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64 Arts of Love • Tibetan Kamasutra Sacred Intimacy • Level 2

November 3, 2023 @ 5:00 PM - November 5, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

64 Arts of Love

Tibetan Kamasutra Sacred Intimacy

Level 2 


Sacred Tibetan Intimacy reaching SATORY ::: Tibetan Kamasutra 02 :::
By Anand Rudra

“It is a combination of esoteric and practical ancient Buddhist wisdom, useful to all who try to fully realize the spiritual value of sexual pleasure.”

We invite you to an exciting advanced tantric workshop dedicated to the Tibetan Art of Love and Sacred Spiritual Sexuality. This journey is a continuation of the first level of this course and allows for a deeper understanding of Sacred Intimacy in the terms of the Tibetan Kama Sutra. Therefore, the level of intimacy will be higher.

During the classes, we will learn the next levels of the Tibetan Art of Love, different from the Indian KamaSutra, and subsequent messages from the “Treatise on Passion” by the Buddhist monk Gendyn Chopel.

The aim of this workshop is to experience a deep process through which we can find the connection between closeness, pleasure and the spiritual path. Erotic and mystical Tibetan arts of pleasure and pleasure will open the gates to development and knowledge of who we are, moving from dualism to unity and connecting with the superconscious.

During the workshop you will learn about Holy Spiritual Sexuality and many of the 64 Tibetan Love Arts, thanks to which you will open and discover your sexual and spiritual emotionality.


What we will learn during the workshop:


We will explore even more of the 64 arts of love in conjunction with the following topics:

We will learn how much the mind is a key factor in understanding pratibodha (mutual appreciation). The mind is linked to the process of primordial self-understanding in which we must embody desires, follow the lust, and then immerse ourselves in the passion of love

in order to embrace sacred intimacy.

We will explore the idea of presence as a source of unity and energy:

  • Intuitive energy field,
  • Emotional field,
  • Personal field,
  • Intimate sensual field,
  • Intimate sexual field,
  • Intimate spiritual field,
  • Recognizing what my boundaries are and what my limitations are,
  • Intimate communication and communion.

We will learn the keys to understanding:

  • the sourcing of our energy – its process: stimulation, eroticization, sensualization, sexualization and spirituality;
  • the flux of energy through the main channels – from the eyes, throat, heart, stomach, genitals and vice versa;
  • we will explore the art of sourcing mind and stimulation in both directions – from the recipient to the giver and from the giver to the recipient, in order to dislocate the polarization on Sacred Intimacy.

We will explore eight sacred ways of kissing.

We will discover that the senses are the gateways to self-knowledge, as well as the main source of pleasure and union. We will perform various rituals of Sacred sexual intimacy – from eating together, eye-gayzing (looking deeply into the eyes), feeling the second chakra and adoration.

We will learn the types of Males and Females according to the idea of the Holy Door. At the same time we will recognize and practice how the subtle system develops the ability to perceive our intimacy and sexual energy in order to develop orgasms.

We will get to know our Energy Bodies – chakras, nadis, marmas.

We will find out what it is:

  • Energetic intimacy
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Spiritual intimacy

We will understand the role of Orgasmia in the process of achieving the superconsciousness.

We will discover how we can empower our intimacy at a practical level through the chakra system:

  • First chakra (ashwini and pelvic floor, awareness exercises, breathing and self-touch).
  • Second chakra (the genital and intimacy; relationship with your genitals, how you treat them and how you perceive them).

We will experience the power of transferring sexual energy and orgasmic states to each part of the body.

We will develop the idea of sacred ritualism and sacred touch: embodiment and massage as a prelude to a sacred union.

We will explore the idea of profusion on Sacred Intimacy and the power to jump into supra-conscious.

We will understand Intimate Tibetan Pulsing, Tantric Sexuality and Intimacy. In this process we will identify eros, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality within one’s own affective sex relationship, towards others and towards the couple.

We will understand the expanded orgasmic states that the Tibetan Kama Sutra can bring.

