork for Men


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November 16, 2023 @ 8:00 AM
November 19, 2023 @ 5:00 PM