We will delve into the ancient knowledge of the Tibetan idea of “Blah” energy:

“Blah” is as important as breath, life force, mind and power. In Tibetan medicine, Blah is closely associated with longevity and “time of life”. It is associated with a specific circulatory movement in thirty places in the body. Blah deeply affects the vitality of the body. It gives off its own light, which is visible through the glow and behavior of a person. The loss of Blah leads to melancholy, depression and indifference. Blah mastery means self-mastery.

We will get to know the idea of Blah in sexual pulsation, where it combines different dimensions in closeness, but also in the act of love. It shows how to reach the source of a person or his or her soul. We will discover Blah as one of the technologies of the Tibetan Kama Sutra – through the cultivation of Blah in intimacy and sexual energy and connecting it with the orgasmic state and with the Source.

Who is this workshop intended for:

  • For those who have completed the basic level of The Tibetan Art of Love, Passion and Closeness.
  • For people advanced in Tantra practice.

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The Tibetan Art of Love is based on the idea of intimacy and the ancient knowledge of Sacred Spiritual Sexuality. It teaches how to transform erotic passion into spiritual ecstasy. It englobes 64 Arts of Love, which are – for the most part – the opposite and the development of what the Indian Kama Sutra preached.

Tibetan tantra is not only about the pleasure conditioned by the position of the body and the sexual act itself, but about the depth of sensations on all levels – from physical to spiritual. In love relationships and sexuality, Tibetan Tantra emphasizes the psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of love.

It is common to think that there is only one book of the Kama-Sutra, Pleasure-Rules, but the reality is that there are several. Each one served as a guide to order and regulate the sexual practices of India in the 3rd century after Christ. It must be taken into account that one of the objectives of the Sutras was to regulate all aspects of Hindu life among the different social classes and castes, such as religion, morals, ethics and the public practices of tantra. These guidelines developed by the political, religious and caste authorities became the basis for writing various books (or Sutras), dedicated to regulating love and pleasure. Of these, the best known is that of Vatsyaanyana Mallanaga, as it was the most popular and the only one that was translated into English.


In later periods, communities of tantra practitioners moved from India to other areas. This was, among other things, the result of numerous persecutions. Sutras and other tantric practices have thus spread to new regions, including Tibet. However, tantra practice was no longer about a set of sutras as social norms, but rather about learning how to manage sexual energy in the body through the energy of being, the dynamic pulsation between sensual and sexual energy, and a deep connection with Source.

We will learn the 8 areas of expansion of the Tibetan Kama-Sutra:

  • Hugs
  • Bezos
  • Poking and Scratching
  • To bite
  • Pressure and Comprehension
  • Voice and Erogenous Sounds
  • Role exchange and prospecting
  • Ways of moving the energy within the Sexual Sacredness.

Tibetan Kamasutra support techniques:

  • Agni Sara
  • The technology of the Tibetan Pulse
  • The use of Pranic embodiment (in the act of Touch, eros, sensuality and sexuality)
  • The Respiratory and Visual Pranayamas as orgasmic catalysts.
  • The sensory deification of the KAMA

For each of these areas, there are eight fundamental practices that make up the 64 Arts of Love, or ways of practicing the art of love. 
They allow you to enjoy intimacy and sensuality, rediscover your partner, experience pleasure, intimacy, ecstasy and multiple orgasms. They allow you to discover the potential of spiritual sexuality, love and ecstasy. And the very union of love and sexual becomes the door to the ecstatic state of being.

We will discover the “Treatise on Passion” by Gendyn Chopel

The treaty was written by a controversial Buddhist monk who had resigned his life in the monastery. In this unique Handbook of the Art of Loving, he gives sensual advice to help you let go of inhibitions, shows how to use sexual pleasure to deepen spiritual insight and advises on how to increase pleasure in a woman. Based on the ethics of love, it shows sexual ecstasy as a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. The treaty includes i.a. chapters such as Sixty-Four Ways to Make Love, Sexual Pleasure and Spiritual Insight, The Ethics of Love, Enhancing Pleasure in a Woman, A Passionate Relationship, The Essence, Ways to Enhance Pleasure.


During the workshop, the host Anand Rudra and assistants create a safe and confidential space for learning tantra. There is no intimate or sexual contact. Participants are dressed in sarongs, pareos bathing suits or underwear. Participants may resign from participating in individual practices at any time.

Take the opportunity to learn ancient healing techniques! Recognize your Radiance, explore, experience and share it!


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True Tantra follows an ancient school methodology in which five tools that are independent, but at the same time complementary to each other, are the base of this practice. When you learn Tantra, you need to see and practice all the aspects that help you to become a professional.

  • Swahara Yoga (Pranayama Science);
  • Meditation (Use of your mental intention and the no-meditation approach);
  • Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga; the ritualistic methods of moving energy and meditating (yantras and mantras);
  • Sacred Sexuality (Sacred Union and Sacred Conscious Touch).

True Tantra had become one of the first Tantra institutions within Spain and part of Europe to give a real methodology to a Tantra Session. All those professional efforts have been made in order to build a group of Teachers of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, Monitors of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, masseurs, therapists, tantra monitors, and Tantrikas (Docents). Every professional has to pass different oral and practical examinations and renew their knowledge every year, not only to present what they have learned, but to acquire more methods and go deeper in the Tantra practice. Every person listed with us has the perfect knowledge of the guidelines, methods, ethical values and professionality that True Tantra has conformed to.


Primal Shamanic Tantric Certification

A circular-hybrid master training

Anand Rudra, he has being part of an academic arena but also a businessman and personal and political advisor. As part , of a reality in which you need to have serious studies that can give you a very solid base. He decided with the Be.Tantric team to put together a Certification that leads you to be a master of one of the basic areas of shamanism and tantra; the Primal Stages of both practices and sciences.

This training is circular meaning that you can take any of the courses with no previous had taken other one. You do not need to choose the levels. Since the planification is done by Credits or Units. The practitioner level, the apprentice and the Instructor levels are the 3 stages of this program.

If you have already taken courses with Anand in this field in can be compensated them. Each retreat or workshop has a load of curricular content, theory and practices. We tried to design the courses according the European Academic Bologna requirements . Each certification has requirements to have it, each event that you course with TrueTantra or Be.Tantric you get a proof of it (diploma).

NOTE: this workshop is also a training course that is part of the Anand Rudra School of Tantra and Shamanism (‘Primal Shamanic Tantric Certification’).





  • 3–5 of November 2023 (Friday–Sunday)
  • November 3rd    at 8 pm
  • November 5th    at 5 pm
  • Warsaw
  • 950 PLN
  • Accommodation & Food is not included in the price and is arranged by participants.
  • Due to the unstable economic situation in Poland, we reserve the right to raise the prices workshops, based on exchange rates and official inflation rates in Poland.
  • Jacek Towalski, mobile phone: +48 602 219 382
  • Maja Wołosiewicz – Towalska, mobile phone: +48 606 994 366,
  • Office, mobile phone: +48 662 759 576
    e-mail: kawkowo@tuiteraz.eu
  1. Please register by email at: kawkowo@tuiteraz.eu (giving your first and last name, phone number, the name and date of the workshop).
  2. We kindly ask you to pay a deposit in a week from registration. No payment within 7 days will cancel the registration. Please do not pay deposit before receiving an email confirmation of the reservation of your place in the workshop!
  3. Paying the deposit to our Centre means you agree to the Centre Rules and Regulations, which you will receive by email upon registration.
  4. Please pay 220 PLN deposit to “Tu i Teraz” to the following account with description: “Name & Surname, 3-5.11.2023”.
  5. Refund will be available not later than 30 days prior to the event. In case of refund, the 20 PLN administration fee will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit cannot be transferred to another workshop.
  6. Remaining payment for the workshop is paid on spot and accepted in CASH only, after arrival to the workshop venue.

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November 3, 2023 @ 5:00 PM
November 5, 2023 @ 5:00 PM